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    Lunaria Annua [APPROVED, NO TIER]

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    Lunaria Annua [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:12 am

    Human Template


    Name: Lunaria Annua
    ALIAS: Luna, The Puppet Master
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'7”
    Weight: 135



    Personality: Although it may seem like it, Lunaria is not an emotionless person. She is generally a kind person, but it not very approachable. She has a hard time expressing herself, whether through or facial expressions. Most of her feelings are shown through her actions and words. She prefers to show people she cares without having to force up a fake smile. She does have the ability and willingness to smile, but only if she means it. A fake smile is insulting and a lie. If you're going to tell her something, tell her with honesty. Lunaria is a protective person. She isn't overly protective, so she's not going to ask when, where, why, who, and how. She'll stick to where and when, especially when it comes to a certain person she works for: Tsubine. Lunaria will not hesitate to take a shot for someone she saw as innocent. She will protect those that need protecting, but also deserve it. She'll protect them, but she will not die for them. She has a duty and that duty is to the Emperor of Zakat. If she were to die for a random person on the street, she would not be there for Tsubine if there was ever a time that she needed to be.

    Lunaria is not only a hard-worker, but is very dedicated to her work. Even acting as just a maid in the Emperor's Palace, she keeps to a very strict routine. She holds meetings with the general staff of the Palace every morning before the sun rises at 4:30 in the morning, gives them all the chores she wants them to do. She informs people of meetings and when to avoid what areas. After that, she adheres to her own schedule and gets her list done in a timely manner, always in time to make sure those who work under her are getting their own chores done. Unless there is something specific, special, or important to alter these plans, they are not altered. Those that alter these plans or do not get their work done are called “distractions”. Whether the distractions are lazy, selfish, tired, or merely confused about their duties are not excused of their actions. If they have not done their work, Lunaria will have their pay docked. The only excuse they are allowed to give is being sick, and if they are sick, Lunaria will have them checked out by a doctor she trusts to give her the correct diagnosis and then she will take appropriate action, whether that be giving them the day off or firing them for lying.

    Unlike most people who choose to sugar coat the truth, be sensitive to another person's feelings, or take the more 'ethical' route to dealing with an issue, Lunaria will outright speak in fact and without emotion to bar her view. Lunaria has always been known to openly disagree with the Emperor of Zakat, uncaring to any punishment that may follow. Lunaria does this because the Emperor keeps her around for a reason. She does not hold a bias view and will not hesitate to do what is right because someone's feelings might get hurt. Lunaria will gladly hurt someone's feelings if it means that they know the truth, they will be safe in the long run, or just because she knows it to be the right thing to do. Even if she is very strict and unforgiving, Lunaria is anything but a stupid bitch. Anyone who chooses to get to know her will understand this. She doesn't do anything without a reason behind it. She doesn't think with her heart, only with her head and she uses her logic to do what she knows to be correct. The only things Lunaria will not do is sabotage Zakat's safety or betray Tsubine. These she will lie to protect.

    Lunaria isn't someone that you can easily fool. She can look at someone and realize that they're lying their ass off through subtle movements that they won't even know they're making. Because of how good she really is at telling whether someone is lying, people often don't believe her. She chooses to get her proof before making the accusation: having a doctor check a sick employee out before firing them for lying to her. There are times that she is wrong about someone, but that is rare. Another one of the reasons why Lunaria feels she must get proof before making an accusation is because she doesn't like to be challenged. She lies less than 98% of the world, so it is extremely insulting for someone to challenge her when she knows for a fact that she is telling the honest truth. So, she gets her proof and then hands it to them so they don't have the ability to challenge her knowledge. Lunaria isn't one to take risks. She won't go skydiving when the parachute might not open. She won't go bungee jumping because the line might snap. She won't go into a battle without a plan of action and of escape. Things go wrong.

    History: Lunaria's history is quite simple. She was born and raised in Zakat and has an unwavering loyalty to her country and to it's current leader. As she grew, she watched her family walk out of their home with the mission of protecting the Empire, nothing more and nothing less. This instilled confidence in Lunaria's trust and love for Zakat and it has never faltered. While alone, she trained her mind the best she could. She studied well, passed everything in school, and made her parents proud of her. She was quite popular with the boys, but never cared enough to do anything about their admiration for her. Instead, she kept to herself. Once she became of age, she fought for a job in the Emperor's house, knowing that she wanted to work there no matter what. She worked day and night as a maid and over the years was promoted to being the Head Maid. When she turned twenty one, Lunaria asked for training in martial arts and the ways of the Arcane and received it. Soon, she was a killer within the Laplace Palace and began acting as a bodyguard role for the Emperor without most peoples knowledge.

    One day about seven years ago, something happened that shocked her. A woman showed incredible skill while training and the Emperor insisted on having a dueling match with her. Lunaria sat back and watched as they fought with dummy weapons, but the Emperor said he wanted the real thing. Lunaria protested, telling him that it was dangerous, but he merely laughed in off in confidence. Lunaria reluctantly sat back and watched the duel take place. It was obvious to many that the woman was holding back. Her skill with a blade was impressive. Even the Emperor called her out on it and told her not to hold back. Lunaria immediately felt like something bad was about to happen. In the pit of her gut, she could tell that this was not going to end well, but she said nothing. She watched closely, taking note of each of their movements as they dueled, and then she saw it. It was a mere moment before it took place. The woman was going to hit him and hit him hard. Lunaria's eyes widened when her observations proved to be correct and a slash from the woman's blade sliced through the Emperor's neck and within moments, he fell.

