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    Zakatian Anthems

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    Zakatian Anthems

    Post by Tsubine on Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:49 pm

    These are the various anthems of the Empire of Zakat. Chorus parts are italicized. With the induction of Her Highness Tsubine von Zarkonheinz, some lines had to be changed to reflect her sex.

    Empire of Zakat overall anthem:

    An unbreakable union of people,
    The Great Empire has welded forever to stand!
    A mighty will, great glory –
    These are your heritage for all time!

    Be glorious, our free Empire,
    Age-old union of fraternal peoples,
    Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
    Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!

    Through tempests the sun of freedom shone to us,
    We see the future of our country,
    And to the Red and Blue of our glorious Empire
    We shall always be selflessly true!


    Wide spaces for dreams and for living
    Are opened for us by the coming years
    Our loyalty to the Empire gives us strength.
    Thus it was, thus it is and thus it always will be!


    Anthem of the Emperor:

    Triumph's thunder louder, higher!
    Zakatian pride is running high!
    Zakat's glory sparkles brighter!
    We have humbled hostile might.

    Hail to you for this, o Emperor -
    Gentle mother to us all!*

    Make the most of every triumph -
    For our foes it's time to see:
    Zakat reaches farther-higher
    Over mountain peaks and seas.


    Brilliant Emperor, gaze at visions,
    And behold, a woman great:**
    In your thoughts and your decisions
    As one soul we all partake.


    Look at grand cathedrals' splendor,
    Contemplate our strength and grace;
    See your subjects' hearts surrender
    To rejoice before your face!


    *The original version had this as "Gentle father to us all!"
    **The original version had this as "And behold, a man great"

    Imperial Army:

    The armour is hard and our tanks are fast
    And our men are full of courage
    The knights of Zakat are ready for action—
    Sons of their Great Empire.

    Thundering with fire, glinting with steel,
    The Army will begin a harsh campaign
    When we're called to battle by the Emperor
    And the First Marshal will lead us in this battle!

    In keeping our country, we guard
    The work of factories and farms
    By power of our gun turrets
    By our fastness and pressure of fire.


    Let's enemy, who hidden in ambush, remember
    We watch for him, we are on guard.
    We want not a foot of foreign land,
    But we will not give up an inch of our own land.


    But if the enemy attacks us,
    We will beat him everywhere,
    Proudly, with high endeavour,
    And march for our Empire


    Imperial Marines:

    Wild geese are rushing through the night
    With shrilling cry northbound their heading –
    Attention, take care! Unsteady flight!
    The world is full of murdering.

    We are like you a host in gray
    We sail on the Emperor's call,
    If sans return we sail away,
    Whoosh an amen for us in Fall!

    Sail through the world engulfed by night,
    Gray yeomen-soldier squadron!
    Battle cry yelling, wan quivering light,
    Far heaves the quarrels cauldron.


    Grey-colored host, rush on, sail – flee!
    Whoosh on, sail on to the north!
    When you sail south across the sea –
    What will our fate have brought forth!

    Imperial Navy:

    Set sail our fleet to the open seas,
    our might will never cease.
    The Flag is carried by our ships
    In times of war and peace;
    And never have we struck it yet,
    In spite of foemen's might,
    Who cheered our crews and cheered again
    For showing how to fight.

    We're always ready for the call,
    We place our trust in Thee.
    Through surf and storm and howling gale,
    High shall our purpose be,
    "Semper Paratus" is our guide,
    Our fame, our glory, too.
    To fight to save or fight and die!
    Aye! Navy, we are for you.

    "Surveyor" and "Narcissus,"
    The "Eagle" and "Dispatch,"
    The "Hudson" and the "Tampa,"
    These names are hard to match;
    From Iserlohn's shores to Astart-ay,
    Lakes or Ocean's wave,
    The Navy fights through storms and winds
    To punish or to save.


    Aye! We've been "Always Ready"
    To do, to fight, or die!
    Write glory to the shield we wear
    In letters to the sky.
    To sink the foe or save the maimed
    Our mission and our pride.
    We'll carry on 'til Kingdom Come
    Ideals for which we've died.


    Imperial Armored Cavalry:

    If it storms or snows, or the sun smiles on us,
    The day burning hot, or the icy cold of night.
    Dusty are our faces, but happy is our mind, yes, our mind.
    Then roar our tanks in the storm's wind.
    Then roar our tanks in the storm's wind.

    With thundering engines, to fast as lightning,
    Towards the enemy, sheltered in the tank,
    Ahead of our comrades, In the fight all alone, yes all alone.
    Thus we push deep into the enemies ranks!
    Thus we push deep into the enemies ranks!

    When before us a hostile tank appears,
    Full throttle is given and we close with the enemy.
    What does our life matter but for the Empire's army? Yes, Empire's  army.
    To die for Zakat is our highest honor.
    To die for Zakat is our highest honor.

    With obstacles and tanks the foe blocks our path,
    We laugh about it and don't drive upon them.
    And even if his hand shakes morosely and furiously, yes, his hand.
    We search for ways, that no one else found.
    We search for ways, that no one else found.

    And if we are abandoned by treacherous luck,
    And if we don't return home again,
    If death's bullet finds us, and fate calls us away, yes, us away.
    Then our tank shall become an honorable iron grave!
    Then our tank shall become an honorable iron grave!

    Imperial Royal Guard:

    Heads up and swing along;
    Hearts light and a ringing song;
    Life's but a march and it's easy if your spirit's willing,
    Laugh at the ruts and the dust from comrades' milling.

    And when we say we've always won
    And when they ask us how it's done
    We'll proudly point to every one
    Of Zakat's soldiers of the Emperor.

    Step up and march away;
    Keep on smiling all the day;
    Shoulder your rifle and hitch your pack up tight,
    Take the right of the line and fight.


    We are the embodiment of the Empire's creed,
    We have sworn to love and serve Her* Majesty,
    And we'll defend this land of liberty,
    And strive to keep our Empire's unity.


    To Zakat, our home, we proudly state,
    We'll keep her honour clean and bright,
    For the Emperor and for our Empire great,
    We'll march, we'll shout, we'll fight.


    *This was originally "We have sworn to love and serve His Majesty,"

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