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    Lillianna Aranhartte [APPROVED; 0-4]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:26 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Lillianna Aranhartte
    Nicknames: Lilly, Faana
    Titles: Queen of Arcadia, Milady
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Age Appearance: 18
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 135



    Personality: With the grace of an elegant swan, the Queen of Arcadia rules over her land. Her marvelous long white hair stuns all as they look upon her. She waves down to her subjects with a sweet smile... and an energetic double-armed flail. Lillianna is a fun woman. Althought beautiful and graceful in appearance, she's got this energetic streak of hyperness that often throws people off when they realize that this is their Queen. She's got a chlid-like innocence about her demeanor, but the wisdom of an elderly man that has seen way too much of the world. Lillianna's personality is that of a grown child, ready to have as much fun as possible and to show her young and vibrant side, while also showing experience and wisdom beyond the years of a mere thirty four year old woman.

    Before she was officially named Queen, Lillianna acted as a Queen should act. She was ladylike, elegant, polite, kind, gentle, and fair. Her appearance personified that of an 'angel' to her people, so that was what she felt she needed to live up to no matter how hard that achievement would be. Her pure white hair, her soft features, and assuring smile are all traits she holds dear to her, but being called "angel" was a bit heavy. Lillianna was once all about reputation and appearance, but that wasn't all of it. Just because one has a reputation like she did, does not mean that are what she is. Why? Because fuck that! The moment Lillianna was made Queen, the Kingdom of Arcadia realized their leader was a fun-loving, hyperactive, beautiful, and fair woman. Lillianna was truly awesome.

    Lillianna became the type of woman that people would walk to for advice, help, and even have a drink with. The people within Aria, the city who sees her the most, were off-put by their leader at first, but soon realized that she knew what she was doing. Since her rule, Arcadia has been able to ease tensions with other lands, become much more profitable, and the people who lived within the cities were much better off. The only blemish on her record is that of Grandview and even the people understood that one. Her Father couldn't handle that city, but with a new set of laws, Lillianna proved to be rather cunning. She made it where people were warned about the lack of government before entering a certain area: Arcadian citizens stopped going missing so easily after a while.

    It is not to be taken lightly when people are told Lillianna is a warrior. She doesn't seem like one who would fight, nor does she enjoy violence, but Lillianna will not stand by and allow something bad to happen. She is very protective over her citizens, almost to a fault. If she hears even a small village in her kingdom has been attacked or damage, she will be one of those on the field as soon as possible. She has been told many times that a Queen should not leave the safety of her castle and she understand the concern, but she will always reply with something along the lines of...

    "What Kingdom will trust a leader who hides in the safety of their castle? If I am to be trusted and looked to for protection and guidance, I need to show my people that I am willing to take the risks to secure their safety and freedom. I will not be seen as a ghost, weak, or cowardly. I will protect them." And within the desire to protect her people, Lillianna has trained her Arcana in the ways of protection. Her determination to make sure her people live and prosper even showed itself strongly when she chose to attend Rydian and graduate with the ability to heal and defend all matter of people.

    Note: Lillianna sleeps clinging to a pillow, with her face stuffed into it like a child with a teddy.

    History: Lillianna was born to the King and Queen of Arcadia, her Father's side being the direct descendant of Aria's line. She was catered to as a child, but at the same time was taught in a strict manner. She was taught how a Queen should act, speak, walk, dress, and think. Everything was always laid out for her and rarely could she really speak for herself. When she turned thirteen, she had a private conversation with her Mother and Father about how she has always been treated and how she constantly feels like a puppet with strings attached. Realizing how their daughter felt, they asked her if there was something that she wanted to do for herself. Her reply was surprising, frightening, and unsettling for them both. "Magic." she said. Yes, that is what she wanted to do. She wanted to practice The Arcane. After some time, they found an older woman to teach her the basics of magic and to figure out if she even had Arcana within her. Soon, they found out it was Arcana of the mind. Lillianna was what you would call a Scholar. At first, it was all basic and boring training that she understood rather quickly. She became bored with what she was being taught and asked if there was any way she could do something different, but was turned down. Irritated at her parents decision to still hold her back, she ceased all practices and kept herself confined to her room each day.

    After a while and a lot of convincing, Lillianna's Father convinced her Mother to allow her to go out and see the world, to travel. Lillianna was very excited about this, but there was only one way it would be allowed. She was going to attend Rydian. Of course! That is what she wanted all along! She wanted to go learn actual magic, not the boring, weak, meaningless things that had been taught to her before. Once the next year was starting, Lillianna enrolled at the age of sixteen. She loved it there and only went back home for certain occasions. During her years, she met a young woman named Laeticia Argente. The two became pretty good friends, but Lillianna noticed that Laeticia was always nervous about something. It took some time, but she figure dit out. Laeticia wasn't from Aracadia. It didn't bother her at all and she did her best to make sure Laeticia understood that. It was the first time that Lillianna had ever met a Zakatian before, but they were friends, so she kept it a secret. The only thing that Lillianna didn't like is that she too was lying about who she was. Lillianna refused to tell anyone that she was the Queen's Daughter because she wanted no special treatment. Not many of the Kingdom knew about her because of how sheltered she was, so it was an easy thing to hide. A few times, the resemblance was noticed, but she'd push it off like a coincidence or compliment.

