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    Nilani Ensandraen [Approved 3-3]

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    Nilani Ensandraen [Approved 3-3]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:21 pm

    Elven Template


    Name: Nilani Ensandraen
    ALIAS: Mahajan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'0”
    Weight: 115


    Personality: Nilani is the quiet one. Of her four sister's, she is the most reserved. Some people think of her as 'secretive' or even 'shy. She doesn't need to talk to people and keeps to herself most of the time. When she does choose to talk, she's quiet, calm, and well mannered. Nilani is judged as sweet when someone does talk to her. It's not often that someone tries to get to know her. She prefers to be in the background of situations over being the center of attention. Even with this, she does like talking to people. She just doesn't like crowds or all eyes to be on her. She can easily sit down and speak to one person for hours a day, but the moment two people are in the picture, she gets shy and quiet. Any more than that, you'll have a better chance of getting Hacil to be nice to Nahbe than getting her to open up. She'll talk, but they'll be short answers and quiet responses. Nilani is like this because of how she sees her sisters treat each other. She watches them and realizes that the other is not allowed to say a word without being wrong, so she figures if she speaks, she'll just be told she's wrong. Nilani loves her family. Even though she was never the center of attention like Elwyn, disliked like Hacil, or treated differently like Nahbe, Nilani has come to understand and accept everyone's position in the family. Because she understands it, she gets along with them much easier. She knows everyone so well that she can practically predict how a situation is going to turn out. She's closer to Hacil than she is to Elwyn and Nahbe; she seems to be one of the only ones who can keep Hacil calm.

    There are only two people in her life that Nilani actually hates: her mother and father. Because of how they have put so much stress and pressure on her and her siblings, especially Hacil, Nilani has come to secretly despise them. She won't say it to their faces, but she does. So far, no one is able to tell at all that she hates her mother and father; most people actually think she loves them like a normal daughter would, but they're incorrect. There isn't much else that Nilani can say that she hates. She dislikes large animals, but that is more of a fear than anything else. Nilani is also claustrophobic. She doesn't like tight spaces, to be restrained, or to have her movement prevented at all. She needs to feel completely free, in body and mind. Nilani isn't the fighting type; she prefers to settle things calmly and rationally. Seeing the way her sisters constantly fight, she fears that one day they're going to go all out and physically harm each other. There has already been one time that she was forced to interfere, and she hated that feeling. Even though she hates fighting and violence as a hole, Nilani does know how to defend herself. That is one thing she always looked to Elwyn for, since her oldest sister is the more patient of them all. Because she trained under Elwyn, their fighting style became quite similar to one another, though Nilani will soon come up with a few of her own techniques and style.

    History: Nilani is the third born of four beautiful, well-endowed, blonde sisters of the Ensandraen Clan. Her older sister, Elwyn, was probably the most perfect woman you'd ever see. She was smart, beautiful, talented, and strong; she was everything that their parents wanted her to be. Then their was Hacil, the family disappointment, at least that's how many people seemed to see her. They constantly compared Hacil to Elwyn, so that pretty much destroyed any chance of Elwyn and Hacil getting along and annihilated the possibility of Hacil being allowed to be her own person, and Nilani could see this. Below Nilani was Nahbe, the unfortunate half-sister of the four. Nahbe was born the only child of true love from her mother. A few years passed and the three of them had one more younger sister. The fourth born was Nahbe, but her birth wasn't exactly what was expected. Their parents marriage had been political and their mother had previously fallen in love with a human; that was an act not sanctioned by anyone in the clan. Because of this, their mother was birthing children by a man she did not purely love. They cared for one another, but they were not in love with each other. One day, their mother was reunited with the man she loved and they had a single night of dishonored pleasure and later Nahbe was brought into the world. Because of the manner of her birth, Nahbe was brought up sheltered and not having to deal with the expectations that were given to the other three.

    Elwyn understood, Nilani didn't care, and Hacil was extremely angered by it, though some would call it jealousy. Even though they were young, Hacil often picked on Nahbe, rubbing it in her face that she was the half sister, the freak, the one that didn't fit in with the rest. This wasn't behavior that Nilani was okay with, but she didn't feel like there was much that she could do. After witnessing a fight between Elwyn and Hacil when they were young, Nilani feared that one day her sisters would hate her, so she preferred to stay out of their battles. Since Nahbe's treatment brought Elwyn and Nahbe closer and Elwyn defend Nahbe, Nilani did her best to become closer to Hacil. She feared what would happen if Hacil had no one to talk to. Hacil needed someone on her side, since obviously her family refused to be there for her. As time passed and Elwyn turned eighteen, things were about to get worse and Nilani knew that. A meeting between the clan Elders, the soon to be Maha's, and their parents was called, as is tradition, and their future to be discussed. As expected, Hacil's imperfections were a huge topic. People talked about her like she wasn't even there. This angered all four sisters, but no one spoke up, as usual. Nilani didn't even care about the criticism that went towards her; they didn't know if they could trust the quiet one. Nor did she mind the bringing up of Nahbe's half-blood; everyone knew so it wasn't really a huge deal to her. It just bothered her that everyone was so hard on Hacil.

    And then things just got bad...

