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    Logan Branton [Approved; 1-3]

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    Logan Branton [Approved; 1-3]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:45 am

    Human Template


    Name: Logan Branton
    ALIAS: The Red King
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'2”
    Weight: 185



    Personality: Logan is the leadership type of guy. He is someone you can go to for advice and assistance. He will take charge when he can and prefers to be at that spot. He isn't one to follow anyone and has an issue with authority because of it. Telling him what to do, treating him like he is a subordinate of some sort, or anything like that will only anger him. Besides his preference to be in charge, Logan's actually a rather nice guy. He's kind and chivalrous. Though it may surprise some people, he also has a soft spot for children. He comes off as the stoic type and usually keeps to himself until pressed to talk or he gets to know someone. Because of his stoic demeanor, he often comes off as a little intimidating, but that changes once he smiles. His smile actually lightens up his appearance quite a lot, showing a much softer and kinder side than what he normally shows.

    Logan isn't stupid, but some people assume he is. Why does this happen? Because he never went to school. Everything he knows, he studied and researched on his own. He taught himself to read and write without anyone's help. He taught himself his magic as well. He's very independent when it comes to things like that because his parents were never around. He rarely relies on anyone to help him. He prefers to survive on his own skill and knowledge. Logan prefers to work smart, not hard. He will think to find the most efficient way to complete something, preferring not to take too long or waste effort into doing it. Sure, if something requires a lot of effort, then fine, but he's not going to go out of his way to make his life harder for him; he's had to deal with enough of that in his life. Most of the time, Logan is actually pretty laid back. He enjoys taking it easy when he can.

    There is a certain amount of respect that someone will have to gain from Logan before he listens to them and so far there are only two people that have done it. His friend the Bartender and his brother Alain. Besides these guys, Logan prefers to keep that leadership position with people. He enjoys people coming to him for help and advice. One thing Logan doesn't like doing is expressing his care toward people. He may feel one way, but won't say it unless pushed. He can tell you about his past, but won't tell you how he felt about it. It's the reason why he never called Helena Mom, Magnus Dad, and Alain brother. He fears being rejected, feeling like they never wanted him. His biggest fear is someone making him feel like his parents made him feel when he found out they would have sooner aborted him than deal with the birth. He'd rather die than feel like that again.

    One thing people will learn about Logan is that he's very protective. If he sees something that he wants to keep safe and healthy, he'll do just that. When it comes to his friends, he has this “mine” complex, that does not border on creepy. It's just that he won't let anyone hurt them if he could help it. He's actually pretty loyal to those he considers friends, only dropping them as friends if they choose to betray his trust. The only ways someone can do that is by hurting someone dear to his heart. There are only a handful of people that have that status, but where he's at right now, they aren't exactly anywhere near, excluding his bartender friend. Honesty is another thing he tries to keep up, but there are some things that he just can't say. If you're a woman asking whether your ass looks fat, he'll walk away. Don't try to get him to reply, ever. Why? Because it's awkward and he doesn't like it.

    History: Logan was quite bluntly abandoned at birth. His parents were not the kindest of people and when they dropped him off at an orphanage, they clearly stated that they “never wanted the little brat in the first place.” Apparently, the only reason Logan was born is because his biological parents were no where near a city when it happened. As he grew, he became more curious about his parents and began running away to look for them. Time and time again he was caught and brought back to the orphanage and told to stop. When he turned eight, they were forced to tell him what his parents were truly like and hoped that the knowledge would prevent him from trying to go after them again. They didn't want to hurt him, that much was obvious, but because he was continuously running away to find them, it became a problem. Unfortunately for them, Logan didn't feel like staying at the orphanage anymore, so he ran away.

    Logan wandered the streets alone for a while, but soon realized that he was hungry. Usually he'd be fed by the people who took care of him, so how was he going to get food? He was only eight years old and there wasn't much he could do. Soon, he wandered into a rich community by climbing a large gate. What did these people have to hide anyway? Selfish rich people refused to help out others, so they could share. They had more money than him anyways. If he took some food, they wouldn't miss it. He was sneaking around someone's yard when he came to an open window. He climbed in to the place and went toward the kitchen, but was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder. Busted. Afraid he was going to get in trouble, Logan tried fighting the old guy off. The guy just picked him up and put him over his shoulder. No matter how much Logan resisted, the guy just told him to calm down, but Logan just got angrier and told him to stop telling him what to do.

