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    Lynnette Bradshaw [APPROVED, NO TIER]

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    Lynnette Bradshaw [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:59 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Ayumi Monshiro (Lynnette Bradshaw)
    ALIAS: Lyn, Lynn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'3”
    Weight: 120



    Personality: Lynnette has one secret in her life, who she really is. She doesn't want anyone to find out because she never ever wants to go back to that horrid place. It's also a big fear she has in her life. The words "Haven't I seen you somewhere before" terrify her. If someone says "You look like someone I know" she has the tendency to panic. She could be in a completely different territory over her homeland and still will feel on edge if someone says she looks like someone they know. Why is she like this? Because the Monshiro House of Zhilihan is the worst place for someone to be forced to grow up. She fears the day they may find her because she knows she'll never be released again. She now chooses to stay as far away form Zhilihan as she possibly can because of that fear.

    Like most women out there, Lynnette is insecure in many ways. She is very concerned about how she looks. She wants to be beautiful, so she exercises, eats right, takes care of her hair, puts on a bit of make-up, and wears cute clothes. It's actually kind of routine for her, which is odd since she travels so much. She's thought of stopping the make-up and wearing more comfortable and convenient clothing, but feels ugly when she tries. The only time this will change is if there is no one she feels like she needs to impress or look pretty for, which is rare. When someone prettier than her comes around, she'll often compare herself to them. In a relationship, if Lynnette thinks that the one she is with is interested in someone else or finds them pretty in any way, she'll often ask if there is something she can do to change that. It's sort of a "what does she have that I don't?" situation. She'll compare breast sizes, the tone of her stomach, height, hair, eyes, teeth, ass, and skin. She's been brainwashed to think that the only way a man will love you is if you're beautiful, otherwise you're not worth shit.

    Even if Lynnette has not adopted her family's view on a woman, there are a few things, like beauty's necessity, that she has come to believe. A woman should never be treated like a slave, like they are less than every man out there, but a woman should take care of her man. This should happen not out of duty, but out of love. Lynnette wants to find the man that sees her as worth it. She wants a man who will look at her and see beautiful, whether or not she has her make-up on or is dressing like a man. She wants to find a man that won't strike her because she accidentally interrupted him, a man who holds her when she cries, and protects her when she's scared. If she is sick, she wants them to be willing to take care of her for a bit, not force her to walk around like nothing is wrong and making her sicker in the process. If Lynnette is some how able to find a man that would do all of that, she will do as she wants to do, which is make them happy. She will happily cook them breakfast in the morning, wash their clothes, and follow them along. And it would not be forced or out of duty, but out of love.

    When someone calls another person materialistic, it's often got a negative connotation behind it. Lynnette is materialistic, but not the the usual sense of the word. Lynnette likes things, just things. These things are usually small little trinkets you can find at a gift shop. Little decorations, animal figures, and jewelry. Oh does she love jewelry. It's not like she wears them all the time, they're just fascinating to look at. She loves the intricate designs in a certain kind of jewelry. She calls it wire wrapping. This technique of jewelry making is seen in every one of her Arcane Items. It looks like wires wrapped delicately around a gem or stone of sorts. Sometimes she'll buy one just to look at it for a while and then sell it at the next town. It's actually more of a hobby than anything else.

    Someone like Lynnette, a person who's been stuck in one place for most of their life, some times grow up to want a few things: adventure, excitement, and danger. The moment she ran away, she went on her own little mission to find as many Arcane Items that she could to help her. The best one: Dragon's Eye. She loves having some excitement in her life, to feel scared every now and then, to experience something new, and to feel the rush of finding something or meeting someone. She never stays in one place for long and is constantly traveling with her friend Toyohisa Date, who she normally calls Date. Even with his strange and embarrassing habits, he is a good friend who helps her on adventures. She even has a bit of a crush on him; it's maybe even a bit more than a crush. She can't imagine herself without him, so yeah... it's more than a crush, but she'll never admit it. At this point, Lynnette doesn't think he'll ever care about her in that manner. They're just friends who travel together and if she says anything about being more than that, she fears messing something up; she doesn't want to be rejected.

