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    Elliot Wrinn [APPROVED, 1-5]

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    Elliot Wrinn [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:10 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Elliot Wrinn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 175



    Personality: Although a little rough around the edges in some social situations, Elliot is a nice guy. With a sense of justice and a good moral standing, he prefers to make sure the innocent stay safe, the weak are protected, and the kind are rewarded. Elliot is a man of his word, one who won't break a promise he's given if he can help it and won't go back on a deal he's made. To him, a man is only as valuable as his word, so he keeps his. Honestly, loyalty, and respect are the three things that he chooses to give to a person and show unless they've chosen to otherwise by him. He'll talk someone down before harming them, trying to get them to choose the right path over making a bad decision that could ruin their life. Elliot's a supportive man who is always there for those he cares for.

    Elliot is also no fool. It's not easy to lie to him because he's very observational and can read people like a book. He'll notice those subtle movements, habits, twitches, or fidgets that people have when they're nervous or under stress. Lying to him isn't smart; he'll be able to tell. Of course, small lies aren't something he'll make a big deal out of. If you're choosing to lie about something big, like something that can get him or someone he cares about hurt, that's when he'll take things to a different level. Elliot is a nice guy, but he has every ability to be very, very mean. Do not turn on him, do not break a promise, do not go back on a deal, and definitely do not harm the people he cares for. Doing these things can put you in a position that the most horrible criminal wouldn't want to be in.

    Is Elliot violent? No. In fact, he's quite the gentle soul. His gentle nature is shown toward children and animals mostly. Don't be shocked if you see him walking around with a child on his shoulders and a cat in his arms. He's an outgoing man with a need for action. He always needs to do something; sitting still is not the best choice for him. If there is ever a time that he needs to just sit still, he becomes anxious. It drives him up the wall. He'll start moving around a lot, messing with his hair, fidgeting with his fingers, or anything else to give his body the minor feelings that come with doing something. After a while, that will change though and he'll need to just do something. These are the times that people will come home to a clean house, garden taken care of, and a meal cooked.

    History: Working, training, and fighting; this is what Elliot Wrinn grew accustom to. He was born in Grandview, but was sold away by his parents to pay of a huge debt. He grew up from the age of two, thinking that a man by the name of Gregory Wrinn was his Father. Gregory was the son of the Wrinn Family's leader, and so Elliot was treated, taught, and knew himself as the grandson. He grew up catered to and wealthy, but that didn't mean his life was easy. From the age of nine and on, Elliot was treated as a 'man'. His training began and his body and mind were both conditioned to the Family's needs. He first learned about human behavior; he learned to observe closely and figure out who the liar was. He learned to use a sword and how to kill with it, becoming quite efficient.

    By the time he was fifteen, Elliot was a killer. This was when his time came; his family had a mission for him. He was to get close to the daughter of the Harime Family in Aria. The Harime's owed the Wrinn a large amount of money. The Harime borrowed it from the Wrinn a few years back to start a furniture company that was doing pretty well, but they forgot to pay their debt back. Elliot befriended their daughter, Reina, and got close enough to be introduced to her parents. The moment Elliot met them, he beat the girl's Father and Mother right in front of her. After that, he turned to her and put a sword to her neck. "Two thousand gold, now." Reina quickly got the money from the safe and handed it over to him, "Sorry about that; Just make sure your Father pays his debts from now on."

    When he was eighteen, the missions began to get to him. Seeing the people he was going against crying, screaming, and running away over and over again was too much. And finally, things changed for him. Elliot came across someone he couldn't really fight. The man was able to defeat him easily, but left him there to die. He remembered the man tell him to change his ways or he'd end up dead. Elliot passed out and woke up hour later in a hut with a young white haired elf that couldn't be anymore than thirteen years old. He stayed silent, but she took care of him, fed him, changed his bandages to the best of her abilities, and allowed him to stick around until he realized something: She was kinda dumb. Her name was Nadia and she didn't seem to realize that fire was hot.

    It took a while before Elliot realized that this girl was sheltered. He stuck with her for three months before finally leaving. During that time, he learned to be more tolerant. She was so happy sweet that he couldn't ever really be mad at her. He couldn't hurt her, even though some people would have told him to do so. After he left, he returned to Grandview with his family only to see exactly how dark this place was. He spoke to his Father, who had become the head of the family in his absence, but his Father would hear none of it. He shamed Elliot and revealed his adoption, telling him to get out of his site. Elliot went to go find his parents, taking about two years to do so, only to find they had moved out of Grandview a long time ago. From there, Elliot left the city and began traveling.


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Penetration and Protection

    Any time Elliot holds an object, usually a weapon, he can make it where that object cannot be penetrated or can penetrate anything. He cannot do both at the same time. In other words, he has a perfect defense and offense, but can only use one at a time. For all of this to work, the item has to stay in Elliot's hands. So, throwing a weapon is one way he can get around to attacking while using his defensive ability, but the weapon is normal and has absolutely no buffs.

    Penetration: The object in question (non-living) can move through any other objects that are non-living. This means he can cut through armor, weapons, and even arcana-based abilities with the object in question. He can only use two, one for each hand, at a time.

    Protection: The object in question (non-living and anything else on his body, including clothes) becomes completely impenetrable, but also cannot penetrate anything else. Meaning, although he cannot be harmed, he is completely unable to harm another person.


    Equipment: Wakazashi and Katana

    Advanced Swordsman: Elliot has been using a sword his entire life. His technique with a blade is slightly unpredictable, but always on the mark. His movements can be described as fluid, but erratic.
    Great Cook: He likes food; loves it, so he needed to learn how to cook.
    Tracker/Hunter: Knowing the inner workings of human minds, Elliot is a good tracker. He's often made a living by tracking down people and killing them; he always keeps his work on the level though. He's done with the life of crime, pain, and hatred.

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    Re: Elliot Wrinn [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Serenity on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:38 pm

    Agility: 3 + 15 = 18
    Durability: 3 + 20 = 23
    Endurance: 3 + 10 = 18
    Speed: 3 + 10 = 18
    Strength: 3 + 15 = 18

    Energy Control: 3 + 20 = 23

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    Re: Elliot Wrinn [APPROVED, 1-5]

    Post by Tsubine on Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:57 pm

    Application Checklist

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    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 1-5
    Points/Level: Adept (90)

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    Re: Elliot Wrinn [APPROVED, 1-5]

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