    Logan was hard to talk to and the man, who introduced himself as Cadiema Asoressi, wasn't getting anywhere with him. He kept asking things like “Where are your parents?” and “Why are you trying to steal my stuff?”. Logan wasn't going to answer that and after a while, Cadiema gave up. He walked off for a while and left Logan on the couch to sulk. A few minutes later, after Logan realized he probably should have run, Cadiema returned with some other kid. Logan could tell that he was just a little older, but whatever. It's not like age mattered to Logan. The kid had issues. He was just staring at Logan forever. The longer he stared, the angrier Logan got at four eyes. Logan thought the kid was there to be nice to him, but no. The kid was a stuck up jerk who thought he was better than Logan. That much was obvious. The kid just walked away and it took everything Logan had not to punch the kid in the back of the head, but he didn't.

    With the kid gone though, Cadiema decided to offer Logan a room and food if he'd just help around the house. Of course, Cadiema went to work, so he also had to ask some Helena woman if she'd watch over him while Cadiema was at work. Logan didn't exactly see anything wrong with it. Do a little work, get good, and get a room. What would be bad about that? The work was hard. Logan never worked like a construction person before. He had to clean, fix, and build every day. He was kept busy and if Cadiema ran out of work, he'd offer Logan's assistance out to the neighbors. During this time, when Cadiema was at work, Logan learned that Helena was that kid's Mom. The kid's name was Alain, which Logan turned to Alaina when he got angry with him. After a while, Logan began playing pranks on Alain, usually causing him to trip or something to fall on his head, but that changed on night. He decided he was going to have a little fun with Alain's hair.

    Of course, Alain also played tricks on Logan and had no idea that Alain thought similarly to him. The next morning, drowsy as he always was so early, Logan did his hair and looked in the mirror to realize his hair was pink. Since Cadiema was going to work again, Logan had the chance to see if his prank worked. He went over to Alain's house and saw that his hair was no longer dark. It was yellow. The two of them stared at each other for a while and then Logan started laughing. “I shoulda chose a less common color.” he said. “Yellow is the opposite of blue, I'd say you chose well.” Alain replied and Logan just smiled. It was the first time he ever felt like he had done anything right with this guy. It was a good feeling. After that, Logan didn't really feel the need to keep pranking Alain. They were stuck with different color hair until it grew out, so it was enough. But besides that, Logan didn't feel so angry toward him anymore. Things settled.

    And then things began changing. Cadiema stopped going to work and was becoming depressed. Logan heard him talking to someone about him losing the house if he didn't find some money and he was getting desperate. It was worrying Logan; Cadiema was such a nice guy. And then things took a turn for the worst. Something happened while Logan was asleep and he woke up to the police showing up and Cadiema had been killed. He attacked and attempted to kill Helena, apparently, because she wouldn't give him money. This is what Logan learned of the situation. There was both anger, regret, and worry in Logan at this point. He wasn't sure what to feel. Cadiema was the first and only person to act as a Father toward Logan, but if he was going to kill the first woman who acted like a Mom... Logan didn't know what to feel. All he tried to do was make Alain feel better about the situation. There was nothing he could do to change what happened.

    But before that, Logan returned home, to Cadiema's house. He sat in the middle of the living room, angry, and crying. He couldn't be mad at anyone directly; he understood this couldn't be changed and that it was all an accident and misunderstanding. He had papers spread around him, bills of thousands of dollars in debt. He lost his job a while back, so he wasn't able to keep up with his payments. And then the people who took his job away were going to take his home too? Logan understood how angry and scared Cadiema felt about losing everything. Being alone, being poor, being without anything was not fun; Logan knew that all to well. But still, this angered him. His Father was dead. Logan didn't notice the fire spreading from his hands and through the paper. It took the flickering light for him to finally look up and realize that he set the entire place on fire. He sat there and let it burn until he got up and left.

