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    Anai Valachovic [APPROVED, NO TIER]

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    Anai Valachovic [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:12 am

    Human Template


    Name: Anai Valachovic
    ALIAS: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'2”
    Weight: 120



    Anai is not the most attractive of girls. If you look closely at her pictures, she's actually a little scrawny and also a bit lanky. She has a nice bust and nice hair, but when you look at her face, if she has an expression that is not contentment, anger, or just plain dull, she looks weird. Her eyes are very strange and can cause people to back away from her if she chooses to look at them that way. This is why she usually keeps a dull look on her face; it prevents people from looking at her like a freak.

    Personality: For many years of her life, Anai has been very depressed. She has a very negative outlook on the world and those within it. She isn't one of those people that says she hates everything, but she's not a happy person. People often tell her that she is depressing and gloomy because of it. She often talks about how "there's no point" in doing this or doing that. She has no goals or motivation in life. Everything that she had and once cared for has been taken away from her in some way or another, so she's given up on herself. She doesn't feel like she has a reason to live and feels that if she ever discovered some reason to live that it'll be taken away from her as well. She does want more in her life, but fears reaching for it. Because of this, she often has mental breakdowns and quite often contemplates suicide or self-harm. She has a horrible self image and because of that she cannot look into a mirror. She really, really hates it when someone says she looks pretty or anything similar because she feels like she is being lied to. She wholeheartedly believes that she is completely useless, that she is totally worthless, and that she is extremely unattractive.

    Anai rarely speaks. Most people assume she is a mute because of that. She communicates to people by shaking her head yes or no. Anai wears clothes that cover all to most of her body. The scars she has on her back embarrass her horribly, so she doesn't wear anything that even might let someone see. Anai could never be caught with half-shirt, a strapless or spaghetti strap shirt, and will never wear a bathing suit. Not even connected to thinking she is ugly, she is completely ashamed of the way she looks. She considers herself weak for allowing everything to happen to her and never fighting back. Anai is as weak-willed as she thinks too. She doesn't fight people back or defend herself. She'll cower and shake in a corner before trying to make someone leave her alone. If someone is bothering her, Anai will often widen her eyes and look at them. Since most people back away from her when she just has her eyes normal because of their odd shape, she thinks widening them works best, and it does. She often scares people away form her by doing that. They can't stand looking into her eyes. It hurts her when this happens, but she accepts it as her own choice to do it.

    Side Notes: She sleeps pants/shirt combination of pajamas and with a blanket over her head.

    History: You know the saying "everything comes to an end"? Well, for Anai, everything seems to come to an end all to often. She was born into a nice family, at least she thought she was. After she turned seven, everything changed. It was her birthday, in fact, when her life came crashing down around her. It was a normal party with friends and family, but when she took a quick trip to her room to get some toys for her friends to play with, she was followed. While searching through a box of toys, she heard the door shut behind her. She looked back to see someone familiar, her uncle. She was confused, but talked to him like she usually did. As she went to pass him by, her throat was grabbed and she was pushed over to her bed. She watched on in fear as this man she trusted laid himself over her and began pulling her clothes from her lower body. She pleaded for him to let her go, but he refused. He told her to shut up or he'd hurt her more, so she stayed silent out of fear. She wanted to call out, but any time she acted like she might his hand tightened around her throat even more. She gave in and let it happen to prevent him from hurting her. There was nothing she could do to fight him.

    A few minutes later, after the blood had been spilled and the innocence of a child stolen, Anai went to her mother in tears and immediately told her what happened. That night, her uncle was killed. Everyone knew who did it: her father, but no one came forward after the situation was explained and cheered at the bastards death. Two years passed and things around the house never got better. Her Father didn't look at her like he used to. It wasn't of love for his little girl, but disgust for the monster he saw. Any time that he looked at her, all he could think of was that night. He had stopped talking to her as well. Her mother confronted him about the treatment and the argument could be heard through out the entire area. Anai would never forget what she heard that night. "Our daughter was violated because you invited that piece of shit to her party! I told you your brother was a fucking freak, but you didn't listen, did you!? Now look what's come of it! Our eight year old girl is all used up because. of. you." Anai stopped talking for months after that. Her mother figured out that she heard what her Father had said, and that night killed Anai's Father for treating Anai so horribly.

