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    Too Naive to Leave Alone [Closed]

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    Re: Too Naive to Leave Alone [Closed]

    Post by Serenity on Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:42 pm

    It is Nadia's current mission, though she is completely and utterly unaware of it, to absolutely confuse Snopy Saika at any moment that the opportunity arises. At least that would be how it seemed. The young woman had just dropped a piece of memory again, though both of them are unaware of the fact. She had chosen her destination!!! And was being told otherwise!? Nadia blinked a few time and looked to Snopy confused. "No... That didn't happen silly!" Nadia placed her hands on the side of Snopy's face and squished his cheeks together, "Now we gots to eat! My tummy is so hungry." Nadia made a quick face like she was getting sick to her stomach, but then smiled again. "They're not nice?" Nadia blinked a couple of times, "But we're in Arcadia! Most people here are nice... Well that's in Aria that nice people are supposed to be, but yeah!" Nadia wanted food!!! Her stomach growled again and Snopy began talking about getting a hotel room first. "Aww...." Nadia looked saddened, but when he offered bringing her food, she perked up again, "Okay, okay, okay! Yes, yes! I wants a pastry. Mhm!" Nadia looked around for a hotel and pointed towards it. "There's an Inn. Not a hotel like in Zakat, but an inn is pretty much the same thing! Let's go, let's go!" Nadia took his hand up in hers again and lead him over to the Inn. As she walked in, people began pointing at her and whispering to each other; there were only three people in the room.

    "Hey stop staring! I can't help how long my ears are!" Nadia flailed her arms and yelled, causing a young woman behind the counter to giggle. It seemed that Nadia immediately deflected the problem with her adorableness and humor. It also helped that there wasn't a crowd and these people didn't have to worry about what other people would say if they served her. Of course, Nadia was unaware of it. "Can we have a room to sleep please? We're tired and hungry and want to rest for a little bit, please!" Nadia asked in her normal sweet tone and the woman behind the counter couldn't help but watch her with a smile. She was slightly in awe over Nadia, thinking she was adorable beyond belief. "Sure! You can have a room!" the woman spoke up and pulled out a key, "That'll be thirty five gold, please." Nadia immediately began digging in her pockets and realized she had nothing. She looked to Snopy and blinked. "You has money, right?" Nadia said, her cheeks slightly puffed out. Once the room was all paid for, (which they only bought one btw!) Nadia would hurry over and claim the bed closest to the window. "Nyah! Comfy!" she'd curl up into the blankets and hug a pillow to her tightly.

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    Re: Too Naive to Leave Alone [Closed]

    Post by Snops on Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:56 pm

    Nadia blinked and then denied that the debacle back at the restaurant ever happened.  She even went and reached over, squishing his cheeks together.  She wanted to go eat because she was hungry she said.  Snopy jumped back a bit at the sudden contact with his face.  "H-hey!"  Nadia then went on to deny that the people there weren't nice, Snopy didn't know what to think anymore.  Either she had serious memory issues or was secretly a masochist, but he highly doubted it was the latter.  He quickly brought up what he thought they should do, and Nadia was saddened.  She obviously, for some reason, wanted to go see all of the people.  However, that was something he couldn't in good conscience allow to happen.  That was when he brought up the pastries, and suddenly she was interested.  Got her.  He got her mind off of going back to that unpleasantness.  She took all of 5 seconds to turn and point at an inn.  She went on to explain the difference between an inn and a hotel, and there really wasn't enough of one to matter.  If they're the same thing then why does it matter?  Snopy knew the culture of his own country, but he personally viewed inns and hotels as the same thing.

    Nadia grabbed his hand and started to pull him.  His feet dragged for a moment before they caught up with her pace.  I kinda wanted to check it out before she went in.  When they got in, uh oh, there was whispering.  Nadia quickly seemed to deflect it, and everything lightened up.  Snopy let out a quick "phew" as Nadia asked for a room.  The woman smiled as Nadia spoke and offered up the room, but Nadia didn't have any money.  She quickly turned to Snopy and asked about that.  "Yeah, I wouldn't suggest we come to an inn and then make you pay."  His home was small, but that didn't make him some slums dirtbag.  Snopy reached into his pocket and pulled out his gold.  He counted and put 40 coins on the table.  "Keep the change."  This was sort of his reward to the woman for being less of a bigot than the rest of the people he had seen so far, she deserved the extra.  Snopy took the key from the woman and lead Nadia to the room, and she took no time to claim her bed.  She snuggled into them quickly, and Snopy let out a soft chuckle.  "Alright, stay here.  I'll be back momentarily with food."  Placing Ahri down, she ran in little circles.  Snopy had been carrying her, so she had energy.  She seemed to be chasing her own tail, which actually made Snopy laugh a little bit.  Snopy then took the key and left the room, locking the door behind him, out of habit.