    There was only one place he could go, only one place he wanted to go: To Alain. Passing through the woods to shorten the trip, even though he was told not to, he some how made it to Alain's house unharmed. He stepped inside without knocking, like he came to do once he got closer to this family, and went to see if Alain was okay. When he arrived, he stayed on the other side of the wall and heard Alain talking to his Father. He listened in and agreed with what Magnus said. Cad was the one who snapped; he'd rather have Helena, the woman he secretly looked at like a Mom, alive over Cadiema. Once he got the chance, the first thing Logan made sure to tell Alain is “Your mom is okay. She's safe and still with you. It was worth it.” It might not have been what Alain wanted to hear right then, Logan didn't know, but he only wanted to make sure that Alain knew that what his Father had told him was right. It's better to prevent a deeper tragedy.

    And losing Helena would have been a deeper tragedy, for the both of them...

    Logan got a job the moment he could. He wanted an excuse to stay around Alain's home. Though, he soon noticed that Helena sorta wouldn't let him leave even if he tried. She actually insisted that he live with them, and Logan did not hesitate to accept that offer. He still worked to help out, usually doing odd jobs around other people's homes, using the skills Cadiema taught him. Over the years, he began looking to Alain like his older brother, and though he always called her by her name, he always thought of Helena as his Mom. Logan didn't want Alain to feel like he was sharing. During this time, Logan secretly practiced his abilities with fire and learned to control them, but it seemed someone else was gaining power. You see, Logan had long ass hair. He loved it. It was all the way down his back, at least until someone... decided to suddenly cut off half of it on one side! Logan knew Alain didn't like his hair, so he still thinks he did it on purpose.

    It wasn't long after that when Alain decided to enroll in Rydian. He was going to school, something that Logan never did and was actually a little worried about doing. Some tried to push him into going, but he just wouldn't. With Alain and school and him alone a lot of the time, Logan decided it was his time to go. He wanted to find something that was for him. He needed something that was his. Alain has his school, so Logan wanted something too. It was a tough goodbye, but he would always come back to visit and this would always be his home, no matter how far he went or how long he was gone. And though he never said it out loud to Alain, he'd never not have his brother's back. From then on, he was traveling through Arcadia to find where he felt like he could make a difference. It wasn't exactly what he thought it would be, but Logan ended up in Varedia, joining up with a group that had been established about five years ago: The Black Cross.

    The Black Cross was a gang of people who sorta bullied people. Logan's initial joining was because he met some people who seemed nice and wanted his help. Of course, he soon found that they were an actual gang. Irritated at this, Logan trained for a few months and came back to beat the ass of Snake, the original leader of Cross. From there, he took up the number one spot and became “The Red King”. He seriously changed the way Cross worked. He switched their reputation around by making the members who wanted to stay work and aid the people they hurt before. Over time, things calmed down and people actually were okay with the Black Cross, at least in that area. Black Cross wasn't perfect. Some of the jobs they took on weren't the nicest, but his members had got to choose for themselves whether they wanted to take the job or not. The Red King, Logan, was a nice guy that people looked up to. His members, at least some of them, ended up being killers.

    Logan discovered a little “hole in the wall” bar. It was one of those places that you had to know was there to realize it. Most tourists, thank god, didn't realize it was there, so it was quiet. It was a nice calm place that he liked hanging out in. He brought some business to the place, which was good because he liked it. He and the bartender ended up becoming good friends and had each others back. Logan would do what he could to help out with repairs and things along those lines. After some time, being “The Red King” began to wear him down. He wasn't organized enough for this shit, so he offered the job to his friend at the bar. It took a little convincing and a promise to help out when ever he was needed, but sooner or later he was no longer The Red King. Well, that title never really left him, but he was no longer the head of Cross. Instead, he was a member with benefits. For the past two years, since he gave up Cross, he's just relaxed.


