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    #033 Sweets Fairies Empty #033 Sweets Fairies

    Post by Tsubine on Tue May 13, 2014 5:01 pm

    Species Name: Sweets Fairies
    Description: The weird thing about these creatures, besides their small (3-inch) height, is the fact their mouths are always open. The even weirder part of that is that their mouths look almost painted on, as there are no teeth. Their mouth's expression never changes from a smile that takes up half of their face, but their eyebrows and eyes change to express emotions. Although they all seem alike, much like humanity, there are never two of the same. They are, strangely, born clothed (if you can call it being born at all). However, it is impossible to observe them reproducing. It has even been tried with cameras, but somehow they just... appear. That isn't to say they appear out of thin air, but they can not be observed. As soon as they are "born," they are already fully-grown which further adds to the confusion as to how they are made.

    One thing is for sure, though, new Sweets Fairies are only born when the older ones are having fun. This could be everything from just playing with one another to even eating sweets—which is where their name comes from. Their intelligence is surprisingly high. When talking of nations and clans, some depressed Sweets Fairies were known to go "Suppression," "Oppression," and "Taxation." They normally travel in small groups (that exponentially grow whilst travelling) if they travel at all. While in groups, they talk in one-word sentences that all correlate, almost as if there is a minor hive-mind mentality. They speak to humans respectfully, and there are even reported cases of them worshiping humans that have helped or even simply fed them.
    #033 Sweets Fairies FairyJinruiWaSuitaiShimashitafull1256031
    #033 Sweets Fairies FairyJinruiWaSuitaiShimashitafull1273306
    Diet: If it is sweet and sugary, they eat it.
    Rarity: Exceptionally common, but their small size allows them to hide easily.
    Location(s) Found: Anywhere except volcanoes and the bottom of oceans.
    Ball Up: When threatened, Sweets Fairies literally turn into small balls. They look like the types of balls that children play with—they generally have shapes and colors associated with their own design. However, they are not bouncy. Do not try to bounce them.
    Gloom Cloud: When depressed, Sweets Fairies have a small "gloom cloud" appear over them. It's a tiny raincloud that actually has tiny raindrops falling onto the Sweets Fairy. This isn't a problem until there are many of them in a small area—around 10,000 is the observed number. That's when it creates a rainstorm that will not stop until the Sweets Fairies are cheered up. There is no lightning nor thunder, but there sure is a lot of rain.

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    Ummm...approved ._.

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~

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