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    Species Name: "Shadowmen"
    Description: These things are called "Walking Will o' Wisps." The weird thing is that they are closer to a plant than an animal. They have vine-like tentacles coming from a central point in what can be called a "head." These vines, as well as the central "brain" and "eye" are the only solid things about it. The rest is actually a combination of liquids and gasses that create a black "body." The liquid is incredibly thick and hard to move around, giving it the appearance of a solid. The expanding gasses created by the liquid keep it expanded and thus it looks like a body. To let the gasses escape, it does not have "feet." They start out alone, but when one finds a target, many others swarm to its location. A note: the only way to kill one is to completely destroy the head.
    #029 Shadowmen Shadowmen
    Diet: Arcanivore
    Rarity: Common in dark forests
    Location(s) Found: Dark forests
    Abilities: The only ability they have is that it can absorb Arcana. Not in the sense that it can absorb an attack. But the Arcana that is left after an attack can be absorbed. These things surprisingly are not hostile, but they do touch to drain tiny bits of Arcana from people. It only takes a very tiny bit to satisfy their hunger.
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