A Speech to the Four [CLOSED]

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    A Speech to the Four [CLOSED] Empty A Speech to the Four [CLOSED]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:05 pm

    A Speech to the Four [CLOSED] Header10

    Tsubine von Zarkonheinz

    A line of microphones sat atop a podium. Tsubine, flanked by her sister, Eira, and her unofficial advisor, Luxanna, stepped forward. She was in full armor, the metal gleaming in the sun. Behind the three that stood in front, the Grand Council remained silent. The new leader of the Imperial Royal Guard, a man of at least six-and-a-half feet, stood between Her Excellency and the Grand Council. "People of Aurora. I am the Twenty-Sixth Emperor of the Empire of Zakat, Tsubine Zoradia von Zarkonheinz the Ninth. I stand before the planet of Aurora, calling out to all of the people of our wondrous planet. Five days ago, assassins dared to try to take my life. It has come to my attention that it was not just my own life that was targeted. The Queen of Arcadia, the Regent-General of Brauk, and the Duke of Cieria all were thrown into the midst of what appears to be a plot by some unknown, shadowy force.

    I, as a citizen of Aurora, can not stand idly by as someone tries to destabilize this world which has been built on the blood and bones of our ancestors! This is not a nation-to-nation problem, nor is it a problem between two people. This is a problem we all face—a problem that spans the borders of the Empire of Zakat, the Duchy of Cieria Cieria, Brauk, and the Kingdom of Arcadia! This is not a problem of 'you' or 'they.' This is a problem of 'us!' We do not need to hide behind our flags! We need to unite!

    Our foe is one that, if we try to slay separately, will only re-grow its heads like a hydra! This is a foe with enough audacity and strength to attempt to slay the leaders of the Four Nations! We do not need to stand alone against this opponent! Every country has its own culture, it's own people. We are not all alike. But there is one thing every Cierian, Braukan, Arcadian, and Zakatian has in common. We are all Auroran!

    Our differences should be put aside for now. I wish to put them aside permenantly, but we are not a perfect society. It is because we are not a perfect society that we have different solutions to our problems. And as we have different solutions, I would like to borrow the knowledge of Arcadia, Brauk, and Cieria alike to formulate a plan to stop any further crises like what happened five days ago! That is why I am extending an invitation to a summit here in Iserlohn, within the Imperial Palace, to Duke Jilocasin the First vi Cieria, to Regent-General Amadeus Stoneheart, and to Queen Lillianna Aranhartte so that we may form a plan to save our planet from the annihilation the destruction of our nations would cause!

    Please, leaders of the three nations! Listen to my words and come! I wish there could be a better place for us to meet, but alas, even I am not invincible and have been injured from the attempt on my life. If travel were easier, I would suggest somewhere far more neutral than our own capitol. I assure you that I bear no hostility and only want peace for us. I want our world to return to the peace our ancestors died for!"
    Rallying cries of "Sieg Zakat!" "Hail the Emperor!" and "Long live the Empire!" echoed out in the massive crowd in front of Laplace. Over the next few days, sealed envelopes would be personally delivered to each of the remaining three leaders of the Four Nations. Each was a handwritten copy of her speech as well as a handwritten invitation to Laplace. An explanation by the messenger showed that the letters were to be used as proof of identity to gain entry into Laplace.

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