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    Species Name: Sahirame (Rotoianere umesustiae)
    Description: Sahirame are very large and generally only have one of each gender at any given time. Sahirame sleep inside the volcano's lava, but they wait outside the volcano as a massive pile of ash. The current Sahirame are 120 meters tall for the male and 154 meters tall for the female.

    Diet: Omnivore
    Rarity: Super Rare
    Location(s) Found: Mount Solai, other volcanoes
    Tough Skin: Sahirame have skin that is capable of withstanding the pressure and heat of a volcano. It is rarely shed, but it makes great armor. The weakness of its skin is that it is very jointed and can freeze easily.
    Magma Pools: Sahirame are capable of storing massive quantities of magma within their body. This keeps their bodies warm and allows them to move long distances.However, they can also shoot out the magma as a defense mechanism.
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