Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4]

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    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] Empty Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4]

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    Vampire Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Lucinda Grace Blackbourne
    Nicknames: Lucy
    Appearance Age: 25
    True Age: 120
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 135

    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] AP1_zps2tlpuewu

    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] AP2_zpsnbjjyi2q
    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] AP3_zpsgrcqpasq

    Character Information

    Personality: Lucinda considers herself blessed to have a second chance at a decent life. After having her corrupt ways being brought to light by the most unusual savior, Lucinda has been on a quest for redemption. Since her 'rebirth' as a vampire, she's been doing whatever she can to be helpful and kind to anyone she crosses paths with. She carries herself like a proud and strong warrior. On the outside, she seems cold, hard, and distant from the world, but she's actually quite a warm and gentle. She's a supportive person, who believes that if someone like her got a second chance then everyone else should have that opportunity. She feels like she is now an opportunity for other people to have a better life. "God doesn't give you what you want. He gives you opportunities, opens doors, and guides you to what you want. It is up to you to take that chance and walk through the door."

    Lucinda is still has lonely as she was in life, but thankfully it's not that bad. She can now walk down a street without certain issues arising, so that makes her much happier. She's even made a few friends through out her travels, but no one has really stuck around her, at least until she met Hikari. This is the one person she cares deeply about and won't let anything bad happen to her. To her, Hikari is like a younger sister or even a daughter. This is why Hikari is the only one who really knows about Lucinda's condition of being a vampire. It's her biggest secret and she trusts Hikari with it. Hikari is the one person that Lucinda would break her own codes of honor for. She's extremely protective over this young woman. She sees Hikari, not only as a daughter, but as the one way she can truly be forgiven. By giving this young woman a good life. Lucinda thinks Hikari is her only chance at happiness.

    Character Background:

    The Blackbourne witch is a tale of a beautiful woman who lured men into her home. She'd keep them around for a while and then kill them once they were deeply in love with her. It's a popular tell, one that is supposed to warn men not to be easily fooled by the beauty of a young woman. It also warns against the whorish ways of a man trying to plant his seed, but that's beside the point. This tale, though popular and ringing with some truth, is not wholly accurate. The actual story is of Lucinda Grace Blackbourne. She was abandoned by her Father at a young age after her Mother had already passed. As she grew, the need to feel the love of a man grew as well. Her arcana shaped itself this way and any man who saw her became fascinated with her until she told them to go away. Sometimes it wasn't that big of a deal, but when she was also attracted to the man it became quite a large deal.

    Lucinda got into the habit of getting any man she wanted because an aura of lust surrounded her. She got to pick and choose and sometimes the one she chose were not single. She dragged men away from their homes, lovers, and families and kept them to herself. But after some time that effect of lust would wear off. They'd fight against her just when she thought they were falling in love. It took years before Lucinda was told that an aura of corruption surrounded her. A scholar from a far away town explained her situation and she understood that her fate had been cursed from the beginning. She would never be able to truly find a man who cares for her because they'd immediately be drawn in against their will. And even if they did care for her, Lucinda found it impossible to sort the one's corrupted by this aura from the ones who truly thought her beautiful and wanted her for her.

    Brought into madness by this cruel fate, Lucinda began using her power for revenge. If she could not find love, why should any man love another? Why should any woman get a man? It wasn't fair. She pulled every man she wanted from their comfortable and loving homes, off the street, or anywhere else she could find them. Over time, her town became a depressed and hopeless place. She held every man prisoner, even some younger boys that had barely came into puberty. It did not matter. They were imprisoned to never love again. When the effect wore off, she'd kill them. The women of the town became desperate and prayed for aid. What they got was a monster in it's own right. A woman of snow white hair and crimson colored eyes approached and learned of their troubles. She promised the town to deal with the problem and the women were all thankful for the help she gave.

    Lucinda and Lilith spoke like they were friends. Lilith asked her story and Lucinda told it. Lilith offered her a new life, though it would be a long life of horror. Lucinda felt nothing could compare to the horrors and sadness that she had already experienced in the life she currently had. Lilith promised not to kill Lucinda on the condition that Lucinda let all of the men free and aid the town until they no longer needed to be rebuilt. With ten women of the town standing as witnesses, hearing this story, and even agreeing to Lucinda's one condition as well (to not be treated badly for her previous crimes), Lucinda agreed and was forever changed. A woman of corrupted seduction lost all access to her innate Arcana and was turned into a creature of shadow and darkness. Through four years of adjustment, Lucinda did carry out her promise for as long as the villagers kept their end of the bargain.



    Crimson Lance Of The Blackbourne Witch: Now a famed weapon of death, this Crimson Lance is known more commonly through out Cieria and Arcadia as a weapon bathed in the blood of dark beasts and evil beings. Lucinda is determined to make up for the sins of the past by protecting the world as it is now. She slays any being, whether beast or human, that chooses a darker path in life. She gives them the chance fore redemption, but this chance does not come twice. As if a warrior for god, she strikes down evil to protect the innocent, the good, and the honorable. This lance has reaped the souls of hundreds of evil creatures, allowing no mercy for those who cannot be saved.

    Abilities: This lance is meant to enhance a warrior of good intentions. Someone of evil or corrupted heart cannot wield it. If they try, it burns from their hands up their body until their is nothing left but ash. The weapon gives a +20 to all natural stats (not energy control). The lance closes and shrinks down to a smaller version of itself to make travel easier, but can still be used to fight in this manner. The lance only gives the stat bonuses if it is open. Besides the bonuses to abilities, the lance has one arcane-based attack. It sends out a beam of bright light energy that only harms someone if they're evil or their intentions are such. This ability does nothing to someone with good intentions.


    Lucinda is quite proficient in hand-to-hand combat, but is beyond advanced to close combat when she's got a spear or similar-like weapons in her grasp. Her body's quick and agile movements prove to be a great advantage for her in combat. Her skill with arcane weaponry is rather impressive as well.

    Lucinda is a skilled herbalist and cook, though these skills haven't come into play much recently.

    Unlocked Racial Traits:

    1-4: Minor Telekinesis: A Vampire gains the ability to move objects that is up to double their own own weight with their mind.
    1-5: Hardened Body: +30 to Durability

    2-1: Animal Transformation: Cat.
    2-2: Minor Levitation: The Vampire gains the ability to levitate up to fifteen feet off of the surface beneath their feet.
    2-3: Visual Ability: Night Vision
    2-4: Water-Walking: The ability to walk on any liquid surface. This doesn't mean they can't fall in it. They actually have to step on top of it for this ability to take hold. Moving water is a no!
    2-5: Resistance To Cold: Low temperatures do not effect vampires. Below freezing temperatures can slow them down a bit.

    3-1: Wall-Walking: The ability to walk along the walls of buildings, this includes the hanging upside down from the ceiling.
    3-2: Enhanced Body#1: +30 to speed
    3-3: Scent: The ability to lock in on a certain scent and track. This ability also allows the Vampire to smell how "good" the blood of prey is.

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    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] Empty Re: Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4]

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    Advanced: 150

    Skill and Racial NumberModifiersTotal
    Agility: 204060
    Durability: 20 + 301060
    Endurance: 202040
    Speed: 20 + 3060110
    Strength: 202040
    Energy Control: N/AN/AN/A

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    Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4] Empty Re: Lucinda Grace Blackbourne [APPROVED, 1-4]

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    Application Checklist

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    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Tier: 1-4
    Skill Rank: Advanced (150)

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