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    Morgan Kincaid [Approved; No Tier]

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    Morgan Kincaid [Approved; No Tier]

    Post by Tsubine on Fri May 15, 2015 9:24 pm

    Human Template


    Name: Morgan Viktor Harvey Kincaid
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 220lbs

    Morgan is not a badass. He is not a hero that jumps in through burning buildings and saves kids. Frankly, he's probably the reason the building is on fire. He's the type of guy to go in, save a kid, and end up tripping over the electrical cord to some appliance, setting off sparks and lighting the curtains on fire. He has bad luck, and he knows it. But so far, he says the bad luck doesn't hurt the people around him. People describe him as a madman. To distract an enemy from harming a friend, he'll dart out from behind a pillar, blow a raspberry at them, then cheese it. It's a good thing he runs fast too.

    Most things that go bump in the night don't scare him. Most. Generally, it's just some Arcane abomination some scholar somewhere didn't know how to control. Or it's a demon that someone let loose. Wording is important to those things, and he knows it. In fact, he knows a lot about what goes bump in the night. He knows a lot more about what goes bump in the night, then flicks the lights on. Those things are the real bogeymen. They're the ones you have to worry about. To Morgan, they're the problem with Fennmont. A city that dark (literally) had to have some things that he couldn't explain normally. And his line of work, he's learned to believe a lot of things. But there is one thing he doesn't believe in. Vampires. Every case of vampirism he's seen turned out to not be that. It was either a spell or someone really trying to imitate the stories.

    Morgan does have a slight disdain towards Arcanists. Ninety-percent of the ones he's dealt with end up being evil madmen who want something to do with taking over the world, kidnapping princesses (or, more commonly, virgins [and Morgan will always point out that using a virgin as a sacrifice doesn't do much for most demons and spells]), or other things from the Evil Overlord's Manual. He also loves monologues. Not monologuing. No, he likes monologues. Why? Because that's the perfect time to point a big hand-cannon in the adversary's face and pull the trigger. Talking is not a free action around Morgan.

    Morgan can't stand to see a woman in pain. He'll do what he can to help them the best he can. And maybe then some. It really just depends on who is hurting her. If it's some big, bad demon. No mercy. If it's an ex-boyfriend who's a little too clingy, then Morgan gives them a little mercy. They get to live. And if they're nice enough, they might get to walk too. He likes showing off too. Well, showing off without potentially endangering them with knowledge they shouldn't get. He's not going to show off his laboratory (he always says it in five syllables). But you can be damn sure he'll show off other things around his apartment. One of the first things he shows off isn't even his own stuff. He shows off the things of the two kids he's adopted. Awards, drawings, etc. All that stuff is what he'd show first. Besides the kids—Martin Joel and Sophia Caroline Hendricks—themselves.


    Appearance: Morgan actually has an artificial eye. He lost the eye on a job, and he opted for a glass eye. And he actually made it a pretty boring color too. He has a reason for it. People think his blue eye is the real one. Well, it isn't. The dull, brown one is.


    Type: N/A


    Potions: Although he may not have any power of his own, it's quite easy to make people think you're some kind of wizard. Especially when you're throwing around vials of things that explode into blue fire. Or you suddenly turn invisible. Morgan has a damn good knowledge of potions, and he's capable of brewing one up rather simply. Don't ask for a love potion, weight loss potion, or anything like that. He'll shut the door in your face.

    Poisons: Just like he's good with potions, Morgan's also good with poisons. He actually keeps a small vial of Viridescent Forest Snake venom locked in a two-lock safe. One is a combination lock and the other is a key which he keeps on his neck. The key lock is actually hidden beneath the combination one, and if you open it without undoing the key, the box literally explodes with enough heat to evaporate the venom instantly. He has a license from the government that allows him to handle most of it as part of a "chemistry permit." He doesn't use the poisons much. He keeps his stock for purely research purposes, so he can compare any he finds.

    Bob: Bob is part of his equipment. It's not something he made, as it's actually a few hundred years old. But it's been in the hands of many Arcanists, scholars, professors, and otherwise 'smart' people. Bob is, basically, an Arcane Item meant for one thing: remembering things. The reason Morgan knows so much is because of Bob mainly. He's able to deduce a lot more, but the base knowledge comes from Bob. Bob is actually handy. And he would be handier if years of knowing things hadn't given him a personality. Bob is picky, egotistic, and he loves to look at the ladies. Oh, I forgot to describe Bob. Silly me. Bob takes the form of a human skull. An actual skull, mind you. It's bleached white and when he's "active," two small orbs of light that dance like a candle flame are in the eye sockets. Bob is also somehow able to whistle.

    Weaponry: Morgan carries a .357 magnum revolver and a switchblade. Sometimes, he'll also carry a backup .38 revolver in an ankle holster. He generally doesn't because it's not comfortable.

