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    Sumika Saika [APPROVED, 2-4]

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    Sumika Saika [APPROVED, 2-4]

    Post by Serenity on Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:42 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Sumika Saika
    ALIAS: --
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3”
    Weight: 120


    Other Pictures:

    Personality: Sumika is a wonderful young girl, despite the hardships she has faced through out her life. She's quite lovely and can often be energetic. She seems cheerful and happy at almost all times; you'll rarely see a smile fall from that beautiful face of hers. Sumika isn't what you would call shy either. She has no problem showing affection towards another person. She won't hesitate to get up and hug a person she hasn't seen in a while or cares a lot about. This all pertains to her kind and outgoing nature; she enjoys the company of others. She loves to talk to people, and not only that, but she enjoys listening to them as well. It's not very often that you'll find someone who actually enjoys sitting and genuinely listening to every word that you're saying. It's just one of the many ways that she chooses to show that she cares about you. Another way she often shows she cares, excluding the physical affection, is by just saying it. She doesn't go up to someone and randomly say, “I care about you.” No. Instead, she does it through little gestures here and there. Something as simple as, “You look beautiful today.” or “You are such a nice person” are things that she will say. There is nothing that can lift someone's spirits and make them happy than a simple, sincere, and honest compliment. Someone's day could be horrible, but a sweet compliment such as that or anything similar, can bring them right out of their rut and make them feel better.

    Beyond that, Sumika pays attention. She doesn't just pay attention to everything that someone is saying, but what they look like as well. She does her best to pay attention to minor details, habits, and sayings that someone has. For instance, if a friend had their hair trimmed by a mere inch or two, she will notice. The style doesn't even have to change. She will notice the difference and quite likely compliment them on the change, if she doesn't use it as a conversation piece. Sumika is a young woman who values the relationships between people. She values friendship and family above all, but she also takes into account the smaller relationships, such as a loyal customer at a pub. Things like this may not be a big deal to some, but she can't help but smile at things like that. For someone to feel attached enough to the drinks and people in a pub, that they return over and over again is sort of a beautiful thing. It may be a little cheesy, but she loves it. Sumika sees the beauty in the world, in everything in it. She's very accepting of people and does her best not to judge. This is one of the reasons why she will ask so many questions about topics, to get the person's entire opinion, not just little bits and pieces here and there. She'd prefer to understand their point of view completely, over immediately judging them for something that she may not agree with. In fact, some of her opinions have been changed just by talking to someone about it. As an example, she met an elf. She was taught, at first, by normal society and the reactions other people gave them that they were horrible people, demons of sorts. Just by having a short conversation with a naïve young woman named Nadia, Sumika's entire view on them was able to change and she realized how they were really no different than humans, excluding the longer ears.

    Sumika has always had a gentle aura about her. It's not something that you can easily explain. She is just one of those people that you don't want to see upset and sometimes doubt you ever will. Her smile and laughter is able to put people at ease and comfort them. Since she's always very cheerful and outgoing, the idea of seeing her the opposite bothers people that call her a friend. Sumika is a young woman who keeps her word and never makes a promise unless he can actually keep it. When she does this for people, always keeps her word, she honestly expects people to do the same. If they can't do something as simple as keeping a promise, then how can she trust them? If someone breaks a promise, that's when Sumika actually will change her opinion on that person. Sumika is very generous and giving; she'll do what she can and even more for the people she cares about, but she expects that same treatment right back. With how much she gives to people, with how much she often sacrifices for others, Sumika does not do it twice. In other words, second chances with Sumika do not come easy. She's nice, generous, will help, and will do what she can for a person no matter what, until they have broken their promise or choose to do her wrong. Once that happens, Sumika cuts them off. She doesn't insult or call them out on it unless the subjects comes up. If it does come up and they do not have a good truthful reason behind their actions, they're done. Sumika will apologize and ask them not to come around again because she doesn't have time to be treated in a bad way. Of course, seconds chances are possible, but not likely. Don't take the friendship she values so much and ruin it. That is all.

    Side Notes: Sumika's favorite color is pink. She loves the sound of the piano and violin. She enjoys cool spring breezes. She drinks tea, water, apple juice, and milk only. She doesn't like chocolate. She is allergic to peanuts. She fears small dark spaces, the roar of a dragon, the dragon itself, and death. She can't stand being dirty and takes baths often. She is very picky with her food, so she doesn't eat at other peoples homes very often. She doesn't like traveling alone, so rarely is she able to move from town to town. She's not a fighter, so she avoids doing it or putting herself in situations that may call for it.