    Either way, Lillianna enjoyed being in school and was able to advance her Arcana and abilities with The Arcane quite a lot. Finally, it was the last year of school and she had learned so much. She ended up graduating at the top of the Healing Class and was heading home to tell her family, but when she arrived she was greeted with horrible news. Her Mother had fallen ill and there was no saving her. She had passed away a month before her graduation and her Father had chosen to keep the information from her in order to allow her to complete her schooling. This was the exact thing that Lillianna was going to school for, healing and medicine. If she had known! If only she had known she could have saved her Mother! But, she did not hold it against her Father. She understood his reasoning and accepted them, though she did feel that it could have been handled in a more honest manner. It wasn't long after that Lillianna took the Throne and began her life as Arcadia's Queen. Through time, she became known as a wonderful ruler who her people loved. When ever she had some time, she sat back, relaxed and advanced her magic as much as she could, using some new techniques she created. She's been Queen for thirteen years now andverything is going great, though she's getting a bit tired of hearing about going to find a man, settle down, and birth an heir to the throne!

    Defense of Aria: Attack of a Legendary Dragon

    This is one of the most well known stories of Lillianna. It was four years into her ruling the Kingdom of Arcadia and everything in Aria was going great. She was relaxing after a meeting with a few of the guards when terror struck. The screams of fear and pain echoed through the city when she ran to see what was going on. Her heart and mind froze in shock when she looked to the city she loved, her people, and a large dark red dragon flying over head. Turning into the castle, she hurried to grab a spell she had been working on and only recently gotten the hang of. Many of the citizens were running into the mountains as fast as they could, like instructed if the city were to come under attack, but many did not make it. The moment she got the chance to, she began concentrating on this spell.

    Her guards attempted to pull her inside, but she refused because people were still out there. The Dragon readied an attack at the crowd of people around, including Lillianna, and she quickly cast the spell. An extremely large semi-transparent barrier formed within the air. The barrier was shaped like a dome, but she didn't have the dome over everyone. Instead, Lillianna cleverly shifted the direction of the barrier and made the Dragon's fire attack shoot into a bowl of sorts. She kept this up for a long time, sometimes having to shift the barriers location, while her Knights and others fought off the dragon. This made the Dragon's attacks useless and after being injured pretty badly, it flew off. Everyone cheered and looked to Lillianna in amazement and then in horror.

    Lillianna's arms dropped limply to her sides, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fell forward on the steps that lead up to the castle. Luckily, a young man caught her, picked her up and handed her to her Knights. For three weeks, the Queen was not seen and her people waited in worry until she finally woke from her coma and assured them that she was okay. And when she finally woke, her city cheered happily for her, thanking her. Lillianna was overwhelmed by the love she was getting from her subjects. She was still weak, so she couldn't fully reply the way she wanted to. It didn't matter. As she waved her goodbyes and went back into the castle, Lillianna found herself crying. She couldn't believe how many people were worried about her and felt bad for worrying them.


    Type: Scholar
    Description: Protection, Defense, Healing and Enchantment Magics

    Lillianna's Enchantment: This ability is placed on the armor that she wears during actual battle. This enchantment allows Lillianna to cast one spell instantly, without her handsigns or incantations, per piece of armor. She only wears four pieces of armor: both shoulder pieces and the boots. Why does she only wear this small amount of armor? Because Lillianna's way of activating her magic requires the skin on her hands, arms, and a few other places to show. That is explained below.

    Lillianna's Arcane Technique: You'd be shocked to realize that Lillianna is tattoo'd from the neck down. Using a specialized invisible Arcane Ink that she created herself, Lillianna has tattoo'd hundreds-to-thousands of words all over her body. Each of these words is the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc... word of a spell that she's created. Using a plethora of hand signs and body movements, Lillianna has memorized the patterns to activating her spells in this manner. Some spells have to be activated with additional components too. Sometimes she might have to say a word or two, add her own blood to the mixture, or stand in a different pose to get the desired effect. Each of her spells are also in books (named below), but this is for record. They're on her body too.

    Lillianna's Signing: Each set of signs takes a certain amount of time. Each sign and spell are classified  by difficultly: basic, advanced, and master. A single basic sign takes .1 second to cast. A single advanced sign takes .25 seconds to cast. A single master sign takes .5 seconds to cast. Unless stated differently within the spell, this is what will be gone off of for Lillianna's signing.

    Book Of Arcane Healing: Written by Lillianna Aranhartte

    Basic Outer Wound Healing Spell: This basic spell heals all small wounds: scrapes, cuts, bruises. It heals one wound at at time, but only takes one round of posting. Lillianna signs a single sign with her right hand and places two fingers over the wound.

    Advanced Outer Wound Healing Spell: This advanced spell heals larger wounds, including anything the basic spell heals: Gashes, stab wounds, large scrapes, large cuts, etc. Lillianna signs two signs with both hands, places one hand over the wound and the other in front of her face to focus. Depending on the severity of the wound, this spell can take 1-5 rounds of posting to fully heal the wound.

