#039 Mirsoth the Stone-wing

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    Species Name: Mirsoth the Stone-wing
    Description: Mirsoth is an older dragon who has lived his life deep within mountains and terrain normally inaccessible to humans. He is a "stone dragon," which is a more rare type nowadays. Mirsoth is not aggressive, although he is territorial. If one gives something to Mirsoth as an offering and he accepts, someone may pass or even walk up to him. He has an animosity towards other dragons, citing them as "barbarians."
    #039 Mirsoth the Stone-wing Mirsoth
    Diet: Omnivore+Geovore
    Rarity: One of a kind elder Great Dragon.
    Location(s) Found: Sharbilnarg Highlands
    Unique Physiology: Unlike a normal dragon, a stone dragon's teeth are not jagged or sharp. They are made for one thing—crushing. That makes them slightly unsuitable to defend themselves against other dragons, which is how they became more rare. Their scales both look and feel like stone, so they are able to blend in with their terrain very well. It's also one of the thickest types of skins, and Mirsoth is no exception. Mirsoth's teeth and scales are both many times harder than a normal stone dragon's. This does, however, make him extremely slow compared to other dragons.
    Lightning Breath: Mirsoth shoots lightning as his elemental breath attack, although it is somewhat weaker than normal. Most of Mirsoth's power is in his durability.
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