    History: Sumika's history is one sadly forgotten. Everything seems hazy now, as if it's slowly fading from her mind. She remembers her beautiful mother, strong father, pain-in-the-ass oldest brother Drake, and her favorite brother Snopy. The Saika's were of high social and economic status within Aria, the Capital City of Arcadia. Sumika is the youngest, the baby of the family. Sumika can remember that her family was loved, all but her oldest brother at least. Drake was selfish and thought he was better than everyone. He dishonored the family and was not worthy of what he had been given. This fact was proven when Sumika's Father began teaching Snopy the family style over the eldest brother. Sumika and Snopy were always very close. Since Drake seemed to resent the two of them, hate them even, they were drawn closer together and stuck up for each other. Sumika did her best to keep Snopy's head up when he was upset and defend him when Drake was being a jerk again. This was all she could really remember. Times since then have been very hard... very, very hard. It all turned around when they chose to take a trip up north. Snopy was ill, so he was unable to join them, but they were supposed to be back in a few days. They never returned. Miles from any village, they were attacked by a group of brutes and bandits. Her mother and father did their best to protect Drake and Sumika. Unfortunately, Drake was also a spineless coward. When he was asked to protect Sumika, he actually handed her over when one of the enemy snuck up on them.

    "Not me! Take her!" was all Sumika heard before she was violently pushed away from her oldest brother and into the arms of a large man. This man turned her around to face her parents, grabbed her hair, and put a knife to her throat. Obviously, her parents were forced to stop fighting and took one hell of a beating for it. Sumika stood there in the arms of the enemy crying as her parents fought to look strong while being mugged by pathetic pieces of trash. Soon, Sumika watched them both fall. They were bound and tossed into the back of a cart that was being pulled by a horse. "These two are obviously strong, they'll work. What about that one?" a man said, referring to Sumika. She wasn't the working type, but they all smirked at her and said to go on and test her. A moment later, the large man reached around her and Sumika felt him touch her chest. Sumika instantly blacked out. A small drop hit her face. A few minutes later, Sumika finally became alert again. Her eyes fluttered open and turned to the darkened sky. It had been raining and she was soaked, but she felt too cool. She sat up and realized that some of her body had been revealed. She quickly dropped her shirt and jacked back over her body and re-buttoned her pants. Looking around for her family, she saw a few people standing off in the distance. She stood and walked over to them, whispering "Mom... Dad...?" a few times, hoping that it was them. As she got closer, she realized that it was, but her Father was not well. "Daddy!" she screamed and ran to his side. His body was pierced by a large sword and blood falling from his mouth.

    "Sumika... I-I'm so sorry..." he said, reaching up for her cheek. Sumika took his hand in hers and held it tightly. He was cold, even for being out here in the rain. Yoshine, her mother, was allowing him to lay his head into her lap. It seemed she had already accepted the inevitable. "Daddy, it's not your fault." Sumika whispered and began to cry. She felt herself choking up, it was almost like she wanted to puke. "It's okay, dear. Close your eyes... and finally rest." her mother told him and he smiled. "At least you and Snopy... turned out to be wonderful." he said and then whispered a final "I love you" to the two of them before passing away. "... That isn't shocking." Drake walked up and crossed his arms, "Bastard didn't say a damn thing about me, did he? And you wonder why I don't give a fuck about either of you." Yoshine backed away from the man she loved and closed his eyes before standing and turning to Drake. "You pathetic piece of shit. You are the biggest disappointment any parent could have." she said, shocking Sumika, who took a step back, unsure of what was about to happen. She merely watched it unfold. "Oh, as if I haven't heard that shit before! You and that bastard never cared about me. It was all about you and him. Then when Snopy and that little bitch came along, I became even more irrelevant." he said to her. "You... sold out your own sister. Get out of my sight and don't you ever let me see your face again." Yoshine turned and began walking away. Drake was more angry than ever. He watched his mother walk away from him again, like she always seemed to do before.

    "You stupid bitch..." he mumbled before turning away. Sumika was stuck. She had no idea what to do now. She only wanted to run to her Father or to Snopy and cry, but neither of them were here now. So, she cried alone. And then something happened that no one expected. Sumika saw Drake grab the sword from their Father's body and charged at their mother. She choked up and ran after him. "DRAKE NO!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him back towards her. Yoshine turned around just in time to see Drake swinging a sword down to cut Sumika's head off. "Ah..." a low whimper of pain was heard and a moment later Drake fell towards Sumika. She fell back, her brother onto her, and then pushed him off. She was holding a knife covered in blood. "M-Mom.. I-I.. didn't mean... to. I just... He was g-gonna..." Sumika dropped the knife and reached up to hold the sides of her head, gripping her hair. Suddenly, the girl let out a bone rattling scream. She began to cry, screaming over and over again until her mother came and pulled her into her arms. "It's okay... You did what you had to do." Yoshine said, but Sumika just kept on crying. About thirty minutes later, Sumika's body fell limp and she had cried herself to sleep in her Mother arms. She didn't know how it was done, but Sumika woke up the next day in a hut. Her mother carried her to a nearby village of sorts, but when she saw them they were all different. They had really long ears and looked very odd. She soon found that they were Elves, a different race that was hidden from human society.

