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    Species Name: Malk
    Description: Malks are about the size of a bobcat (sixty or seventy pounds), with feline characteristics. They appear to be extremely large cats without pupils. Their eyes are all a solid color. Most have grey fur, most of which is matted and marred. The largest malks are about the size of an adult mountain lion. They possess a raspy speech with odd inflections and unsettling intonations. They dislike fire. They mark their territories with scratches on the walls. Their voices are extremely unsettling when they speak. They tend to run in packs of twenty to not be overpowered by adversaries.

    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Intelligence: "Malks are stronger than natural animals, quick, almost invisible when they want to be, and their claws are sharper and harder than surgical steel. I once saw a malk shred an aluminum baseball bat to slivers. And if that wasn't enough, they're sentient. Smarter than some people I know... But think of how cats enjoy hunting, even when they aren't hungry. Think about how they toy with their prey sometimes. Then distill that joyful little killer instinct out of every cat in a city and pour it all into one malk. They're to cats what Hannibal Lecter is to people." Malks have a high intelligence rating, almost comparable to a human.
    Location(s) Found: Dark forests, dark alleyways, sewers, caves, and all types of dark areas
    Abilities: Malks are strong, and they possess claws the size of a bear's. They can rip into lighter armor like a knife tearing into an aluminum can. Larger ones are obviously stronger.

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