#013 The One And Only *Recorded* Megaladon

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    Species Name: The One And Only Megaladon
    Description: The Megaladon is a massive twenty meter (65ft) shark. Yes, these exist here. Well, be lucky that there is only one that's been recorded. The only reason that there has not been any records of more is because this one has a large highly noticeable scar on the right side. It comes from his eye all the way down to his side fin. Every one of the reports that someone has given after some how surviving an attack by the Megaladon, they have seen that scar.
    #013 The One And Only *Recorded* Megaladon 51cb6d01-2eff-4ef4-9a42-c71706f4008a_zps309310ea
    Diet: Carnivore
    Rarity: One Recorded
    Location(s) Found: Arbas Sea, Empyrean Sea, And the Sea of Daggers. It does not enter the Glass or dread because to get to those areas you have to go through narrower waters. It does not like narrow waters.
    Abilities: Chomp... Chomp... There is nothing special about the Megaladon besides the fact that it is f*cking massive! Like a normal shark it will eat just about anything, but since it's got a massive mouth it CAN eat just about anything.
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