    Even with the horrified look on the woman's face, Lunaria's anger swelled within her and she wanted nothing more than to slice through the woman's neck, but the Imperial Guard had the same idea. They were angry, all of them. The look on the woman's face though, it finally caught Lunaria and she interfered. She hurried behind Tsubine and slammed the side of her hand in the back of Tsu's head, knocking her out. For the next few days, Lunaria came forward in defense for the woman who had slain her leader and friend, explaining that it was all just an accident. "The Emperor knew full well what he was doing. He acknowledged her skill, he caught her holding back, and he told her to do otherwise. He treated it as an official duel, not just training a solider... She is not to blame. The Emperor fell with honor in a duel against his soldier and, unfortunately, he lost." With those words, Lunaria's testifying not only saved Tsubine from being executed, but brought in the idea of her taking over. With this now being considered an official duel, Tsubine was the rightful heir to the throne of Zakat. Maximilian, the Emperor's son, was stripped of his power.

    It wasn't long after that when Tsubine was made Emperor. Lunaria felt bitter over the situation, but she knew that she had done what the former Emperor would have wanted. Lunaria never told Tsubine who had come forth to save her from punishment, but it didn't matter. Lunaria soon became a guiding light for Tsubine, helping her out in certain situations, giving advice, and even continuing her act as a secret bodyguard. Being around Emperor Tsubine so much, being both her maid and bodyguard, Lunaria was able to get to know her. It was soon discovered that Tsubine was a kind, strict, and honorable woman. Lunaria wouldn't want anyone else leading Zakat. She began to admire Tsubine enough that the bitterness she felt toward the accident faded away completely. Lunaria's determination to stick by Tsubine's side increased. She felt as if she needed to make up for the bitter days she felt by doing her best to aid Tsubine. It wasn't long that she began to feel a sort of warmness toward the Emperor, though she knew it was completely inappropriate and kept it secret. To this day, she continues standing strongly by Tsubine's side.


    Type: Evoker
    Description: N/A



    The objects illustrated in the picture to the left look like normal crosses, but are actually instruments in Lunaria's battle plan. Lunaria had two of these custom made, from the steel they were created with, their shape, and specially selected the man who created them: Open Position. [2-1]

    These crosses give Lunaria the ability to take control of non-humanoid objects. Each of the cross's tips emit Arcana in the form of four strings. These strings latch onto an object and send Arcana through out it's entirety. This Arcana gives the object three traits it may not normally of had (or advances them if it already had them): advanced flexibility, advanced speed, and advanced durability. As an example, if she took hold of a tree, the branches can bend without snapping, the bark can be hit without tearing to easily, and the tree can use it's roots to move similar to the speeds of a human, since it technically had no speed beforehand.

    Since Lunaria holds two of these crosses, she can either control one extra large (elephant sized), two large (horse sized), four medium (dog sized), or eight small (cat sized) objects. The strings on these can reach up to one hundred feet. Though it looks like the strings are controlling the object, the Arcane item actually is reading the mind of Lunaria and sending signals. The strings merely keep the connection between Lunaria and the object.

    Once the strings are attached, the object is instantly under Lunaria's control. If the strings are cut or broken in any way, the connection is instantly broken. There is a one post cool down before Lunaria is able to take control of another object. Once the object is attached, the crosses can hold control of that object for ten rounds of posts.

    The object to the left, Lunaria also has two of. These normally act like swords to her, but they don't slice or cut. Why? Because they are round. These only stab. This is because they are meant to stick into an object. The moment that these blades are able to pierce the body of a living thing, a total of twenty 1 inch metal barbs shoot out into the persons body. These barbs release two things at this moment. They release Arcana and the cross-like handles that Lunaria would be holding. [1-2]

    The release of the Arcana flows through the person's body. They will have their next post to remove the blade to stop the flow of Arcana. If this is not done, the Arcana will be able to spread through out their entire body and Lunaria will temporarily (over the course of 5 rounds of posts) have full control over their body. If they choose to remove the blade then the control will not happen, but they will cause an immense amount of damage to their body. The deeper the blade went in, the worse the damage will be. It's in the shape of a cone for a reason.

    If the control does happen, then they do have the ability to mentally overcome the Arcana controlling them in two ways. The first is mental will. If someone's will is strong enough, they can overcome if what Lunaria is making them do is so against their moral code: killing their child/lover, or something along those lines. The second way is overwhelming Arcana. If they are able to will their own Arcana to expel the Arcana from Lunaria's blades, the strings will break and the connection will be broken. Note: This only controls their body, not their mind. This works by the Arcana flowing through their body and forcing Lunaria's will into their muscles.

    Skills: Lunaria is a fantastic maid. She knows cleaning as well as she can walk. She is one not to disappoint, especially if you're the Emperor of Zakat. Beyond that obvious fact, Lunaria is a very accomplished martial artist. She acts as a personal bodyguard for the Emperor for a reason. She has to be able to protect her. Lunaria's skill is very ninja-like, quick, deadly, and silent. Lunaria is also an accomplished swords-woman and dual blade user. Put a sword in her hand and she can take down almost any target you give her.

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    Re: Lunaria Annua [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:03 am

    Application Checklist
    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: BATTARU MEIDO.
    Crosses are 2-1
    Blades are 1-2

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