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    Post by Tsubine on Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:18 am

    Species Name: Gyararashi (Fuzzicus ballus)
    Description: Basically, these things are nothing but fist-sized balls of fluff. They only come in brown, but they're among the softest things ever. They have a tail about half a foot long. It is unknown how they reproduce, as there is always just one size. They also make great pets.
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    Diet: Unknown. It has no mouth, so it is impossible to determine what it "eats"
    Rarity: Uncommon to actually locate, but if you find one.... you'll find about 1,000 nearby.
    Location(s) Found: Just about anywhere except in water.
    Abilities: The only ability one of these fluffballs has is a telepathic link to a person or persons it grows close to. It will change its expression to represent the one person it is closest to's emotion. It can essentially be said to 'mirror' the personality of that person. The link it has also allows it to locate that person, no matter how far away they are. When it is trying to locate the person, all of its fur stands up and it just stares ahead, emitting a very-high-pitched noise.

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    Post by Serenity on Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:11 am

    Absolutely fricking adorable. xD!!! It mirrors people!! APPROVED!

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