    Type: Sorcerer

    The Red Aura: This is activated before Logan can use any of his abilities. Logan's body surrounds with a red aura, made of Arcana, that is both offensive and defensive. This red aura is actually the rapid vibration of Arcana. The defensive abilities of the Red Aura work by just being around his body like a cloak. The rapid vibration prevents energy attacks from making contact with his body, breaking them down with the rapid vibration before they're able to hit him. It is possible for stronger, more precise or condensed attacks to get through. Just because an attack is large, doesn't mean it's precise or condensed enough to fight through the extremely rapid vibration of his Arcana.

    Fire Manipulation: The Red Aura gives Logan a full immunity and full control over normally created fire and his own fire. It is possible for him to gain control over someone else's fire, if their will and determination has faltered. He is also able to generate fire and does all the normal basic techniques you'd see a fire user do. So yes, he throws fire balls, uses a flame thrower like attack, creates walls of fire, and all of that stuff. Everything stated below are techniques that he has come up with over the years and likely will be added to as he develops more.

    Fire Transportation: This is a small technique that Logan uses to fly. He exerts flame from his feet and leans in a certain direction, allowing him to go in that direction at higher speeds than walking would allow. Depending on the amount of pressure he chooses to exert, he could fly like he has rocket shoes, or skate around. This technique lasts as long as he wants it too, but anything over fifty posts is over doing it.

    Flame Slash: By condensing his aura to his hand, Logan waves his flat hand in a direction. The aura is exerted and the moment it leaves his hand, envelopes his flames. This flat set of flames flies toward an object at speeds up to 100 mph and, if the object is hit, slices through it like a steak knife through butter. The farthest this can travel is 200 ft before it dispels. When this is done, Logan's aura is momentarily moved entirely to his hand, leaving him vulnerable for the seconds that it's down, but immediately returns a second after the attack is sent off.

    Ball And Chain: Though an odd power, it's a devastating one for anyone who actually gets hit by a thing. Logan creates a ball of various sizes and chain of fire that reaches up to 100 ft. He swings the fire weapon around for up to five posts before it dispels. Getting hit with it is no different than being hit by a metal ball of whatever size he has chosen, but adds the fire damage. Though it may weigh a lot to the person hit, it weighs nothing for Logan, allowing him to swing it around without resistance.

    The Lion: This is why he was given the Leo position in Black Cross. With a burst of exerted energy, Logan's body is surrounded by a larger Red Aura that takes the shape of a lion about fifteen feet high. The aura surrounds him, making Logan look like he is floating within the head of the lion. He then uses this form to attack by actually fighting the way a lion would, claws, roaring, and biting included. He can't use any of his other abilities while in this form. Because this is made out of his aura, it is still the rapidly vibrating Arcana, so touching him is not the smartest idea. Though it still destroys energy attacks without resistance, it now also resists physical attacks, making it harder to hit him. It is still possible, but  depending on the object used, it'll be hard. If a human tries to make it through his aura, it will be like thousands of little blades slowly slicing through their body. If it's a weapon of some sort, it merely applies resistance and does damage, trying to push it out of the aura. This form lasts for ten rounds.


    Equipment: N/A

    Martial Artist: Advanced. This is currently his only way of fighting. Nothing of what he knows was taught to him by someone else. Because of this, his fighting style doesn't have a set technique to it. In fact, it can be quite random at times. His body is a lot more flexible, fast, and strong than someone would actually expect, allowing him to move rather well. His skill concentrates more on what he sees and is able to react to. Thanks to well-trained and rather advanced reflexes, he doesn't have a hard time fighting one-on-one. The problem comes when he's fighting multiple opponents and can't see them coming. If he can't see it, he has a hard time reacting to it. Once he can see it though, hitting him proves to be difficult.

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    Re: Logan Branton [Approved; 1-3]

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    Agility: 3 + 7 = 10
    Durability: 3 + 17 = 20
    Endurance: 3 + 22 = 25
    Speed: 3 + 27 = 30
    Strength: 3 + 27 = 30

    Energy Control: 3 + 20 = 23

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    Re: Logan Branton [Approved; 1-3]

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    Re: Logan Branton [Approved; 1-3]

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