    Master Outer Wound Healing Spell: This Master spell heals all wounds a body has in five minutes, excluding internal injuries. Lillianna signs six different signs and places both of her hands on the victim. A blue aura surrounds herself and the victim while the healing goes on. This healing takes two rounds of posting to finish.

    Full Body Wound Healing: This master spell that is able to heal internal wounds: broken bones, internal bleeding, and any other severe wounds that one might not be able to see. Lillianna signs six signs and a white light surrounds her and the victim. She places her hand over their chests and the healing begins. It takes three rounds of posting for a body to fully heal under this spell. If this spell is broken some how, it takes four rounds of posting before she can start it up again.

    If she needs to do this on multiple people, Lillianna must say an incantation, use the signs, and stand in the middle of up to five people that she can heal at once. This increases the healing time by one round of posting. The cast time is one round as well. The incantation is: "Aurora invocabo benedictionibus et intrant corpus existat. Ingredere, et reddidero eum(him)/eam(her) uiribus et sanitatem. Omnino omnia vulnera sanat dolorem."

    Poison Removal: This is an advanced spell that can be dangerous for Lillianna. This spell is actually written on her neck. She runs her finger along the words and they begin to glow. She then has to straddle the person that's poisoned, place her chest against theirs, and then place her lips against theirs. Her Arcana rapidly moves into the persons body. Once this happens, it grabs onto their Arcana and begins to glow. The poison is then drawn out through the mouth, which can actually be seen because of the brightly glowing Arcana pulling the poison out. It looks like a glowing white blood moving through the person's veins. Then, as Lillianna pulls up and away, the poison comes out through a glowing cloud of Arcana and is pulled into her own body. The rest of the spell attempts to destroy the poison.

    If it's one she's dealt with before, it will destroy it immediately. If it's one she hasn't, it will break down the properties, poisoning Lillianna in the time being, and then destroy it. From then, that poison will be in her collection of what she is technically immune to. This spell activates automatically if someone tries to poison her through injestion.

    Book Of Supportive Arcane: Written by Lillianna Aranhartte

    Notes: Lillianna must be able to see her targets to cast the targeted spells on them. Each spell can be broken if there is enough power behind an attack to do so.

    Basic Barrier: A blue colored transparent barrier pops up in front of her or another and stays up through out a single attack. If the attack is continuous, it will stay up for a maximum of three seconds and then vanish. Lillianna signs 2 signs with both hands and holds them out in front of her.

    Advanced Barrier: A blue colored transparent barrier pops up around up to five people that are standing within ten feet of each other. The barrier protects against a total of three attacks. If the attack is continuous, the barrier continues to shield for six seconds and then vanishes. Lillianna signs three signs with both hands.

    Master Barrier: A blue colored semi-transparent barrier that is actually the size of a small town. It can protect up to one hundred thousand people, but can only be used a single time in a thread, every three threads. The amount of concentration and Arcana needed is so massive that Lillianna can only do it if she is at full strength or enhanced some how. She only used this a single time when a Legendary Dragon began attacking Aria. It readied a massive attack, but she was able to erect the shield and time and continuously repeated the signs over and over again to keep the barrier up until the dragon flew away. That day caused her to fall into a coma for three weeks. Lillianna has to sign 5 master signs or 10 advanced signs to get this up.

    Strength Enhancer: This spell actually triples the strength of of someone's body. You can only have one strength enhancing spell on a person at one time. It lasts for three rounds of posts. 2 advanced signs will complete this spell.

    Speed Enhancer: This spell triples the speed of a person's entire body, allowing them to move at a much higher rate than before. The spell does not stack and lasts for two rounds of posts. 2 advanced signs will complete this spell.

    Dragon Skin: This spell hardens the skin of the person it is cast on in the manner of a dragon. It does not alter their appearance at all. It just makes it harder for them to be injured. Their durability is increased by 75% for two rounds of posts and the spell does not stack. 2 advanced signs will complete this spell.

    Sense Enhancer: This spell increases up to two of a persons senses, the spell being use on them twice. It increases the senses by 50% for three rounds of posts. 2 basic signs, touching the person's shoulder, and saying "eyes", "ears", "skin", "tongue", and/or "nose" will complete this spell.

    Fire Resistance: This spell grants the person a 50% resistance to fire for two rounds of posts and can stack up to a 75% resistance if the spell is done twice. 2 basic for non-stacking, 2 advanced for stacking.

    Cold Resistance: This spell grants the person a 50% resistance to cold for two rounds of posts and can stack up to a 75% resistance if the spell is done twice. 2 basic for non-stacking, 2 advanced for stacking.

    Night Vision: This simply allows a person to see in the dark up to five rounds of posts. 1 basic sign completes this spell. Lillianna has this tattoo'd on her eyelids. She closes her eyes, runs her finger across the enchantment. When she opens her eyes again, they're dulled in color and this spell is active until she turns it off.


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    Re: Lillianna Aranhartte [APPROVED; 0-4]

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