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    Species Name: Taerick (tie-rick)
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    These creatures are 6-8 foot tall while on all fours, but reach 14-18 feet when they choose to stand up fully. They walk similar to Gorilla’s most of the time, but do stand up and move along on their back legs when they feel the need. The spikes are their arms are actually naturally protruding bones, similar to horns on a deer. The tendrils on their face allow them to breath under water.
    These creatures also have attitude and are very territorial. If you get to close they will attack. Keep your distance and they'll be fine. They are mammals and the babies are about the size of smaller dogs. (Terriers are a good example)

    Diet: Omnivore; They survive mainly on plants and fish. They don't usually want to eat other animals or humans, so if they're trying to kill you it's only because they want to or you've made them mad.
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Location(s) Found: Forests and Lakes World Wide; they avoid larger waters and prefer to be in dark and/or colder places.
    Abilities: They're extremely strong and have the ability to crush a man's body in their claws and charge through a fully grown tree. They're also pretty fast, able to keep up with the more advanced human runners. They also use the bones on the back of their arms to stab if they feel the need, but usually their strength and speed is enough.

    Acidic Blood: The Taerick's blood does show acidic properties. Once it is cut, the green blood will begin to burn anything it touches, but because it does not mix well with the air, the acidic properties die after three seconds of exposure.
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