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    Jillia Lynson [APPROVED, NO TIER]

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    Jillia Lynson [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:58 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Jillia Lynson
    ALIAS: Jill
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'5”
    Weight: 135



    Personality: Jillia is quite the intelligent young woman, but her heart is set in the arts of the world over anything else. She's always been among the top students during her education, so she's a great student. She's a hard worker, studies well, and great on tests. Jillia is the person most people ask to tutor them in subjects like English, History, and even Science. She won't tutor someone in math because she hates the subject. Even being so good in her normal studies doesn't matter much to her because she wants to be a famous artist of some kind. She has her heart set on painting, singing, dancing, and playing the flute. This is where her passion lies, so art is what she focuses most of her energy on. She's pretty good at it too.

    Getting away from her school life, Jillia is a nice person. She's pretty cheerful and smiles when she's around friends, but when she's concentrating on something she almost always just seems content. She rarely complains about anything, but also doesn't tell people much about her. She's pretty vague about her home life, though she doesn't tell any lies. She does this because she's going to a private school commonly known to be for the richest students. She's actually there on a full scholarship, which is extremely rare for the Academy. She feels that if she lets too many people know about her not being 'one of them', they might shun her or treat her differently. Sure, she never lies and a few people might know about her scholarship, but she doesn't go around openly expressing that she's poor.

    Yes, Jillia is quite poor. Her mother died when she was very young, so it's just her and her Father. Because her Father got hurt at his job and messed up his back, he can't work, so Jillia has to take care of him, work, and do schooling while also trying to take care of herself. It's in situations like this that Jillia being an understanding person and hard worker really has it's advantages. Jillia never let's her Father know how hard of a time she's having, often keeping her troubles to herself. She's very independent and strong willed. She even works when she gets sick, which luckily isn't too often, but can cause problems. Because of her hectic work and school schedule, Jillia rarely gets to go out and just have fun. She doesn't like leaving her Father alone for too long, so she mostly stays home. She loves her Father, so this doesn't bother her much. She actually likes the calm life, though at times she can get a little restless.

    History: Jillia lived the first half of her life in Zakat with her Mother and Father. Everything was great and they lived a normal middle-class life. Jillia was happy. One day her Father got hurt at work and messed up his back badly. Because of this, he was no longer able to work and Jillia's Mother had to double her jobs. Her mother was working herself half-to-death for quite some time, so when Jillia got big enough, she began helping out by doing all of the house work. She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, helped her Father, did the yard work; she did it all at home. Her mother worked just as hard trying to prevent them from losing their house and saved up for Jillia's schooling, but it only got harder. One day, Jillia's Mother got sick and just couldn't get better. During this time, they lost their house. Jillia's mother lived her last days in a Zakatian Hospital, but because they didn't have the money to pay for treatment, Jillia and her Father were forced to watch the woman that meant the world to them die in the hospital bed.

    Jillia became very bitter toward the entire nation and decided it was time to move. Zakat was no longer their home. The two of them left and went to Aria, the Capital of Arcadia. This is where Jillia got a small job and worked her way up. It wasn't much, but since she had to help her Father some how, she needed to work. Once he realized that she was putting off her arts and schooling for her, he went to ask for a loan to get them on their feet. He went to Arian Academy Of The Arts, where he knew Jillia had been wanting to go since she was a little girl. He brought her records and explained the situation to Head Master. Upon seeing the girls records, Jillia was happily accepted. When her Father returned with the news, he hadn't seen his daughter so happy in years. She was accepted on a full scholarship and wouldn't have to pay for anything. She was starting in the Spring. And now, this was to be Jillia's first year at Arian Academy.


    Type: Normal
    Description: N/A


    Equipment: N/A

    • Great Cook
    • Expert Flute Player
    • Moderate Piano Player
    • Lovely Voice, Great Singer
    • Ballroom and Latin Dancer
    • Landscape Painter, not good at people.
    • Very Charismatic

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    Re: Jillia Lynson [APPROVED, NO TIER]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:13 am

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