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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Ranmaru Morri
    Nicknames: N/A
    Appearance Age: 21
    True Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 185

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    Ranmaru Morri [Approved; No Tier] 1_zpsp5rvcsa0
    Ranmaru Morri [Approved; No Tier] 2_zpsi0qrhubw

    His Adorable Little Dragon Companion
    Ranmaru Morri [Approved; No Tier] Mini-Dragon_zpsqk7ltvyl

    Character Information

    Personality: Ranmaru has the charm of a rogue, along with the sex appeal and sex drive of ten men. He's very confident in himself, especially his appearance and used to getting a lot of attention. He's got a dreamy look to him, able to cause most women to swoon over him, especially when he gets close or smiles; Let's not talk about when he touches them. Ranmaru chases and usually gets any woman he desires. He likes woman of all kinds, but there are a few requirements: within 3-4 years of his age, not blonde, nicely sized breasts, shorter than he is, fairly girly/feminine, takes good care of herself, and must be Arcadian or Cierian. He's very picky and his reasons behind being picky on nationality are simple; they never meet his criteria. He's got a small view of Zakatians and Braukans. Zakatians are always blonde and Braukans are too large, too brawny, and too dirty. Stereotypes.

    Being called handsome, princely, gorgeous, and any other nice name has given him one hell of an ego when it comes to women, but it's not the same with men. He treats men like they're beneath him, but who can blame them? They are. Men have the problem of never taking care of their appearance. They prefer to talk with their fist instead of intelligent language. He does compliment a man who takes care of himself though, speaking of them like they're a rarity and it's nice to see that some of his shared gender actually have some decency. Ranmaru can be very obnoxious, but not in the loud way. He's more of an over dramatic. He acts like he's putting on a show at all times, like he's just stepped out onto the stage and is ready to give his performance. This is sometimes overwhelming to deal with and even embarrassing to others, but his confidence doesn't let him see that.

    Ranmaru is the type of man who just can't settle down with one woman. He doesn't have a girlfriend; he's just 'dating'. This means he's swimming through the market, shopping at all stores, and coming out with a little bit here and little bit there. He does not stay at one shop for long because the options can become boring and sometimes go out of style. He prefers the fresh and new over anything he'd consider last season. Yes, this makes him one hell of a lady's man and a heart-breaker all in one, but he doesn't lie about it. He's quite straight forward and let's the women know what they're in for. It's not his problem if they start feeling more than they should. They've been warned. Even with his womanizing ways, he does not disrespect them. He does not force anything on them or be rude with his words. He's just a gentleman with a taste for more than he can handle.

    Character Background: "There is a village... Ehh... Very, very far South in Cieria. It is my village. It is where I was born. I grew up there with my Mother and my Father and my older Brother. I was very close with my Mom, yes. She taught me many things while Father was teaching Amit on how to take over the village. No, no. Not take over, but to... to lead. Yes, to lead the village. Amit was to be the new King while I would just be the Prince. Is fine with me, but Amit did not like. Amit want to travel and see Zakatian country. He was fascinated with their technology and when he became eighteen, he do this.  He leave and our village in panic. They look to me, but I do not know what to do. I was not taught these things. Amit was gone, Father became ill over the stress, and Mother tried to help me, but I could not do it. No. I could not. Father die and Mother die with him... I leave."

    A sad story, but not fully told. Ranmaru's Father became angry and drank way too much after Amit abandoned the village. Ranmaru's Father abused his mother and died from alcohol poisoning one night. That same night, he had beaten his wife so badly that she died with him. Ranmaru doesn't really remember this, or he denies it happened, or he just refuses to tell it like it is. No one outside of his family knows the truth. He has one uncle who knows, but that man is now leading his village. His uncle told him to go, to live his life, and to have as much fun as he possibly could. Since his parents had died so suddenly, his uncle didn't want Ranmaru to be stuck in this hell hole with no idea on how to lead a large group of people. His uncle knew he was not the leading type. So with the loss of everyone in Ranmaru's family, his uncle felt it would be best for him not to linger in sorrow.

    Before the horrors of his life took hold and his parents died, Ranmaru's life was rather care free. He was used to Amit taking charge and having to learn to be what amount to the 'king' of their village, so he was able to go out, have fun, and party like crazy. He was constantly pulling in woman after woman. Many bought him things, many wanted to be his wife, and many wanted to claim him as their own. None of this ever happened, but not entirely because of Ranmaru's restraint. In fact, he knew that if he got caught laying with a woman before marriage, his Father would literally have him beheaded. All he needed was one rumor going around with that story behind it and he knew he'd be done. Instead, Ranmaru' played in the light of popularity and up until he had to leave his village, he was always having fun. He was so distracted he did not see what was coming...

    After he left the village and went traveling north throughout Cieria, the first and most interesting thing he came across was the tiniest red dragon. It was adorable! Like someone with a puppy, Ranmaru claimed it quickly, but soon learned that a dragon cannot easily be claimed. He was bitten, scratched, and had to dodge a breath weapon or two, but didn't give up. He kept seeing the little guy pick through backpacks of the travelers he was with and couldn't help but d'aww at it all. Their friendship finally solidified when Ranmaru saved the little guy from hunters. He picked the small thing up and ran with him in his arms while hunters chased. Ranmaru took an arrow to the back of his shoulder and thought he was done for when the little guy decided to let out his fiery breath of fury at them and saved Ranmaru. From then on, the two of them just clicked and are inseprable.


    Type: N/A
    Description: N/A; For Now


    Equipment: A cutlass.

    Physical Ability: Although he's got strength and speed by his side, Ranmaru has always had a hard time with continued battle. If he can get something done quickly, he'll do so and prefer it that way. The only times that his stamina seems to increase is if he's trying to keep up with someone of the fairer sex. And no, get your mind out of the gutter, he's a virgin whether he'd admit it or not. He's also good with a sword. Though he was not strictly trained like his older brother was, he has had enough training to keep up with his brother's skill up until his brother vanished. Of course, he had a problem with looking at it like more of a game or hobby, so his skill comes from actually liking the practice.

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    Agility: 3 + 2 = 5
    Durability: 3 + 5 = 8
    Endurance: 3 +5 = 8
    Speed: 3 + 7 = 10
    Strength: 3 + 11 = 14

    Energy Control: 3

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