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    Isana Shirotsuna [APPROVED, 2-1]

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    Isana Shirotsuna [APPROVED, 2-1]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:37 am

    Human Template


    Name: Isana Shirotsuna
    ALIAS: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'5”
    Weight: 125


    Personality: Isana is a good person overall, but she has a tendency to be a little hardheaded. She's one of those people who stands strongly by her beliefs and won't change them unless someone is able to really convince her she is wrong. Isana can seem narrow-minded because of this, but that's not entirely correct. She is actually quite open to be proven wrong and told otherwise. Her way of thinking merely tells her that if someone does not have any evidence to prove her wrong or themselves right without any room for flaw, she will stick to what she knows. If someone is able to prove her otherwise, then she will gladly accept their proof. Her stubbornness also moves into her behavior. Isana isn't a person to give up. She will keep at something until she's succeeded, forced to stop by an outside source, or is dead. This can be seen in her fighting as well. Even if her goal isn't to kill the person, she will always have a goal, whether to incapacitate them, prove she is a strong fighter, or anything else along those lines. She will fight until that goal is seen done. She wants them done successfully as well. Just because she comes out the victor, doesn't mean she was successful in her goal. Isana can be very hard on herself in this sense. If she's left unsatisfied in something she's done, she won't forget about it.

    Even with her stubborn nature, Isana is a mature woman. When she denies someone else's knowledge, it's not in a cocky or misinformed manner. It's in a polite way. If they choose to disprove her, she doesn't act childish and call them a liar just because she doesn't believe them. Her maturity moves into what she wants in life. She's traveled a lot, has seen and experienced so much, and she has lived a great life, but her goals move into being able to settle down and have a family. Unlike a lot of her friends, she doesn't want a big money-making career. She feels that people who think that the way to a successful life is a lot of money are foolish. “Where does that money go once you're dead?” is something she will commonly ask along with saying, “When I die, I want to know I left something behind that I can be proud of.” And her way of doing that is raising a child or two. Sure, she could leave her mark on history through some other means: being a hero or celebrity, but the life of Serenity Verdant is not her cup of tea. She feel that being famous is a way of making the world proud of what you've done or making everyone else happy with you. She wants to die happy with what she's done.

    Maturity can only go on for so long. Isana believes that everyone has a bit of child in them, and she is no exception. Isana has a sweet and rather cute playful side that she has shown a few times. Her playfulness comes in a few forms; it depends on who she's with. Isana can be a child-like playful if she's trying to entertain children, but usually it's a physical and flirtatious playfulness that she shows. She's yet to be around many children, so when she does show her playful side, it's usually toward friends or a guy she finds attractive. She'll do a little teasing, flirting, poking, nudging, or anything else along those lines to the adults she shows a playfulness toward, but this is also not something she does often. If someone to ask her if she had a playful side, she'd have to answer no. She wouldn't really be able to recall whether she's ever been like that toward anyone. That's how little a playful side comes out. The most common mood or way of acting that someone will see her in is actually contentedness. She's rarely hyper or excited. She's also rarely angry or upset, even when a situation comes about that would normally call for such. Most of the time, she holds any of her negative emotions back and refuses to express them. When she's held back enough of these emotions, Isana does end up snapping, but that's just as rare as her playful side. It's only happened once, so she doesn't count it.

    It isn't uncommon to assume that Isana is completely fearless. Her stubbornness and unwillingness to run away or give up often gives off that message. She actually often is quite fearless. She doesn't drop back from a challenge and won't hesitate to face a legendary dragon head on, if one were ever to show up. Let's just hope that doesn't happen. All of this fearlessness that she shows is forced. She's not trying to impress herself or anyone else, but she is tried of feeling scared. Those who know her don't realize that she's actually scared out of her mind in many situations. In situations that do scare her, she stops speaking as much as she normally does. She gets a little quiet and focuses on her goal. She tries to ignore the fear she feels since she knows that the fear is created because of things that do not at present and may not ever even exist. She uses this thought process to push herself to do things that she normally would not allow herself to do. Fear has the ability to cripple people, so she tries not to let that happen to her. In fact, there is only one thing to this day that can actually scare her enough for someone to see the expression of fear on her face: Tal-Avir. Isana's fear of this ashen horse rider comes from the fact that she has been in four areas that were destroyed the day after Tal-Avir showed up. When she got her close up look of Tal-Avir, she began to fear it more.

