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    Species Name: Rhægos
    Description: Rhægos is a battle-tested female dragon who gives zero fucks. In fact, her diet is her own kind. Of course, other creatures in her territory are fair game, but she mainly hunts out her own kind. She's the black widow of dragons, as she kills male dragons after mating with them—however rare that may be. Her wings are tattered and her skin scarred from countless battles with her own kind.
    #040 Rhægos Rhaegos
    Diet: Cannibalistic Carnivore (Dracovore)
    Rarity: One of a kind elder Legendary Dragon.
    Location(s) Found:Tumunzah Crags
    Unique Physiology: Rhægos has one of the more unique physiology types. Her scales are large but very durable and temperature resistant. This allows her to be able to easily defend against dragons, whose "weapons" are too large to fit in between her scales. Human weapons can fit in between them easily, however. She has two large horns used for goring dragons, a third horn to support that, and a second jaw to help her tear through dragonskin. Each of her legs also has a blade on it that helps. Humans have sought after her for another reason. During a fight with another dragon, she was impaled along some rare Arcanic crystals. They are still in her body and help her survive to this day. The strangest part is that the crystals have grown and spread since that time.
    Fire Breath: Rhægos is able to breathe Arcana-enhanced fire. The crystals which are part of her body help power her fire, which only makes it that much stronger.
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