    History: To understand Lynnette, you must understand where she comes from. Lynnette's birth name is Ayumi Monshiro. She is the daughter of the late Jin and Kimiko Monshiro; Kimiko died giving birth to Ayumi and Jin died of illness six months ago. The Monshiro family is extremely traditional in a very bad way. They do not accept women as equals to men. They see the woman as a tool for men's success, to produce heirs, to wait on them hand and foot, and to keep quiet while obeying their husband. If a women talks out of line, she is hit. If a woman remarries after a husbands passing, she is shunned and called a whore. If a women attempted to speak her mind against a man, her mouth is cut from side to side and she was scarred for life. A man can do anything he wants. A woman is a servant of her Father until she grows to marry someone chosen for her, and then she will serve him. If a man wishes to bed his woman, she must lay back and be happy he's honoring her with his body. If a man enjoys his cooked meal, the woman is complimented with nothing more than an accepting nod. When a child is born, the woman must take care of the baby and the work around the house no matter the strain. In the Monshiro Family, a woman is nothing more and everything less.

    Lynnette's birth immediately brought controversy. Her mother was dead and could produce no heirs. Her Father was not as closed minded as the elderly in his family and refused to remarry just because they said so. He took care of and loved his daughter. He taught her to be happy and a free spirit. Each passing day he fought for his daughter, ignoring the rules of the clan and taking every insult and harsh criticism for his daughter so she would not have to face them. As she grew, she noticed her Father becoming weaker and weaker. It was frightening. One day, when Ayumi was supposed to be sleeping, she over heard some yelling and went out to see if her Father was okay. He was being struck by multiple old men for not teaching her the ways of the Family. It was the first time that Jin ever chose to fight back, and the only reason he did was because he saw his precious little girl watching in horror. He struck each of them and kicked them out of his house. He made sure they understood that he was the head of the family, not them, and if they had a problem with it they could leave. They never came back, but the looks of disgust when Ayumi walked through her own  home made her feel horrible. She couldn't play without being scoffed at. She couldn't smile at anyone without being insulted.

    When she turned seven, Ayumi finally got the courage to ask her Father why everyone seemed to hate and avoid her. He broke down. It was the first time she had ever seen her Father vulnerable and she didn't like it. Even after everything was explained to her, Ayumi's young mind was not able to comprehend the stubbornness of those that she unfortunately called her family. Still, seeing her Father so upset made her never ask the question again. His explanation stuck with her though. She began to watch and listen. She paid attention to everything that was said and the way people treated her. When she turned thirteen, she was finally able to not only realize, but understand what her Father had said years ago. Because of her new found knowledge, she hid herself away. She didn't hide like locking herself in her room, no. She began acting like a different person. She began adopting the ways of the family. When it was noticed, her Father was commended for "putting her back in her place". When they were home, she acted normally. She smiled, laughed, played, and did her schooling like she was supposed to. The moment guests came around, she switched up her act and turned into a mindless slave. Her Father felt extremely uncomfortable having to order her around, but she reassured him that it was okay.

    Years passed with the same routine. Lynnette was getting burned out and her Father could tell. He was getting just as tired of this act they put on. One day, they were caught talking to each other like normal when the Elders snuck into their home to check on them. A day later, her Father was poisoned and killed. She was to be the next head of the Monshiro Family at the age of 16. She took the spot like they said, fearing of what they would do, but she was just miserable. She often contemplated suicide. She stopped speaking until someone forced her to. She was often insulted by those around her. She was completely unaware of the power she had over them. She always though that them being "Elders" meant they were above her. No. Her Father called them that because of their age. They were just elderly. One day, a woman explained this to her and anger struck. She took action against them, revealing them as murderers, and telling everyone about the abuse they caused her and her Father. It didn't work. No one believed her. Well, none of the men did. No man in her family was okay with a woman as leader, so it wasn't shocking. She felt helpless. Fearing what they would do about her outburst and accusations. Lynnette gave in and packed whatever she could carry. And that night, she ran away from home.