    History: Isana was always an adventurous girl. Even when she was a young child, she loved discovering new places. Her Daddy, the owner of a dojo and village hunter, often took her out on hunts and different trips just to teach her more and more about the world. The two of them were extremely close. He opened up a world of beauty to her, rarely letting her see the negative side of anything. He never lied to her and explained to her about how many people in the world were bad. He didn't want her growing up a naïve fool, but he didn't want her thinking everyone was bad. As she grew, she was becoming a beautiful young woman that her mother and father were both proud of. Once she turned six, she begged her Father to teach her how to use a bow, so he did. By the time she turned eight, she was able to help him much more on his hunts. Once she seemed to master all of the techniques, all she needed to do was practice, so he offered to teach her something else. “The sword!” she asked and he laughed. “Wanna take after your Papa, huh?” he asked, patting the top of her head. They began their training and once she turned eleven, she was able to give the other students he had a pretty good run for their money. Of course, she always got side lessons and extra help, but when the other students criticized him for that he said, “Wouldn't you want your Mom's and Dad's to treat you special and not just like some other kid?” They soon understood, even if it was slightly irritating for them at times. Her Dad didn't believe in the “treat all children alike” thing that people tried to put off. If your own child was nothing special to you, what kind of message was that sending? It wasn't a message that he supported.

    As Isana became a teenager, thirteen years old, she was practically teaching the classes for her father. He was always there to correct her and teach the more advanced students, but her skill had come to equal his and would likely surpass him quite soon. One day, as Isana was finishing up a class, she looked out toward the fields that some of the villagers were working in and saw something strange standing out in the forest. Isana was instantly horrified. A gray colored creature with red cracks was riding on a horse with the same color and markings and they were both staring right at her. She felt chills shoot throughout her entire body. Refusing to take her eyes off of it, she yelled out to her Father who came running. She pointed toward what she was seeing and he looked toward it and was just as horrified. The moment he looked up, the being turned and walked away. “Tal-Avir...” she heard her Father say and a town meeting was instantly called. He explained to the villagers the legend of Tal-Avir and many did not believe him. A day later, a child screamed out and pointed out toward the forest. Many came running and many then saw Tal-Avir standing there once again. “Do you believe my Father now?!” Isana yelled out to them all, since her Father wasn't there at the time, “If this legend is true, this village is going to be destroyed the moment we stop seeing Tal-Avir. We need to do something to protect ourselves!” The village was quickly convinced to begin stocking up on foods and packed them away in a near by cave that they Arcanicly blocked form being found. They also began stocking up on weapons, deciding to fight to protect their homes. They were all ready to fight, but also prepared for the worst.

    Two days later, her Father returned from a hunt and Tal-Avir did not appear again. Each time that he had appeared, Isana ordered it to be reported so they'd know they were safe for one more day. Isana explained what she had done and he was never more proud of her. Unfortunately, the threat was much more powerful than anyone could have imagined. The next day, the sky darkened, thunder cracked, and over the mountain something was coming. “Oh my god...” Isana immediately realized what it was. The entire town was there to fight, the women and children who could not hiding in the houses near the back of the village. “Run...” she said. “What? Why?” her father asked, knowing that Isana knew something he didn't. “IT'S ENDELLION, RUN NOW!” Isana screamed and ran. This instilled enough fear in even her Father that they listened. “EVERYONE RUN! THIS ISN'T SOMETHING WE CAN FIGHT” she screamed and people began abandoning the houses, disappearing into the forest to where they felt they'd be safe. Isana was at the back of the crowd with her Mother and Father and she stopped to look back as they ran. A moment later, Endellion appeared through the darkness of the clouds and she was stunned. Though very frightening and an unimaginable source of power, Isana was amazed by it. A few other people stopped and looked just because she did and none of them could believe the size of this creature. “Come on!” her father grabbed her and picked her up, running into the forest with everyone else. “Keep running everyone!” he commanded them and they did. They all were able to make it to the cave and put up the barrier just in time to watch a massive blast of overwhelmingly powerful fire fly passed them. “Wow...” was all Isana could say on it. And since then, she's had her own love for dragons.