    He began to look around.  He wasn't going back to the restaurant where they were cruel to Nadia.  A small part of him wanted to go there and buy food, say it was for an elf as he went out the door, and bolt.  That'd probably bug the hell out of them, but they probably would remember his face.  On top of that, they don't deserve his money.  He looked around until he found somewhere that looked promising.  He walked into the modest building and went up to the woman at the front.  "Hello, before I order anything I need to you serve elves?"  The woman blinked a few times.  "You don't look like an elf."  Snopy shook his head.  "Not me, just answer the question please."  The woman shook her head.  "Of course not, you needent worry."  Snopy turned to the door.  "No, I needent.  I can go give my money to someone who doesn't discriminate."  It seemed strange to make Nadia stay behind if he was going to do this, but this was safety.  He wouldn't have her get discriminated against during the search, though eventually she'd hopefully learn to not care what other people think.  Snopy tried another restaurant, asking the same question as before.  This time though, the woman said that of course they did.  They served all kinds.  Snopy smiled.  "Good, somewhere worth spending my money."  Snopy bought a lot of things on the menu and asked if there was a way it could be boxed up so he could take it with him.  When asked why, he explained to the woman why and the questions ceased quickly.  Thanks to the convenient packages, even soup could be easily transported.  He ordered a LOT of food.  It cost a lot, but the caravan pay was fairly hefty.  Especially since it expected him to spend a bunch of it during transport, but Snopy was skilled as saving money at this point.  He was set for quite awhile.

    He hurried back with giant sacks of food, but he made sure to be careful as to not ruin any of the food.  He came into the inn and the woman looked at him funny before the aroma reached her.  He heard her stomach growl.  "Sorry about that."  He quickly went to his room and opened it up.  "Behold, a buffet!  Pastries, soups, vegetables, fruits, grains, you name it."  Snopy placed the sacks down and took out all of the boxes and placed them on the tables, opening them up to reveal their contents.  The boxes managed to hold the heat, so they were just right to eat at this point.  "Well, you get first pick.  Try not to only eat the pastries, I want some to be left for me."  He said laughing a little.  Once she picked what she wanted, he'd eat what was left, and with how hungry he was, it would probably ALL be eaten.
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    Re: Too Naive to Leave Alone [Closed]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:42 pm

    Nadia was quite comfortable on the bed and began rolling around like a child enjoying the warmth of newly dried blankets. Getting a little too close tot he edge, Nadia let out a little 'eep' sound as she fell off the bed and onto the floor. Letting out a cute giggle, she tossed the blankets back on the bed and looked up to Snopy. "Alright!" Nadia waved at him from her place on the floor and then began looking through the drawers of the tables left in the room for them. In most of the drawers she found nothing, but her attention was soon caught by the sound of a locking door. Blinking a few times, Nadia turned towards the door curiously. She stood up and walked over to see whether her hearing was still as sharp as ever. She waited a moment and then set her hand on the knob, wiggling it a few times to see if she could open it. She couldn't and that bothered her.

    "Why would he lock me in?" Nadia thought for a moment. Normally there was a lock on this side of the door, but she couldn't find one. That was odd, though this was an older inn, so that might be why. Nadia thought on the reasons he might not want her to leave, but couldn't find any. As she was thinking back, she realized that she had completely forgotten about Henry. Yes, his name was Henry! "Uh'oh..." Nadia's eyes widened and she tried opening the door by force, but was a little took weak to do something like that. Looking around, she saw a pen and ripped a piece of paper out of the book she found in one of the drawers. She wrote Snopy a little note stating that she'll be back in three days and he could wait for her if he wanted, but he didn't have to. After that, Nadia opened the window of the inn and jumped over to the roof of the next building. From there, ignoring the people pointing at her and whispering, Nadia darted across the roofs and began running back toward the way they had came, out of Colburn completely.


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    Re: Too Naive to Leave Alone [Closed]

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