Night Nine Meeting [CLOSED]

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    Night Nine Meeting [CLOSED]  Empty Night Nine Meeting [CLOSED]

    Post by Tsubine on Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:41 pm

    Reaper straightened his coat, and looked at the group in the living room of the safehouse. The majority of the organization was now filled once more, so there were fewer seats free. "You were summoned because this safehouse is no longer safe. Jurgens was disposed of and replaced with an impostor. Beyond that, there is the matter of an attack on my person, and upon the person of our newest member. First order of business," he motions to Selena, "is the recruitment of Stalker, S. She is going to effectively be my bodyguard after the attack on my person."

    Selena is hanging from chains that she had attached so perfectly to the walls that they looked like they were growing out of it. Once she is referred to, she waves to the rest. Lilith is sitting near the door of the room, as if she's ready to bolt the moment this meeting is done. And Evelyn is in the farthest corner of the room, on the couch, with her legs up over the arm, and her body laying across the cushions. Evelyn is the only one to speak, "New woman... Good. Show these men who really run this show." Evelyn winks toward Lilith, who fights a smirk, and Selene can't help but chuckle.

    The door swings open loudly, and a wet-and-bedraggled-looking man steps through, obviously frustrated and exhausted. "You... ugh. How could you...?" He showed a clear frustration towards, Evelyn, but then regained his composure and shook his head, "You know what, no. This isn't even out of character for you. But next time, if you're going to abandon me, don't do it in heavy rain." He shook his head and sighed, leaning up against a wall, "So Boss; I heard the tail end of that. You were attacked? Guess that explains the lack of Jurgens."

    Reaper sighs as Xavier bursts through the door. "No, that was a separate matter entirely. You have only missed the introduction of the new Stalker this time." He turns back to the group at large. "The attack I was referring to was a group pitifully-trained mercenaries. They also seemed to be attacking Stalker. Their reasons for doing so are unknown at this time, but no further signs of these assailants have been noted. The attack on Jurgens, however, seems to be connected, if I guess correctly. He was attacked at an indeterminate time before our arrival, and his imposter did not give any information."

    "They were quite pitiful. So much so that it was a pathetic attempt and seemed almost like pawns for someone else's game. There was no way they could defeat either of us, together or separate. I believe that someone sent them, but for reasons I can't entirely figure out. There are two possibilities. I feel someone used us to either get rid of them or test our skill. If it's the latter, we might have a problem in the future." Stalker explains.

    "The one's who came after X and myself were not that badly trained, but I am completely unsure of what their intentions were. I still cannot figure out whether they were after him or me, though because of some of their actions, I'm leaning toward him..." Banshee added.

    "It's strange... On my way here, I heard of multiple attacks that went off at the same time in each country. I doubt it has anything to do with this attack, but because of what the Night Nine are... You should know..." Shadow speaks up and turns toward Reaper, "A group of idiots attacked the leader of that famous guild, Aria Grand. Lillianna, I believe is her name. They also went after the Leader of Brauk and his wife... and the Cierian ruler. Haven't yet heard about the other countries."

    The mention of the attacks caused Xander to straighten up slightly, run his fingers through his hair and lose the frustrated demeanor that he had been previously sporting. Instead, he gave a calm expression and sighed, "So that's how it is, eh? Honestly, I feel like they were wantin' to attack me, but didn't seem to want to do so while I was isolated. Couldn't tell you why. I just know that I've seen monkeys with a better shot than that. Feels like they were testing me--us," he finished, looking over at Evelyn.

    "There are a myriad of reasons why someone might attack you, Scarecrow. But Stalker is right, if it is the latter reason, then we will have a problem in the future. And based on what I can gather, I think they might have been trying to test us as well as the other countries out." Reaper looks to Shadow, eyes hard. "What do you know about the attacks? I may need you to look into the circumstances surrounding them. Although, it is extremely odd that the Empire was not attacked it seems... Have any of you been to Zakat recently? Any strange troop movements? This does seem the type of trick they might use." Reaper turned back to Xander. "Tell me about the attack on you."

    Stalker has been with Reaper. Banshee has been with Scarecrow. Shadow is the only one that has been to Zakat! Lilith shakes her head, "I've been staying in Fennmont for a bit, but I actually don't know. If Zakat wasn't attacked in anyway, I won't be surprised if fingers immediately begin pointing in their direction. It's possible that is also their intention. I wasn't attacked, so it's possible that Zakat is behind it and didn't attack anyone within their own country... That just seems to... unlikely though...

    As for the other attacks, it seems one of the higher ups in Cieria was poisoned, a close friend of Jilocasin. She lived, but no other words. The famous healer, something Veridian? I don't fucking know... Whatever her name is. She was attacked alongside Lillianna, both making it out fine. And those who attacked Lady Stoneheart were destroyed by the Regent General."

    "Heh, I heard that the Howling Beast Fist of Brauk showed them exactly what they do to interlopers within his home," Xander shook his head, laughing softly, "As for the attack on myself and Banshee, it was easy. They surrounded a building that the two of us were within. They had crossbows, and all of the windows were covered. I don't need to go into detail of the combat, however it's simple to say that we won. They had someone watching, who escaped after the combat was done--they definitely did not know about my capabilities, but they weren't ordered to test me--they were told to go in for the kill. I reckon they were just pawns."

    "Zakat being behind this does seem unlikely, but it still is a possibility. And even if it isn't, fingers will be pointed at the Empire. Return to Fennmont and gather information about government activity. It could be key to this." Reaper gave the order to Shadow quickly, but did not dismiss her. "They didn't get Jilocasin vi Cieria, but a close friend? And why poisoning instead of brute force? Banshee and Scarecrow, you two can do more digging on that end. After such a successful time with dealing with these assailants, I believe it would be best to keep you two together for the time being. And that is good that they do not know of your capabilities, even with someone watching. Stalker and I will take either the Braukan or the Aria Grand angle. Whichever angle is left over will be delegated to any new recruits we find. And that brings me to the final point of this meeting. We currently have three slots open within the organization. We'll need them filled. Search for new recruits and get me information on them." Reaper scanned the room, noting that the trainee was not here. Again. "Any questions?"

    Lilith was fine with her orders, but the moment she heard the orders given to Evelyn, she burst out laughing and held her stomach. Evelyn groaned loudly and was obviously highly annoyed. She stood up and stomped toward J. "Yes, I have a fucking question! Why would you throw me with the Crow? Are you kidding me?! YOU KNOW HE DRIVES ME NUTS!" As she yelled, two chains slithered their way between Evelyn and J., but did not touch either of them. "Back away and do as he says." Evelyn looked toward Selena. The two shared a glare and then Evelyn looked back to J. with a knowing smirk. "Interesting... Whatever, fine. I'll deal."

    A light smirk, "Whatever you say."

    "Evelyn, I shouldn't have to remind you. Anyone that becomes a danger to the Cause and the missions for the Cause are subject to immediate termination." "Anyone that is a danger to the Cause shall be summarily executed, don't you worry about that, Boss." Reaper nodded in thanks to Selena, and then nodded to the group at large. "Dismissed. Let the night cover your travels."

    The moment the word "Dismissed" was said, Lilith vanished as quickly as a flying bullet. She obviously had places she wanted to be and that wasn't here. Evelyn liked the clarification on orders she was given, "Yes... I forgot." She smiled and looked over to Xander, "Thanks for the reminder." Selena came down from her chains and stood behind Reaper, "Seems we covered all basis... Where to now?"

    "We'll figure that out on the road." Reaper spoke as he lit a match, and tossed it onto the curtains.

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