    A few years passed and Isana's entire village was able to rebuild and reestablish a new life a few miles away at the base of a large mountain. She was sixteen now and had become quite a catch. Her mother and father were even more proud. Because of her knowledge, they looked to her as a hero and the leader of their village. She was able to pull everyone through the crisis that was the complete destruction of their home. Since not a single life was lost in that instance, it helped them trust her even more. Through this tough time, Isana entertained herself through tough training and the advancement of her Arcana.  She knew she had some, so she began training it, trying to discover it's purpose and what it would give her. She ended up discovering the ability to summon different outfits that give her different traits. She trained more and more, studying when she could, and began to understand how to advance her power. Unfortunately, as she began it's advancement, a new terror struck her new home. They were completely unaware of the fact that they had settled at the base of an active volcano. She was training in the middle of the forest when she heard the sound of a hoof hitting ground. She looked up to see Tal-Avir walking passed her. “Not again.” was all that she could say. She went to stand in front of it, begging it not to doom the village. She was unaware that it was just a bad omen. She thought Tal-Avir intentionally brought Endellion to places, not that it was a warning. Seeing that Tal-Avir would not listen, she ran back to the village. “TAL-AVIR! TAL-AVIR! IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!” People looked on in horror as Tal-Avir appeared behind Isana and just stopped there to stare at her. Why was it always staring at her?

    “What are we going to do!?” one of the villagers asked, “We can't stay here if Endellion is coming back.” Isana was confused. Through her studies, she knew that it should be a very long time before Endellion reared it's ugly head. “No... This has to be something else. Endellion only comes out once every 30 years...” Isana explained, trying to think as hard as she could at what could be happening. Tal-Avir was spotted two more days after that, and then it left. The villagers waited in fear for what was going to happen. They prepared their weapons and stocked up food like before, but Isana was in disbelief. She tried to convince everyone to leave, but they refused. They said they would fight this time, not abandon their homes and be forced to relocate again. Isana begged her parents, who agreed with her, to convince the villagers to abandon everything, but none would listen. Isana and her family left and, after a day of travel, were on top of a mountain. A massive explosion was heard and they looked to see the mountain they had been living near erupt. The three of them watched in horror as lava poured down from the top and they knew it was destroying the village and everyone who lived there. Isana and her family refused to turn back and moved on. The began traveling until they found a village that accepted them. There, they began to rebuild their home and way of life. Isana wasn't used to not being the leader of the town and people treated her like the new girl, so she began feeling unwanted and quite uncomfortable in the village. It got to the point where she often stayed home and left with her mother to give her a hand with groceries since being a woman meant you weren't allowed to go on the hunts.

    When she turned eighteen, guess who she spotted again? She began to think that she was a huge sign of bad luck for anyone that she came across. This was the third time that she had come across Tal-Avir. This time, she didn't know what to do. She was caught by many people just standing on the edge of the village, looking out toward it, and crying. When her Father was called to see what was wrong with her. All she had to say was “look”. When her Father looked up and saw Tal-Avir standing there, he sighed. He knew what Isana's mind was going through about this thing constantly showing itself to her first. “That creature over there is called Tal-Avir.” her father explained to the other villagers, “It's a sign... a bad omen. Once it stops showing up, this village will be destroyed.” Of course, people did not believe them and those who did blamed them for it's arrival. Once it was explained that this had already happened twice, it wasn't exactly something they could argue. It seemed Tal-Avir was following them. They were soon kicked out of the village, which was fine by them since they were leaving in the first place. They learned that there was no fighting Tal-Avir's will. And two days later, while they saw smoke off in the distance and knew something had happened to the village. They did not go back. Instead, they went on to find a new village and settled there. This time the village was much smaller. Anyone who wanted to make a home there had to build their own house. Isana and her family got started with some help from a group of very kind villagers. Soon, they were settled and happy again. A young man even took interest in Isana and they began hanging out a lot, but never truly got together.