    Anai and her mother packed up their things, burned the house down, and moved on to a nearby village. They settled there for a while, but soon their past caught up with them. Her mother was wanted for her Father's murder and once they were found, Anai's mother was arrested and put in jail. Anai, only being ten years old at the time, was put into an orphanage with twenty other kids. Anai did not smile, she did not talk, she did not laugh, nor did she try to play with the other kids. She stuck to herself. This continued on until another girl actually confronted her and tried being her friend. It took a while, but Anai was able to open up to the girl and they became good friends. A year later, when Anai was eleven, the girl was adopted into another family and Anai was left alone. She couldn't exactly blame her friend for leaving her behind, but it still hurt horribly to see her go. Anai stayed in the orphanage alone for two more years. When she was thirteen, another girl showed up, but she was much younger. Anai didn't know why, but the child sort of clung to her. It was the first thing in a long time that made Anai feel like she was needed; she was able to be a little happy for a bit.

    Like always, anything good that happened for Anai came to an end. She had lost her innocence to family, her father to her mother, her mother to the government, and her best friend to another family. Now, there was this cute little girl constantly following her around, depending on her, and what happens? Disease. The child came down with some sort of disease that caused her health to rapidly deteriorate. By the time the doctors were able to arrive, after a four day trip, the young girl was dead and Anai was once again alone. After that, Anai stopped trying. Any time something good happened to her, it was taken away by something she could not control or fight. She wanted to blame bad luck, but this was just ridiculous. It was some sort of curse on her, it had to be. That's what she began thinking: A curse. It was only proven to her when she was adopted into a family only to find out that they were abusive. Her adoptive mother enjoyed taking lit cigarettes and placing them against Anai's back. She begged for her to stop, but she refused and kept doing it.

    While living with the abusive adopted parents, Anai was forced to go to school. In school, she was constantly picked on for the way she looked. Every little flaw about her was pointed out and shoved in her face. She was made fun of for being adopted, for having parents as freaks, for being scrawny, for being ugly, and for having really weird eyes. The bullying got excessive at times; people began throwing things at her, pulling her hair, or taking her stuff. She couldn't do anything about it. It's not like her parents were going to help her; they didn't care about her at all. Why they adopted her? She didn't know. They just wanted something to take their anger out on. After some time, the bullying calmed down, but the damage had been done. Anai was completely defeated; she couldn't take it anymore. She went to the roof of the school and walked over the edge without hesitation, but was suddenly caught by a teacher. The fact that the teacher caught her angered her. She wanted to die and this bastard was in her way. When he pulled her back on the roof, Anai beat the living shit out of him.

    Obviously Anai was sent to see a counselor. For months she returned to the office, sat in the chair, and just stayed silent. She refused to talk. For one, if she talked her parents would probably slit her throat. Two, she wanted to wait out the required time and then attempt suicide again. Once the required time was done, she attempted, but realized she was being watched. The teachers of the school all paid close attention. She wasn't allowed on the roof anymore and they altered her class schedule to have every single one of her classes on the first floor. Because of this, she had no reason to head to the other floors, so suicide in that manner was not going to happen. By the time she turned sixteen, Anai was practically dead inside. Her abusive Mother didn't even enjoy burning her anymore, so she stopped. One day, Anai returned from school to find her Mother and Father dead in the living room. She didn't even cry. She merely called the police and her lack of emotion caused them to suspect her as the killer. It took six months for them to realize how Anai actually was and finally they let her go.

    Over the next year, things calmed down for Anai, but that was only because she chose not to do anything. She didn't go back to the orphanage (she was seventeen anyway, so it didn't matter too much) and she didn't go home, as if you can say the poor girl even had one. Instead, she began traveling around Aria with no real goals in mind. She does small odd jobs for people to get little amounts of money or food, but that's it. It's shocking to realize that Anai is now a homeless girl. She refuses to return to school to avoid the bullying and she is too old to be sent. Over time, Anai realized that there were things she just couldn't do. Looking in the mirror bothered her because of how much she was bullied about her appearance. She soon began to believe it and now thinks of herself as hideous. Any time someone asks to help her, she declines because she thinks they'll hurt her. She doesn't trust people to not hurt her, and if they don't hurt her, she doesn't trust them to stay around. So, now Anai just wanders around Aria alone, without any real reason.


    Type: Normal
    Description: N/A


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: N/A

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    Re: Anai Valachovic [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:47 am

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