    "Mom?" she stepped into a room where she found her mother laying in a bed, bandaged up. She had not seen it last night, but her mother had gotten hurt very badly. It was explained to her that she had a few broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken ankle, and had been stabbed multiple times. She asked how all of this happened and was told that the men had attempted to violate her, so her mother and father got up and fought again. In the fight, she got hurt rather badly and her father was killed. She was going to be out of commission for a while. In fact, it was way too long. It was six months later when Yoshine was finally healed and by the time that they had returned home, Snopy no longer lived there. Money problems went through the roof, not surprising, and he was forced to move on. At first, they thought he would return to see if they had, but it never happened. The two of them began traveling together. He had been left a note that they would be heading to Colburn, so that was their first destination. Maybe they could find him there? As they began traveling again, as if it was deja vu, they were attacked again. This time, they were over powered completely. Sumika and Yoshine were tied up and tossed into a cart. At least this time they weren't planning on being perverts and left both of their bodies alone. It was two full months before they made it to their destination. They weren't even in Arcadia anymore. They had no idea where they were! They only knew that strange collars were put on both of them to suppress their abilities to use Arcana, so they couldn't fight their way out.  

    Years passed and they had gotten used to working as house maids of the lord of this village. It wasn't what they wanted, but the bastard had too many guards and the collars were't helping their case. Over time, they created a plan to get them out and finally it had come. Everything was going great until Yoshine couldn't get her collar off. Sumika got hers off, but Yoshine did not. It took a bit, but Sumika was finally convinced just to go. She could come back with help, with her brother even. Sumika gave in and ran off, doing as her mother said. Two months later, she was finally able to return to Arcadia and began a huge hunt for her brother. She had tracked him from job to job, asking as many people as she could if they had seen him. Finally, six months into her journey, she tracked him down. He was working for a caravan and was heading to Lotheria. That was her next spot. She knew where they would arrive and the path that they were going to be taking, so there was no way she could miss him. She refused to. She had to find her brother...


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Healing and Restoration

    Healing: Sumika has the ability to heal any wound, from the inside out. All she needs is time and a safe environment. If she doesn't have time to heal the wound, then obviously she can't do it. If she's in the middle of a battlefield and is stopped, the person or herself may just receive more wounds than they would have if they had just run. When she heals, Sumika's Arcana shines a bright pink in the palms of her hands. She holds her hand over the wound and alters the surrounding cells to repair the wound, leaving no scars. If the healing is rushed, which she can do, then it will leave a scar. If she rushes, she can heal a wound in half of the time than it would have taken if she kept a normal pace, but at the same time she spends thirty percent more of her Arcana to heal the wound. Sumika cannot rush any wounds that are deep. If they have hit an organ or even damaged a bone and she chooses to rush them, the damage may end up being worse than if they had let it heal on their own.

    Restoration: Sumika can use her restoration power in two ways. The first allows her to restore a non-living item to a previous form. The second allows her to use her own Arcana to restore the Arcana and/or Anima of another person.

    • Item Restoration: Sumika restores an item to it's previous form by using her Arcana to remold the item at such an advanced level, it is just like new. This works on almost any item she comes across, but she has to have some sort of image in her mind that shows her what the item looked like before. Whether someone shows her a picture, tells her what goes where, or she's seen the item for herself, she can't just randomly put something back together without some sort of description in her mind to do so. Like healing, this just takes time.
    • Arcanic Restoration: Sumika exerts her Arcana through the palms of her hands and places her hand over someone. A blue mist-like color will seep from her hands and into the person. While this mist is seen, before it enters the other person's body, she alters it's make up to mesh with theirs. As this is done, they are sort of being "charged up" like a battery. Once full, she won't be able to push any more of her own Arcana into them. When she does this, Sumika's own Arcana is being depleted at a rapid rate. She can only do this up to five minutes before she can't anymore. She can also only restore 50% maximum of a persons Arcana/Anima. This is because she is first using 50% of her own to exert and give it to them and the other 50% is being used to alter her own to mesh with theirs.


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: Sumika's stamina is through the roof. She's not a fighter, but the woman can run for long distances at high speeds. The moment she's ahead of you, there is a very high chance that it is staying that way. Not being able to defend herself, yet, Sumika needs the one way that she can escape danger, by leaving her opponent in the dust and not getting caught.
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    Re: Sumika Saika [APPROVED, 2-4]

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