    When Isana turned twenty, she went on a hunt to find food with her Father. Everything went well, but when she returned to be greeted by the children, things changed. She was giving them hugs when she stopped to look out to the forest line. And once again, for the fourth time, Tal-Avir was standing there. He wasn't looking at her this time, but the moment her eyes fell on him, the horse and it's head turned slowly toward her and stared again. Isana let the child down and her father came over to her. “You can't be serious.” he said and just stared at Tal-Avir. When the villagers asked, Isana explained to them what Tal-Avir meant. These people did not point a finger. They didn't call them liars or put the blame on them. They merely asked what should be done. “Once he leaves. We will hide.” Isana said, though her Father could tell she had much more planned than that. Isana was pissed. The next day, when Tal-Avir was standing on the edge. She went to him and tried talking to him. “Why do you destroy every place I go?” she asked and got no answer, “Is there anything you can say? Can you even speak? Tell me something! Please!” Tal-Avir stared down at her with those red eyes of his and she froze. There was something much more intense about him this time. “ISANA!” she heard her father yell. He was running toward her, likely fearing what Tal-Avir would do to her. “This time, fight.” Tal-Avir spoke with a voice that was not of this world, causing Isana's heart to skip a beat. Soon, her father joined her side and before she could ask another question, Tal-Avir turned and walked into the forest. She was fine, but what he said made her realize something. Each time that she had seen Tal-Avir, she ran away. She never stood and fought.

    “No more.” was all she said and she turned back to the village to get ready. Over the next four days, Tal-Avir showed up and they watched each other from a distance. It wasn't like they were challenging each other, but like there was an understanding. Through these days, Isana began training her abilities. She was constantly equipping this outfit that gave her a few abilities and trained with it. On the fifth day, Tal-Avir did not come. The next day, the destruction of the village was going to happen. As noon came on the day of, Isana heard a dragons roar come over the mountain. She felt her heart skip a beat. “I can't fight Endellion.” she thought, but this was not Endellion. The Black Dragon was not known for terrorizing tiny villages of like ten houses like this one. He could probably use his feet to step on it and be done. No, this was a rather aggressive Legendary Dragon. This is why she could fight this time. As the dragon flew over the mountain and landed, the fight begun. Isana changed and hurried into battle. Her Father and Mother looked on in worry, ready to die by her side if their daughter's life was taken. Isana fought hard, inspiring the other villagers to come out and watch with her parents. It did damage to her and she did some damage to it. The fact that one human was fighting him off while others watched drove the dragon into anger. It suddenly turned it's head toward the villagers and opened it's mouth to breath fire toward them. Isana, in a panic, hurried toward them and was ready to take the full forced of the attack. Her parents screamed out for her as she was enveloped in fire, but a moment later, the fire seemed to absorb into her and she was wearing a new, rather revealing outfit colored red.

    From there, the battle became much easier; she became immune to his fire. Not having to dodge his flame and pretty much using it to fuel some of her attacks came in handy. She was able to do a lot more damage and soon sliced her newly formed blade through the dragons neck, taking him down. Of course, as she landed, she became weak and sort of just fell to the ground. She woke up three days later with her parents sitting next to her bed, each holding one of her hands. The entire village was happy to see that she had woken up and they all thanked her for what she had done. Since then, she lived in peace and has not seen Tal-Avir again. Of course, she dreads the day she might, so she continued her training. The young man that liked her ended up being asked out by one of the other girls and he was too spineless to say no to her, so Isana got over him really quick. Her mother and father moved into older age and her mother was the first to go. A year later, her father did as well. Alone and nothing much to do, she offered her rather nice house to a certain young couple that still lived with his parents even though they were expecting a baby. They happily took it and Isana said her goodbyes. She has chosen to move on and travel to the east toward Cieria and then to Arcadia. Luckily her skills with a bow and sword have been able to help her survive and get a little bit of money in her pockets, otherwise she wouldn't be in the best of situations. Isana is currently on the border of Cieria heading toward Fayham.