    “Are you insane?! You just knocked down a tree and destroyed three homes! What if there were people in there?! You better hope that they weren't! Do you have any concern for others?! Can you, for once, think about the consequences of your actions?! Why the hell are you so intent on messing with your younger sister that you would risk the lives of your family?! I know you are much more intelligent than that Hacil! Are you even listening?!” And it was lecture time! As if that was shocking to anyone. After endangering the lives of her own family and not even seeming to care about it, what happened next was inevitable. "Yes, yes I get it. Hacil bad, Nahbe good, blah blah blah. Right?" Hacil retorted with her usual attitude. “At this point, I don't even know why I argue with you. You never listen; you never change. I swear, it's like you only want to cause the clan harm. I don't know what to do with you anymore.” Elwyn rolled her eyes and glanced towards the damage that was done, only to shake her head in disappointment. She was trying to keep a level head, but it was getting harder and harder. "Then don't do a damn thing. I don't need three dumbasses trying to raise me." Hacil said, hitting one of the few nerves Elwyn had. And then, Elwyn said something that she regrets saying to this day, "You, Hacil, are a disappointment and a burden on the Esandrean." Her parents couldn't believe that Elwyn had spoken like that, but no one could really argue. Look at what just happened? Who would disagree with it at this point? "Because a bitch like you is what everyone needs to aspire to be like, right?" Hacil replied angrily.

    "If I am a bitch, I fear the word they choose to describe you with." Elwyn shook her head and waved the situation off, turning and walking away to avoid any more personal conflict in front of the clan. "Whatever they call me, it's no longer than the stick rammed up your ass to give you that oh-so-pleasant attitude." That was it. Elwyn glared back towards Hacil. "You need to be taught a lesson." Elwyn said, a fight obviously about to break out. "A lesson in how to kick your ass? I might actually listen to this one." Hacil said in reply and the two were ready for an outright brawl. What happened next came as a shocker. Nilani, the quietest of the sisters, the one who never got involved and kept out of everyone's business, had heard a certain line that Elwyn had said. Nilani was not happy about her sister being called a disappointment and a burden, even though there were valid reasons behind the statements. Nilani just felt that it was just not something that a big sister should do. She watched from one of the higher buildings, listening to the words that were exchanged between their sisters and it reminded her of the time she first saw them arguing. This time, she didn't want to sit back and just let it happen. If she had done so last time, maybe this wouldn't have gotten so out of hand. It was obvious Elwyn and Hacil were going to fight.

    The moment the two readied their fists they began to charge, and Nilani narrowed her eyes at the situation. Before they could get too close to each other, Nilani jumped from the building and landed down in between them. As she did this, she used her element of air to harshly knock both of the sisters a few feet back. Neither of them were expecting the interruption, so they were actually knocked back pretty far and got knocked on their asses. They both quickly stood and looked to Nilani in shock. "ENOUGH!" Nilani shouted at them both, turning her head back and forth between the two in anger, "You are sisters, start fucking acting like it! I am sick of all of this god damn fighting between you two. Elwyn, stop acting like you're Hacil's mother and treat her like a fucking sister for once! Hacil, you never give Elwyn a fucking chance to be a god damn sister because you're so concentrated on something that she could not even control! Both of you stop this shit now!" Nilani's voiced echoed through out the forest they lived in, a gust of air shot out in all directions, and the look of anger on Nilani's face was able to shake Elwyn back to her normal self. Never had they ever seen Nilani so angry, especially angry enough to get in the middle of their fighting. Hacil, on the other hand, just glared at Nilani and walked off. A moment later, everyone turned away from the scene and went back to what they were doing.


    Racial Ability: Thermal Vision

    Type: Air
    Description: Nilani's fighting style mimics her sister, Elwyn. Having been trained by Elwyn, she uses her ability with air the same way, excluding her own custom techniques. Nilani manipulates the air to her will and vision, pushing it along at high speeds to create attacks and defenses. She utilizes her bodies advanced speed and agility to preform her movements and get the drop on her opponent. (Compare her style to Avatar: The Last Airbender) She is no way near as skilled with this as her sister is, but she's not someone that can be taken lightly, even with her small stature.

    Gliding Arrow: Nilani wraps a vortex of air at the tip of each arrow she chooses to add this onto. This vortex spins at such a high rate that it moves other air out of the way to allow the arrow move 50% faster than normal. The vortex removes any wind resistances, so this arrow could get caught in a tornado and still hit it's target. She can apply up to twenty arrows with this effect.


    Equipment: Bow and Quiver able to carry 100 arrows.

    Archery: Advanced. Like her sister, Nilani uses Archery, but this is her first choice in combat, which is why she and Elwyn's skill are actually equal.
    Hand-To-Hand: Novice. Just because you're trained by the best, doesn't mean you will be the best, at least not yet. Nilani's style of fighting is very similar to Elwyn's, but she's not as good as her older sister either. She continues training to this day to one day be as good as her sister.

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    Re: Nilani Ensandraen [Approved 3-3]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:31 pm

    Agility: 6 + 20 = 26
    Durability: 2 + 8 = 10
    Endurance: 4 +16 = 20
    Speed: 6 + 14 = 20
    Strength: 4 + 6 = 10

    Energy Control: 4 + 26 = 30

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    Re: Nilani Ensandraen [Approved 3-3]

    Post by Dai on Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:18 am

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    Re: Nilani Ensandraen [Approved 3-3]

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