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    Hacil Ensandraen [Approved; 1-1]

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    Hacil Ensandraen [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:28 am

    Elven Template


    Name: Hacil Ensandraen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 161lbs

    Hacil is the odd one out. She always was, and she always will be. She is nothing like any of her other sisters. The only things she shares with her sisters are her ears and hair color. She has crimson eyes. She's the one who tried to reach the bar set by her older sister, but ended up breaking expectations... but not in the good way. Hacil tried to be like Elwyn. But unfortunately, she couldn't be. She is too much of an individual.

    See, Hacil was always told not to do something. Not because it was always wrong, but because it wasn't what her proper older sister would do. She had a problem with how she was feeling? Hacil would be told how Elwyn would handle it. Not how she should handle it. Hacil never got her own advice, but Elwyn's. The fact that she was always told how Elwyn would do it ended up forcing Hacil to go 'no, this is the way I want to do things.' This forced her into her almost-permanent rebellious phase.

    One thing to note about Hacil that most do not see truly is that Hacil is determined. She has a hefty resolve. She wants to get better, she wants to be better. So her problem isn't her determination. No, she has that. What she needs is a reason to spend that determination. What good does getting better at something do if all you get is a 'try harder, your mistakes are always showing,' or a 'meh, could've been better.' That's how it's been with her. If she is just going to get talked down to, she has no reason to train.

    Elwyn is getting the biggest section because, out of everyone, she has had the biggest impact on Hacil's life. Although Hacil would never admit that. From the moment Hacil was born, she was practically raised in Elwyn's shadow. She was brought up to not only be a backup, but also to be just like her sister. She still regards Elwyn as her older sister, and will respect her to some degree. She won't call Elwyn a bitch to her face, but might complain about Elwyn by referring to her as her 'bitch of an older sister.' Hacil doesn't care for many things about her sister. Her sister tries too hard, for one. It's an attractive trait, but Hacil doesn't believe Elwyn knows how high she sets the bar by doing so much. Hacil is never going to be able to match her older sister (in her mind, at least), but even so, she is always in comparison to Elwyn. Every time she hears a comparison like that, she grinds her teeth.

    Hacil actually admires Elwyn to a degree. Again, not something she would ever admit. Elwyn is not bad looking, she's smart, and she's not too bad with a bow. Hacil shows off more skin to draw attention away from her face, she is probably the second-least-book smart of the family, and she is terrible with a bow. But she doesn't think about her own good traits. Hacil has a nice body, she is more easily adaptable to outside society, and she is damn good with a spear. Why doesn't she think of it? Because that's not what the Elders wanted. They wanted her to be a mimicry of Elwyn, and thus she ends up comparing herself to her older sister far too often.


    Formal/Mingling with Humans:


    Racial Ability: Animal Communication

    Type: Fire
    Description: To begin with, to call Hacil's element 'fire' isn't entirely correct. Sure, the base element of her IS fire. But frankly, she pretty much skimmed through the "manual" for fire and went straight to plasma at a young age. Due to her personality and the instability of plasma overall, Hacil does have a hard time controlling her powers—especially when her temper flares. The first way she'll use plasma is what she calls 'pulsing.' Pulsing basically releases a tiny amount of plasma for 10 meters around her, emanating from her like a ripple. This isn't fatal, but can scorch shoes. It's mainly meant as a warning to back off. She can put more effort into it and reduce the distance to 5 meters... and well, it basically creates a 5-meter-tall "wall" that ripples out from her. The next is a method she personally prefers. She coats the outer (palm-down) side of her arms from the shoulder down in plasma, including her fingers. She also does the same to her back, acting as a sort-of "vent" for the excess plasma that she can't control. This gives her a hell of a punch. The last method she uses plasma with so far is one she dislikes... but isn't necessarily below using it (she feels its main use would be to show her power off, so she keeps it 'hidden' until she finds the right time to use it). Basically, she fires a single bolt of plasma. She can fire off a single coconut-sized ball every other post. Hacil has an ability to give herself or someone a +10 to endurance for as long as she keeps it up. She has to touch another person to use it on them.


