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    The Order of Colrath Empty The Order of Colrath

    Post by Tsubine on Fri May 20, 2016 5:48 pm

    The Order of Colrath OrderofColrath
    The Order of Colrath

    The Order of Colrath is one of the largest and most organized religions on Aurora. It is practiced mainly in Osynius, but there are churches to Colrath across the world. The Order of Colrath worships the Dragon-God, Colrath. Colrath is the only true god within the Order of Colrath. The Order does acknowledge the existence of other 'holy beings,' but they are not gods. They are, instead, Colrath's servitors. None of the other 'holy beings' are dragons, therefore they are not to be worshipped. The worship of them is strictly forbidden. The Order of Colrath has a holy book called the Ordenium that is followed strictly, and it is one of the few books to be translated into every modern written language.

    Important Beings

    Colrath, the Dragon of Creation: Colrath is the highest being within the Order of Colrath, and he is the highest form of good. Colrath does not speak directly, as mortal minds can not comprehend his language. Instead, Colrath speaks through not only the Ordenium, but he also speaks through the Grand Bishop of the Order. Colrath is symbolized by the color white, winter and spring, and silver.

    Endellion, the Dragon of Destruction: Endellion is highest form of evil for the Order of Colrath. He is treated as Colrath's brother, and his destiny is to be slain by Colrath in order to protect the world. Out of all of the holy beings, only Devils are not associated with Colrath. Instead, they are Endellion's servitors. They speak evils and lies on behalf of the Dragon of Destruction. Endellion is symbolized by the color black, summer and autumn, and coal.

    The Grand Bishop: The Grand Bishop of the Order of Colrath is not only the head of state for Osynius, but they are also the highest mortal step within the Order. They act as the voice of Colrath. The Grand Bishop is chosen on a certain knack that at least one person in Osynius will have at any given time. They will not know what the knack is until they enter religious service, meaning that most people with the knack never know they have it. It is described as the ability to communicate with Colrath. The knacked will have visions during sleep that are far more ambigious and serious than a normal dream. The Grand Bishop interprets these and will make decrees based upon the visions. It is important to note that not a single Grand Bishop has had any mental problems upon discovery of their knack, and any pre-existing ones seem to disappear.

    The Mortalkind: Humans and Elves are the force of neutrality within the world, and they are encouraged to take the side of Colrath, as he will protect the world from Endellion's devestation. The Order of Colrath is one of the few churches that actively preach non-hostility towards Elvenkind, as they are also Colrath's creation. Many people do not follow this, and Elves are still looked at with contempt. A decree by Grand Bishop Frahlnir II said that this contempt was expected by Colrath, and he forgives anyone who does so long as there is no harm performed against the Elves.

    Important Words and Phrases

    Ordenium: The holy book of the Order of Colrath.

    Dragovia: It is prophecized that Endellion and Colrath will clash once Colrath returns. This event will be known as Dragovia. Dragovia is the end of the era of man and the return of the era of dragons.

    "By Colrath's Breath": A phrase to show astonishment.

    "On my bloodied claw": A phrase said before a promise. It shows dedication.

    The Ordenium

    The Founding: This details the founding of Aurora. It is taught more as a history lesson rather than as a religious one. Colrath did not create Aurora, but he found the planet. When he found it, Aurora was a desolate chunk of molten rock. Colrath spread the elements across the land to create life and other aspects of the natural world. Weather was born of Ice. Disease was born of Acid. Storms were born of Lightning. Plant life was born of Poison. Terrestrial life was born of Earth. Avian life was born of Wind. Aquatic life was born of Water. Human life was born of Metal. Elven life was born of Crystal. And Draconic life was formed of Fire. As time went on, the elements mixed with one another. This allowed Elves to become one with some of the elements. It allowed Dragons to become more than just fire dragons. But humans did not change much. Instead, they were given the chance to adapt more than any other race. Once Colrath saw his job was done, he left the dragons in charge and ventured back into the Cosmos.

    The Journey: This details Colrath finding Endellion and where Colrath is now. This is the most religious part of the Ordenium, and it is quoted most for moral lessons. During his journey, Colrath became lonely. It was in the pits of cosmos, where no other life was, that he found his other half. While Colrath shone like a star, this being enveloped the darkness like the void of space. This was Endellion, and Colrath thought of him as a brother. But Endellion had no plans on being a friend to Colrath, and he instead tricked Colrath into taking him to Aurora. Endellion then hid on Aurora, but told Colrath that he was at the far edge of the cosmos. Colrath began to rush towards the far edge, not knowing he had been tricked by the Dragon of Destruction.

    The Return: This details a future event, and it is the shortest part of the Ordenium. The Return details the prophecy behind Colrath's return. It speaks on how Colrath will fight Endellion, and how Colrath's victory will spark a revolution. He will return for good and place himself as king of Aurora. Dragons will rule the world like humans do, all under Colrath's wings.


    Weekly Sermons: The Order of Colrath has weekly sermons on fridays. These sermons are usually just a short prayer followed by a speech by the local Bishop. They usually take no longer than an hour.
    Prayer: The Order of Colrath's prayers are not silent, and they are ended with "Draa'kir Colrath." The best translation to this is "God is Great." It is not unusual to hear people only go "Daa'kir Colrath" when praying for something good to happen and for celebrating something good.
    Prohibitions: The Order of Colrath prohibits very little. There are three prime rules set out in the Ordenium that are always followed. The first is that dragons are not to be harmed unless it is a mercy killing. The second is that alcohol can not be consumed on fridays. The third is that the word of an Elder Dragon has as much weight as the word of law.

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