    Since then, Ayumi has become someone else. She changed her name to Lynnette Bradshaw to throw anyone who may be looking for her off. She knows that her Family fears that she will return with backup to help her take control of them. She couldn't say that she hasn't thought about it, but she's been having too much fun. And like she assumed, the guards for the Monshiro Family came after her. Using her Ring of Invisibility, she escaped, but they found her and she had used it too long, so she couldn't again. They chased her through a large valley and caught her. These guys were trained after all. She screamed and struggled against them, but they wouldn't let her go. Suddenly, they heard a voice tell them to "leave the little lady alone". Their attention shifted from Lynnette to the man on the hill. They told him to "piss off", but suddenly this horse jumped off of the mountain side and landed a few feet away. Lynnette took the distraction as a chance to slowly back away from them, which was perfect timing, since the man who rescued her began slaughtering them one by one. She thanked him and he said you're welcome, but was gonna just be on his way. Lynnette didn't know why, but she followed him. She continued following him, asking him questions, getting to know him, and even helping him out when she needed. The best way to describe how this went on... She stalked him into an actual friendship.


    Type: Evoker
    Description: Jewelry Arcane Items!


    Equipment: Because all of her items being jewelry of some sort, they all have one ability. Also because they are jewelry, they are usually activated through a mental command that connects to the user by being worn. There are some that activate when they're put on.

    Ring of Invisibility:

    You seen the lord of the rings? Yep. There you go. She puts on the ring and her body becomes completely invisible. It does not mean she can't be touched. She just can't be seen, smelled, or heard. A layer of Arcana is released from the ring and surrounds the wearer instantly. The invisibility lasts for a total of three posts, whether consecutive or broken through multiple posts.

    Ring Of Light:

    Putting the ring on causes it to light up very brightly. This light can also be directed to shine a certain direction. OR If the wearer chooses to, she can release small balls of brightly shining light that they can place where they want. These lights do not go out and are able to light up large rooms. Taking off the ring causes the lights to go out.

    Fire Collector:

    As the name says, this ring collects fire. It has the ability to collect fire from large explosions, burning buildings, or even something along the lines of a campfire. Though it can be used defensively, such as preventing a fire attack from hitting the wearer or anything behind them, but Lynnette so far only uses it to keep warm when camping at night.

    Amulet of Protection:

    This Amulet releases a sphere-shaped barrier upon the mental command of the wearer. The barrier naturally modifies to it's surroundings. This means that if it she's standing up against a wall, the barrier will move through it and protect that wall. Why? Because the wall is neutral. The barrier only protects the wearer of what would harm her. If someone is standing near her and needs to be protected, the wearer has the choice of stepping close enough so they can be. The barrier is seven feet in diameter and moves all the way around her, like a sphere. This means it also protects the ground beneath her feet. The Arcana collected within this Amulet is so powerful that the barrier can withstand the attack of a Legendary Dragon. It lasts up to three posts. It's meant to be the ultimate protection.

    Dragon's Eye:

    The Dragon's Eye is a very powerful one-of-a-kind Arcane Item. This isn't one of the one's she bought; she found it. The first mission she decided to take upon herself was to find this necklace. She chose to travel through caves in the open lands, about thirty miles East of the Solai Veldt. After making her way through the maze of caves, she came to a massive cavern and the necklaces was there. Surprisingly there was no traps laid out. Why? Because the moment she picked the damn thing up, a stupid ass Legendary Fire Dragon decided to show up. Did she fight him? HELL NO. She used her lovely little Amulet of Protection and ran the hell out of there. The Dragon was too big to fit through the exit, so she got away and now assumes that the dragon was much younger when he first entered that place. Either way, that is how she received the item. Anti-climactic? Yes. Funny? Yes.

    The Dragon's eye has one ability and the ability has to do with fire. The stone within the amulets wiring contains a massive amount of Arcana that builds up day by day. After 3-15 days of constantly building up Arcana, it has the ability to release it in the form of a Dragon's fire breathing. Every three days is a new level of power it can emit: sprite, ordinary, great, legendary, and Endellion Level. If Endellion Level is ever used, the entire area in front of the wearer will be enveloped in a flame that not many can survive. It is best to run, hide, or block it in some way. If the Endellion level is ever used, the damage will be overwhelming and the stone will break. The user can choose what level of power they're going to use, so waiting the full fifteen days is not dangerous in Lynnette's hands.
    Skills: N/A
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    Re: Lynnette Bradshaw [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Tsubine on Thu May 08, 2014 4:56 pm

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