    Skills: As mentioned above, Morgan knows a damn good amount about potions and poisons. He's also decent at first aid, and he can swing a knife better than he can shoot a gun. He's not a terribly good shot, but the revolver is mostly there for scaring people into inaction. He is also able to braid a girl's hair faster than most men could dream to. Morgan has a skill he doesn't touch on much anymore, and that's that he's a damn good writer. He doesn't have time to fool around with the typewriter that's collecting dust in his laboratory.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Morgan wasn't an orphan. He had a mom and a dad and they both loved him very much. But they didn't love him as much as they loved their job. Or so it seemed. Morgan saw more of his babysitters over his actual family. His mother and father were scientists for Zakat, part of the constant team that examines Fennmont's "Everdark Fog." They'd be up at hours when Morgan would sleep and be asleep when he'd be coming home from his school. There were only a few days of the year that he'd know he'd see them—his birthday and the Emperor's birthday. They always took those days off.

    Morgan did love his parents. He understood they were trying to fix a problem with the city. To him, they were more heroic than comic book heroes. He actually didn't like to read stories like that. The heroes never thought about the buildings they destroyed, the roads they crumpled, and the cars they hit as they fell. Morgan was constantly chastised by his teachers in "It's just a story, Morgan. Let the other kids enjoy it." And he didn't listen. They needed to know to take responsibility for their actions. He began writing a story when he was a kid, and over time, he'd revise it. The story was of a hero that did that. He'd pay for the repair fees. He'd fix the streets himself. He'd do all sorts of things like that while helping people.

    And Morgan never really lost interest in the story. That was until his parents were found dead in a car accident—their research stolen. Morgan was seventeen. He took a job in manual labor to cover living expenses, and he eventually got an apartment after selling his parents' home. He graduated high school, but didn't go to any sort of university. No time or money for it. When he turns twenty-six, he gets an inheritance, but that's about it in terms of what his parents left him. Well, for the most part. If any research they published ended up solving some problem, all the prizes and recognition would go to their son. They had set that up for him as well.

    Morgan worked as part of a small supply company for a while. They supplied the government with chemicals used in experiments by the Fennmont Research Team—a name whose acronym has caused it to be lobbied for a renaming to no success yet. Morgan took an interest in the chemicals, and he'd always make sure that the government was getting the right things. But one day, he tripped on a slick step and dropped the crate he was carrying. One of the vials shattered, and while he was rushing to clean up, he smelled that the chemical was not as strong as it should have been. He reported it to a lab technician immediately, who determined that the company was shorting them by watering down the chemicals. Morgan was promptly fired and the company disappeared in shame.

    Morgan then went on to advertise his services a detective. Lost items, lost dogs, affairs, etc. He'd help people out with all of those. He did get his license a year after doing that, after being scolded by a cop he helped out with a problem. He eventually got a small office on the seventh floor of a building not far from his apartment. He was busy sprucing the place up from its last tenant (who had moved out in a hurry and had left a few boxes, and the owner said that Morgan could have whatever he found in there), and found Bob. He was shocked by it at first, and dropped the skull—to which it replied "Good lord, what am I being handled by, a rabid gorilla?!"

    After a lengthy conversation, Morgan found use in the skull. The two formed a business partnership and Bob began to instruct Morgan on how to do potions, and how to deal with poisons. Then, it happened. Morgan was twenty when he was hired by a concerned citizen. She had heard terrible things coming from the townhouse beside her, but the government wasn't able to find anything. She was worried about the kids, and Morgan agreed. He staked the place out for two weeks without anything. Then, the full moon came. And when it did, red lights flashed in the house. Morgan rushed in when he heard a scream, and there he found the father and mother about to sacrifice their unconscious children to summon a demon.

    Morgan battled with the parents in a 2-v-1 brawl, and he had his eye slashed badly during the fight. But he didn't win. He was about to lose, when the summoning circle cackled. The father looked away from Morgan, and Morgan dropped a bottle. It exploded into a bright light, followed by a lot of smoke. Morgan rushed in, grabbed the kids, then fled. As he left, he heard a deep, bellowing laughter, followed by "I still require two sacrifices..." The two children were unconscious for a week, put to sleep by magic. The parents were found the next morning by the police, who found only half of each. The other half was unable to be found, but there was enough blood to prove that was the crime scene.

    Morgan was worried for the kids. They had no mom and dad, and they were young. Really young. The boy couldn't be much older than a year old, and the girl was probably three or four. Morgan formally adopted them immediately. He didn't even think about it. They were going to need one another in the future. Morgan hasn't told either of them about their parents, except that they "weren't good people, and I saved you from them." He's practically raised them as his own, with help of multiple babysitters and neighbors. He also ended up moving to a townhouse next door to his office, and there he was able to set up a laboratory and resting area for Bob. So far, it's been normal...

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    Re: Morgan Kincaid [Approved; No Tier]

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    Re: Morgan Kincaid [Approved; No Tier]

    Post by Serenity on Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:25 am


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    Comments/Notes: Why so old? @ inheritance. And hahahaha @ Skull. Bob.
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    Re: Morgan Kincaid [Approved; No Tier]

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