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    Nasleae Yemora [APPROVED, 2-2]

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    Nasleae Yemora [APPROVED, 2-2]

    Post by Serenity on Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:49 pm

    Elven Template


    Name: Nasleae Yemora
    ALIAS: Sia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 121
    Height: 5'5”
    Weight: 130


    Other Pictures:

    Personality: Even though she has recently discovered that her previous accusation over the death of her Mother was incorrect, Nasleae's distrust of the humans has not faltered at all. Nasleae is still bitter over the entire annihilation of the Yemora clan and it's not like you can blame her. She was forced to flee her home when their village was randomly attacked by humans that had apparently accidentally stumbled upon their location while traveling through their forest. When she thinks about that night, her anger has the tendency to overwhelm her. She doesn't want to say she hates the humans because her mother constantly told her that it's not their fault. She was taught to accept the foolish choices of others and to live and let live. They didn't let her mother live, or her father, so why should she let them live? She often asks herself this question, but she only has to imagine her Mother's smile and she gives in. Nasleae has never sat down to talk with a human, so she doesn't know whether they're all like that, or whether her luck has just been bad. In truth, she often calls it a curse. She's lost her Father, Mother, and even the one person she was going to make friends with because of her past. If she had not witnessed her Father's murder, she would never have these nightmares and wouldn't have burned anyone. She'd be happy, she'd be with her Mom. This is quite often what Naslease's mind set is at. She seems to like asking the question “What if?” even though she can't change the past.

    Even with the issues, Nasleae is a pretty nice person. She is probably pretty normal in comparison to a lot of people. She smiles when she's happy, laughs when she thinks things are funny, and cries when she's sad. She's not a quiet person, but she's not talkative either. She'll talk to someone that is trying to talk to her, but rarely will she start up a conversation. Even when a conversation is started, the other person will have to be the one to keep it. She doesn't like talking too much, and if she is the one trying to keep the conversation, it will all feel forced and uncomfortable the entire time. Nasleae isn't exactly the type of person that you'd call gentle. In fact, she's more on the tough side. If someone is upset over something, her words would likely be along the lines of “toughen up” over “it'll all be okay”. She's got a slight tough girl attitude, even though she looks like a sweet, innocent, and feminine type girl. In fact, her appearance quite often is opposite of how she'll talk or act. This isn't to say that she's not feminine, no. In fact, Nasleae is a girly girl to the max. She loves flowers, bright colors, frilly clothes, and almost anything else a girl would like.

    Side Notes: Nasleae, also called Sia, will have horrible nightmares every now and then. In the end, she'll likely accidentally burn a building down. Nasleae is an extremely good cook and can identify different seasonings merely by their scent. Nasleae can't stand mice, worms, beetles, lizards, or snakes.

    History: “Cursed. Yes, that has to be it.” Nasleae was trying to do her best. She was trying to be a nice person, to make friends, to trust people, but with everything that kept happening, how could she? From her birth, she had suffered time after time. She never did anything to deserve it, no. It just happened. Some would call it coincidence, others bad luck. Nasleae called it a curse. There could be no other explanation. When she was a child, Nasleae and her Mother were forced to flee their home because humans had found them. Humans tore through their village, attacking and killing everyone of them, calling them 'demons'. Her Father was killed in the battle and she never saw him again. The images of her home on fire, blood soaking the fields her family once tended to, and the sounds of screams haunted her. Even as time passed, she couldn't shake the fear of that night. Since the death of her Father, she and her mother were forced to wander until they entered a very deep and isolated part of the forest. The two of them did their best, built their own home, began to grow crops, hunt animals all to survive on their own. Things seemed to be calming down and they were able to smile and laugh with each other again. Of course, it was extremely lonely for them, especially her mother who had lost the man she loved for years before Nasleae was even born. Seeing her mother so unhappy began to get to Nasleae and over time they began to force smiles.

    One night, Nasleae awoke to the screams of her mother. She looked around to see that their home was on fire, the entire room was ablaze and so was her mother. She tried putting the fire out, using a blanket to attempt to smother it, but she was too late. Her mother died. In a panic, Nasleae ran outside and left her home. She stared at her home burning down, wondering how the hell this happened. And then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow and looked to it. When she turned her head in that direction, she couldn't see what made the shadow. She chased, angry, and knew that this was the person who set their home on fire. She also knew that it was probably another human wanting to end the lives of people like her: Elves. She chased and chased and chased, but after some time, she realized that she was chasing nothing. “Where did that bastard go?” she thought as she looked around. She had probably been going in the wrong direction for some time and lost him. Angry at it, she screamed at the top of her lungs and slammed her fist into a nearby tree. Once again, Nasleae was traveling on her own and began searching for a new home. It didn't take her long to find a village of Elves, shockingly. A family took her in as their own. She was only twelve at the time, so they assumed she could use somewhere to stay. Here, things calmed down again and she was starting to feel at home. It helped that she made a friend a few years later, a young woman by the name of Nerine.

    Nerine walked up on her singing to herself and complimented her on her voice. She knew she wasn't very good, but she thanked Nerine anyway. She asked Nerine to sing and found that Nerine had the most wonderful voice she had ever heard. The two of them became close and could call each other friends. She wanted to stay here forever; for once she was happy. Unfortunately, things don't last forever. She didn't know what brought them on, but the nightmares about the night her Father died came back. Then, nightmares about her Mother's death returned. She began waking up screaming her lungs out, but was comforted with hugs and supporting words each night. One night, it got bad. Nasleae wouldn't wake up. She tossed and turned in her bed, sweating. She kept hearing her mother scream her name in the dream. “Nasleae! Hey! NASLEAE” she suddenly burst out from her bed and swung an arm upon reflex towards the woman that had been taking care of her for the past few years. Not only that, but a burst of flames shot out with it and sent the woman flying back. Everyone came rushing into the room to see what had happened, seeing the horrified look on Naslease's and the woman's face. Tears dropped down her face... “I'm s-sorry.. I-I.. didn't... I didn't mean to.. I-I...” Nasleae froze up. “It's okay dear, it was an accident, nothing I can't put a little bit of medicine on.” the woman smiled and left the room, “Just go back to sleep and calm your mind, love.” How could she do that?

    She thought back to her Father's death and then to her Mother's. This was just like that night, when her Mother died. She wasn't chasing anyone in those woods. No human killed her Mother. She knew it now... She was having a nightmare and the fear had awakened her inner fire. Nasleae trembled in horror as she looked down to her hands.

    “It was me...”


    Racial Ability: Thermal Vision (Predator)

    Type: Fire
    Description: At the moment, Nasleae's power all manifests itself through mimicking her mentality. Nothing is ever completely set in stone and she has no technique to speak of. Her power reacts through heightened emotional states, mostly anger and fear.

    • Excitement: The fire is actually pretty calm and controlled; it usually doesn't manifest itself in a visual way. The area around her becomes warm; her body always gives off a sense of warmth.
    • Anger: The fire emerges from her body like a cloak, surrounding her in flame.
    • Fear: The fire emerges rapidly from her body and shoots towards whatever she is afraid of. It often seems like the fire is reacting to protect her.


    Skills: N/A

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    Re: Nasleae Yemora [APPROVED, 2-2]

    Post by Tsubine on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:42 pm

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