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Isana's ability set allows her to summon an outfit that grants different abilities to enhance her fighting style and give her different advantages in battle. Each of her outfits come in different colors and different weapons. Most of them come with different immunities, drawbacks, advantages, and attacks. Normally, thought likely not all the time, the outfit is defensive and the weapon (obviously) is offensive in it's nature. Each outfit is carried by her Arcana, so when and if she runs out of Arcana, the item suddenly breaks like piece of glass hit by a rock. The way this works is, Isana exerts her Arcana to the chosen outfit and her current outer outfit (meaning not underwear) transforms into the outfit of her choice. She can un-summon the outfit and it will turn back into the outfit she had on previous. If the outfit breaks because of the lack of Arcana, so does the regular outfit.  Below the outfit, she always wears a bathing suit-like outfit that can be seen: here.

    With each outfit, Isana will spend a certain amount of Arcana to keep up and preform attacks and enact defenses. Once she hits zero, the outfit breaks and she cannot summon any more outfits for the duration of the thread. She'll need to wait until she's regained her Arcana.

    Arcana Pool: 500

    Arcana Spent For Outfit Change: 20

    Time To Change Outfit: Instant, Can only change outfits every five posts.


    The outfit above is Isana's first and main outfit called: Jūnan Jū ichi (Eleven Elastic).

    Firstly, this outfit comes with a sword. This sword has no real abilities, but it's durability is ten times as strong as normal steel, making it extremely difficult to break. The blade is also twenty times as sharp as a well-made blade due to it being made fully of Isana's Arcana.

    There are eleven of the pieces of fabric that make up the skirt of the dress. Each of those is able to stretch up to 75 feet and retract to their original size like a rubber band snapping back, without harming Isana of course. They are each as strong as steel and their thinness allows them to be treated like extremely sharp blades. Isana uses these abilities often to fling herself around the battlefield, making her movements harder to predict. It's like fighting someone with thirteen arms and legs that are abnormally long, strong, and flexible. They each have a snapping speed as well, which is pretty much how quickly they are able to “snap” back into place, often pulling Isana along with her.

    Outfit Statistics, Cool downs, and Drawbacks

    • Strength: 25% the durability of Isana's sword.
    • Sharpness: 15% as sharp as Isana's sword.
    • Movement Speed: 90-150 mph
    • Snapping Speed: Double the movement speed.
    • Destroyed or Severed Piece: 5 posts to regrow.
    • Energy Spent: 10 per post.


    The outfit above is her second one and is called: Kōken no Honō (Guardian Of Flame).

    This outfit gives Isana three things. First off, it gives her the ability to use fire in an offensive manner. Secondly, this outfit gives her the ability to absorb fire that it shot at her. Thirdly, this outfit makes her immune to fire so it does not harm her. The outfit comes with a large sword, as seen in the above picture, but the weight is no different than a regular katana. She's able to swing it as easily as she swings her normal sword. Since it's made fully out of her Arcana, it's not heavy for her.

    Arcana Spent For Outfit: 5 per post

    Incinerate: This is blast of brilliant flame that flows out of the tip of her sword and fires like a flame thrower toward a target. It first forms in the shape of a sphere and one second later shoots out. The blast lasts for 3 seconds and is three foot in diameter.
    Arcana Spent For Attack: 5

    Inferno: Fire begins to form in one post to begin it's rotation and takes one more post for the rotation to be complete and to have the fire spin quite rapidly around the blade. It pretty much looks like a tornado around the blade of her sword. Upon the third post, Isana stabs her sword into the ground and the fire spreads at a rapid rate in the shape of a circle, clearing one hundred feet within a second. The amount of force behind the attack has the ability to tear through trees and push away large vehicles.
    Arcana Spent For Attack: 5, 5, 5 (15 upon attack completion)


    Equipment: N/A

    • Archery: Isana has gone on hundreds of hunts and has trained for years with a bow. She's pretty much a master. The only thing she can't do is make one herself, yet.
    • Swordsmanship: Isana is better with a sword than with a bow, so call her a grand master. She's even able to make these things, so you can call her a blacksmith. Her actions are precise and fluid and she often looks like she's a dancer while she's fighting.

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