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    Melinda Lawrence [Approved; 2-4]

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    Melinda Lawrence [Approved; 2-4]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:25 am

    Human Template


    Name: Melinda Lawrence
    ALIAS: The Seer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 135



    Personality: Melinda is a good woman with the ability to understand the afterlife all too well. She's very kind and generous, giving up a lot of her time to help earth bound spirits cross over into the light. Melinda is a very sensitive woman, often keeping her gift a secret because it's so odd and frightens other people. She does her best to live a normal life, but often finds herself caught up in messy situations because of what and who can she can see. The spirits Melinda sees are not always kind. They can cause her to see and feel things that are not there, completely taking over her life in ways she would not want them to. Because of situations like this, you can say that Melinda is actually quite a strong woman. Not everyone is able to handle seeing and feeling the dead. Even with how long she has seen these spirits, Melinda can still become frightened by what they show her. A lot of stuff she has become quite used to. Melinda is very hard to startle because she always expects something to just randomly happen.

    Melinda is a very intelligent young woman. She has a love for history and anything considered ancient or antique. She finds these things interesting because of the story they tell. Presumably because of her power, she often makes connections with things that others feel are lost or too old. Items like this always have a story, and sometimes even come with a spirit attached. Although she doesn't exactly go looking for spirits to help, she doesn't mind when one shows up attached to an item she has. She owns an antique store, so this happens often. It's really sad when you realize her entire person is so concentrated around her gift that there isn't much more to say about her. She knows that she's dedicated so much of her life to her gift and helping the dead that she's not really her own person anymore. Although it upsets her, there isn't much she feels that she could do about it. She doesn't even have many friend, even though she's extremely nice. Why? Because when they learn about her gift, they often freak out and shun her.

    History: Melinda Lawrence was born into a family that has passed special gift down through the women of the family for generations. Her grandmother was the one to teach her about it. Melinda's gift is that she has the ability to see the spirits of the dead. She can talk to them the way you talk to a normal person. She uses this gift to help them because she understand that if she can see them, if they are here, they haven't moved on into the light. This is what her grandmother taught her from a young age. Her grandmother taught her to accept and cherish who she was. Her mother was very different. Her mother didn't have the gift, or so she thought. For years, her Mother denied that she could even see spirits. She constantly had headaches and fell ill because she liked pretending that they weren't there.

    For years, Melinda believed her mother and the two of them constantly fought over what was right and wrong. Melinda grew thinking her mother hated her and her gift, but it was all a lie. After a series of events, a spirit came to Melinda wanting to get revenge on her Mother for an accident that happened years ago. Although Melinda feared speaking to her Mother about it, she had to. The spirit became violent with Melinda and threatened to use the power it had gained over the years of waiting to kill her. When she was reluctant to do as the spirit said, Melinda woke up to the spirit on top of her and choking her until she passed out. She woke up the next day with strange marking on her throat. She had thought it was a dream, but evidence was clear. With this happening, Melinda didn't want to wait any longer.

    Melinda confronted her Mother and told her what the spirits was doing. Her Mother finally revealed that she could see spirits and cleared everything up with the ghost, but not before the damage was done. Melinda was unable to even look at her mother because all she could remember was the looks of hatred and disappointment that her mother constantly gave her while she was growing up. Her mother raised her with a bunch of lies out of her own stupid fear, making Melinda feel unwanted. With this discovery, Melinda told her mother that she never wanted to see her again. The years of lies and the feeling of hatred she felt any time her mother looked toward her left a scar that would not easily heal. It didn't help that soon after her Grandmother, the one person who understood and loved her, died.

    Melinda was done with her hometown. She packed up the few things she owned and was off. She made her way to Colburn where she could learn to focus one part of her power that she hadn't been able to learn from her grandmother before she died. It was the power to form a scepter. This scepter had the ability to help control and "purify" corrupted spirits. She needed to be able to learn this ability or things could get bad, especially if she gets more powerful. Over time, she was able to gain the power over her family's scepter and left Colburn. She began traveling through out all of Arcadia to help anyone who died or had a spirit attached to them. It hasn't been too long since then, so over the recent years, Melinda has been traveling from town to town, getting a hold of her gift and helping as much as she can.


    Type: Sorcerer

    The Seer: This is a bloodline ability. No one outside of Melinda's bloodline has this ability and it only passes down through the females within her family. There are no exceptions. This ability allows her to see and speak with the dead. She sees them as clearly as you would see a normal person. She can sense whether someone is dead or alive, so she knows the difference when she's speaking to them. Because of this, she'll often be caught talking to herself or really worked up over something when others saw nothing. She uses a 'panic attack' as an excuse when she doesn't want to explain it to anyone who may have seen. Melinda helps the spirits that she sees "move on" to "the light". She is unable to see the light herself because only the dead can see the light.

    Spirits come in different ways, so here is a list of the different kinds that show up:

    1) Land Bound Spirits: These spirits are dead the normal dead. They usually need to get a message to a loved one or have some sort of unfinished business that they need done before they can move on. These are the most common of the spirits and are often the easiest to handle.

    2) Haunting Spirits: These spirits are angry and are often wanting revenge because they blame someone for their deaths. They feed off of the person that they blame, making them more powerful with the weaker the other gets. It is difficult to get these spirits to move on, but it is possible depending on the situation. If Melinda is forced to, she can forcibly remove them using the Seer's Scepter.

    3) Evil Spirits: These spirits know they're dead and fear moving on through the light because their lives were filled with evil. They're usually criminals of all kinds who fear judgement and decide to corrupt innocent spirits. These spirits become more powerful with the more spirits that they corrupt. Once they get to a certain point, they must be destroyed because they cannot be dealt with.

    4) Corrupted Spirits: These spirits are spirits who have been corrupted by Evil Spirits. They're often confused because they died very suddenly or in their sleep. They often don't remember how they died and end up in denial about their deaths, so Evil Spirits take advantage of that. They also sometimes do not even remember who they were when they did die, so they're easily swayed in either direction.

    The Seer's Scepter: This Scepter is a last resort to save Corrupted Spirits or Haunting Spirits who become violent or refuse to accept their deaths or cross over to the light. It is also used to destroy Evil Spirits. This Scepter is made completely out of Arcana, but is as strong as any steel and it has only one ability. The ability is to collect Arcana between the two points at the top and have them spin like a saw at high speeds to create a blade. The blade is sharp enough to cut through trees like a knife through butter if she's ever in that type of situation, but is normally used to take down Evil, Corrupted, or Haunting Spirits who refuse to move on or leave innocents alone. The Arcana has the ability to cut through the dead as easily as a sharp knife through flesh, but once the Spirit is cut, it is destroyed, making it very difficult to figure out when the Scepter should actually be used. Destroying a spirit is a huge deal.


    Equipment: N/A
    Skills: Minor Skills with Spear And Pole-like weapons.

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    Re: Melinda Lawrence [Approved; 2-4]

    Post by Dai on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:59 am

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