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    Tsubine's Characters' Relationships Empty Tsubine's Characters' Relationships

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:53 pm


    Tsubine Zoradia von Zarkonheinz IX
    Eira von Zarkonheinz: My dearest sister... and my only sister. She is quite smart and talented, even if she does lack a larger bust.
    Amelia Larone: She seems like a nice young woman. I want to know why those men were chasing after her though.
    Luxanna Luminere: T-there is nothing special about our friendship! Luxanna is just a friendly, noble, determined, reliable, beau—ahem, friend. That is it! Nothing more!
    Serenity Verdant: She has proven we need maps as well as more anti-collision measures for our artifacts that are on display. She is a very kind woman who helped Eira, and I can not properly thank her enough.
    Lunaria Annua: Lunaria is the person I can trust with personal matters. I just wish she would stop suggesting I settle down with someone! I will fall in love when I am ready to.

    Aila Lalleim
    To Be Added

    Akane Tsujihara
    Serenity Verdant: I heard rumors she helped people in Arcadia with the same disease I had... I want to ask her why she didn't help me.

    Alain Irving Maldoc-Ryence
    Serenity Verdant: She's a cute little thing who has seen far too much of me for someone I'm not dating or related to. Granted, I can say the same thing for myself in regards to her. She's a great cook, so her living with me has been a good choice.
    Logan Branton: A friend I've had from my school days. I haven't spoken to him in a while, so I'm a little worried he slipped back into his old habits.

    Alium Ziusdra
    Eira von Zarkonheinz: She will be mine. A fine warrior and woman such as herself would be wasted on any other man.

    Arthur Zakharovich
    To Be Added

    Basil Tathington
    Nina: My girlfriend. She can be quite cute at times, but I hope she doesn't worry about me too much.

    Kaiki Deishuu
    To Be Added

    Krsia Heolusia
    Lillianna Aranhartte: Employer. In debt to.
    Kyra Kobayashi: Former lover. No communication anymore. No threat.

    Lisanor du Belkane
    To Be Added

    Lucina Falchius
    To Be Added

    Masamune Fujiwara
    Nadia Cyanea: She's too naive for her own good. I must keep her protected.
    Luxanna Luminere: Scary, but friendly, lesbian.

    Mikhail Zakrezsky
    To Be Added

    Banshee: Guardian of a powerful artifact that I am unsure of if it exists or not.
    Cerberus: Good destructive ability. Not to be trusted.
    Scarecrow: Too cheerful for my tastes, but he has decent combat potential.

    Setsuna Hayate
    Shinobu Shiranui: He saved me from some really bad things... and has basically become my older brother. I want to be like him one day!
    Kaminari Hatakeyama: She seems really nice, although I don't know too much about her. She tried to save me from bad things, so she can't be bad... right?
    Solas Kearney: She seemed nice like Kaminari... but I don't know much about her either. She fought alongside that guy in the red armor, so she seems strong... She kinda scares me.
    Jellocasing: Scary.

    Shinobu Shiranui
    Setsuna Hayate: Little brat doesn't have any good luck it seems. He's gotta learn to man up.
    Kaminari Hatakeyama: You better not hurt Setsuna. I'm watching you.
    Solas Kearney:  Don't fuck with her.
    Jellocasing: I can't understand a word this guy says.

    Sigelinde von Scharnhorst
    To Be Added

    Toyohisa Date
    Shigezane Date: Doesn't know how to party.
    Lynnette Bradshaw: Wants to party with me.

    Vidis Tesiusom
    Ciara Allerdice: She is the one I think can rule the world after I bring it to its knees.

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