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    Demon Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Aphaeleon
    Nicknames: Leon Amatria; Anduriel
    Appearance Age: Mid-20s
    True Age: 120
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 184
    Aphaeleon [Approved; 0-5] Appearance

    Character Information

    Aphaeleon was known as the king of deceit in the Nether. He was known for intercepting summons for an angel, something normally impossible. And why did he do such a thing? For shits and giggles and to show that he could. The man likes to flex his muscles and show that he is superior. Flattery can get you everywhere with this man, while insults can get you put into an early grave. He's a man with a big ego, and it isn't a fragile one either. If he had a home, he'd have at least one picture of himself framed nicely. Although, he's the type to go for a mansion and call it a 'cottage.' He does look down on others, and those few that can best him in some way are the only ones he respects. Aphaeleon is sometimes a bit of a jackass. He'll openly call someone stupid if they act like an idiot or ask him a stupid question. He won't stoop so low as to take candy from a child, but he won't hold the door for anyone. He expects everyone to hold the door open for him, though.

    When it comes to women, Aphaeleon likes a bit of a challenge. Anyone who just immediately throws herself on him isn't worth his time. He states he bets it'd be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Thus, most women aren't of any interest to him. That isn't to say he hasn't had an encounter or two in the past. Just because Demons can't procreate with humans it doesn't mean that he can't have fun. He just made sure the women were damn well worth it. So what if he had to spend a few dozen plat to make sure they were happy? He had a damn good time—and they did too.

    Aphaeleon is one to pick on people. He uses words to manipulate their thinking. He'll dig at certain things they say to bring him a satisfactory response. For example, if his partner says that he's sleeping on the couch tonight, he'd make a comment on "I know how cold the bed is without you, so I imagine that it would be a little cold without me." He's a sly man with a silver, forked tongue. Aphaeleon doesn't particularly care for his own kind. Unless they're a pretty woman, they're not worth his time. He's above them, at least that's what he thinks. Those that are less humanoid he practically despises (some might mistake it for pity). Aphaeleon likes to pick on those of his own kind, especially the males. Females, he just flirts with them. He hasn't met one that has caught his interest.

    Character Background: Some demons hate the Nether. It is a vile place no matter how you look at it. But some demons thrive in that kind of place. Aphaeleon isn't entirely one of those demons. He can survive in that kind of place no problem. That doesn't mean he wanted to. And he began to set up a plan for when he finally would leave there after his first summoning. He didn't ask for much with his first summoning. He just wanted the man to say that he summoned an angel. And if he told anyone that Aphaeleon was actually a demon, their contract would be void. That man did, as Aphaeleon predicted, tell someone that he was truly a demon. And as Aphaeleon was about to be pulled back into the Nether, he killed his first master.

    The second time he was summoned, he intercepted another demon's summoning. He asked for wealth this time. Aphaeleon said 'for the rest of your life, I will get 10% of whatever you earn." He knew he couldn't take it back with him to the Nether, Aphaeleon said to basically set up a bank account in some random name. And he did. His second master simply wanted some revenge. It was a simple but dirty job. And the man kept his end of the bargain. Aphaeleon didn't realize the man would grow to become a successful businessman, so he ended up with much more wealth than he anticipated.

    His third summoning, he was summoned directly. A politician wanted him to woo the others. He had heard that Aphaeleon was the master of deceit and the demon with the sharpest tongue. Aphaeleon agreed, and he asked for citizenship for that same name. Not just any citizenship though. He wanted citizenship in all four countries. It took some time, but it, too, was done. Aphaeleon did what he was asked to do, and that politician's plans went through without a hitch.

    His fourth summoning was an odd one. This time, he intercepted the summoning of an angel. He claimed that he was the angel Anduriel and that he was there to help whoever it was that summoned him. This man wanted someone to cleanse the village of a curse. Although he had no way of breaking the curse, he said that he would. Aphaeleon asked for knowledge this time. Everyone in the village donated books to Aphaeleon, and he spent an entire month just reading on the world he was in. He ended up figuring out how to break the curse. It was simple, really. He just had to destroy a cursed sword. He did so, and as he vanished, Aphaeleon spoke out to the village "You were saved not by an angel, but by a demon."

    His fifth and final summoning was his favorite. He just randomly answered a summon, and he was a little surprised at what he saw. It was a young man that had the look of desparation in his eyes. No, it wasn't desparation. It was a desire to be strong. What the young man wanted was power. Aphaeleon didn't know what to do. At this time, he had a pack of snake familiars that followed him around. So he decided to bind them to this young man. He took the young man's eye as part of the binding process, and what he wanted in return was to remain on the planet. That was sixteen years ago, and since then Aphaeleon has been enjoying his wealth and citizenship. He now goes by the name Leon Amatria, although the aura of him being a demon remains for those that know what to look for.


    Contractee: N/A
    Contract Fulfillment: Fulfilled

    Racial Abilities: Keen Senses: Taste Toxicity and Night Vision
    Other Abilities:
    Summon Interception: Currently unavailable. This was the ability that allowed him to intercept some summonings of other demons or even angels—albeit rarely. Aphaeleon and the other one needed to have at least one physical characteristic in common as well as being of the same sex.

    Pressuring Presence: When Aphaeleon is angry, he emits a field of 'pressure' around him. This slows people down by 5 points speed and agility-wise as it tries to push people down. If someone is reduced to a 1 or 0 in either speed or agility because of this ability, they are instantly pushed to their knees.

    Chair Summoning: Aphaeleon has an uncanny ability to summon a chair from nowhere. He can summon seven chairs at once, and they can be as ornate and comfortable or as bland and uncomfortable as he wants it. He can also instead use this ability to summon a recamier (those asymmetrical sofas that people can lie down on). He can dismiss a chair he has summoned with no effort.

    Lie Discernment: Aphaeleon has the ability to immediately discern if what someone says is a lie or not. If someone has an ability to bolster their lying, he does not get this benefit.

    Nether Step: Once per post, Aphaeleon can get a +60 to speed. This allows him to move much faster than a normal demon.

    Nether Cloak: Aphaeleon can create a cloak of Nether that seems more like writhing black smoke. This functions like a cape fashion-wise. It has no abilities other than it can not be seen through by any means. It effectively is so dense that it blocks out light, but strong enough concentrated light can pierce it.

    Black Blade: Although he dislikes using it because it doesn't "feel" right, Aphaeleon can summon a blade of black energy much like his Nether Cloak. This functions like a sword that is constantly being sharpened, and so it can never dull. He can summon one per post.

    Master Swordsman: Aphaeleon is a master swordsman. He calls his blade his 'fang,' and he can use it just like it was a part of his body. His fighting style is described as 'lazy, but strong.'

    Cook: Aphaeleon may not be able to cook well (he sometimes forgets he's cooking), but he knows just how to season something to make it magnificent. He could even make a certain doppleganger in an alternate universe's cooking bearable.

    Master of Deception: Aphaeleon's skill at lying is really only matched by those that have abilities to bolster it.

    Equipment: Aphaeleon carries around a single sword. He also has a vast amount of wealth stockpiled in a vault.

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    Agility: 15+35=50
    Durability: 15+20=35
    Endurance: 15+30=45
    Speed: 15+35=50
    Strength: 15+30=45

    Energy Control: 15+30=45

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Comments/Notes: 10/13/15: Allowed increase from 1 to 5 on Pressuring Presence ability.
    Tier: 0-5
    Skill Rank: Expert 180

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