    Jatahl: The Jatahl is a traditional, but much less common Elven weapon. It is a quarterstaff with two heavy weights at the end. Each weight is a spear-like blade, and can be used as a bludgeoning or piercing weapon. They are hard to use and are not 'elegant' like a bow, which is why they have fallen out of use.
    Jatahl: Hacil's best skill is her Jatahl skill. She can kill just as precisely with her Jatahl as other elves can with a bow. It's a skill that's been lost over time for most Elves, so many do see it as a crude way of killing, even though death by a good Jatahl strike can be a painless as a bow.
    Archery: Hacil is absolutely terrible with a bow. She chooses not to use it, and refuses to even carry one with her.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    Hacil was not born a problem child. She was born 6 years after Elwyn, who was the epitome of a not-problem child. She was the good child. Hacil, on the other hand, was an individual. She wanted to be herself, make a name for herself away from being 'Elwyn's little sister.' Unfortunately, the Elders didn't take too kindly to that. Not because they thought she'd overshadow Elwyn, but because Hacil needed to be a backup. She needed to be a second Elwyn. Hacil did not want that.

    When she turned six, she tried to explain this to Elwyn. She tried her best to explain that the Elders were trying to turn her into a second Elwyn. Unfortunately, her word choice was not the best. She ended up insulting and blaming Elwyn. She'd say things like she could never be as perfect as her older sister. And Elwyn tried to scold Hacil about that. It wasn't that Elwyn was wrong. No, Elwyn was right. Hacil knew she was right, but the fact that Hacil was being scolded about feeling down, about feeling inferior... It set her off. Not knowing the impact of her words, Hacil screamed she hated her older sister and stormed off.

    As time went by, Hacil did learn that she didn't mean it anymore. At the time, she did... to a degree. Hacil didn't hate Elwyn the person, but Elwyn the concept—the concept of this perfect Elven woman that she was forced to become a clone of. She didn't realize this until much later in her life, but by that time, the damage is done. But still, she wanted to try to make herself a name. So she trained with her element of fire, but eventually was able to get access to plasma, where she ended up focusing more on it. Unfortunately, that ended up screwing with Hacil's power development. She had less control over her power than the rest, even if her base power level was high.

    At the meeting to announce the ascension to Maha status, Elwyn and Hacil got into a heavy fight. It started with Hacil getting mocked and talked down to by the Elders. Being the hormonal 12-year-old she was, this did not go well at the end. Nahbe tried to talk to her, but ended up scratching at Hacil's nerves. But she said one thing which just set her off... and she accidentally fired a bolt of plasma, destroying a tree and the three homes beneath it. Hacil looked with utter shock at herself... she did not mean to... But Elwyn thought otherwise.

    The two were about to actually fight with their powers, but Nilani, the one sister who seemed to care about Hacil enough for Hacil's jaded view to see, stepped in. "ENOUGH!" Nilani shouted at them both, turning her head back and forth between the two in anger, "You are sisters, start fucking acting like it! I am sick of all of this god damn fighting between you two. Elwyn, stop acting like you're Hacil's mother and treat her like a fucking sister for once! Hacil, you never give Elwyn a fucking chance to be a god damn sister because you're so concentrated on something that she could not even control! Both of you stop this shit now!"

    Hacil was still ready to strike her older sister, but Nilani was right. Unable to change her facial expression, she looked to Nilani and walked off into the dark forest. There, Hacil punched a tree until her hand bled. She was an idiot, and she should not have done that. It was at that moment that Hacil began to realize that it was not Elwyn she hated. She hated this damn clan. She glared at the lights of the village in the distance, and muttered something under her breath...

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    Re: Hacil Ensandraen [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Tsubine on Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:00 am

    Agility: 26
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    Endurance: 24
    Speed: 22
    Strength: 40

    Energy Control: 10

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    Re: Hacil Ensandraen [Approved; 1-1]

    Post by Serenity on Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:28 am


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    Re: Hacil Ensandraen [Approved; 1-1]

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