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    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Toshiro Hattori
    Nicknames: Toshi, Shiro
    Appearance Age: Early 20s
    True Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 175

    Toshiro Hattori [Approved; 1-5] AP3_zpsz9rihhsk

    Toshiro Hattori [Approved; 1-5] AP2_zpswffv6uvu
    Toshiro Hattori [Approved; 1-5] AP1_zpscdpfbxby

    Character Information

    Personality: Toshiro has been told time and time again that if he were a woman, he'd be the perfect Ezonian bride. It's both a compliment and an insult. Toshiro has come to despise his appearance. His mother was the perfect Ezonian image, who he has taken after. Toshiro has come to hate his face, his hair, and his eyes. The only thing he likes about himself is how fit he is. He takes pride in his athletic ability because it is something he worked for, not been given by his Mother. Though his mother was fit and healthy, saying that his body came from her is more than insulting. It's worse if you say it came from his Father because Toshiro also despises his Father and for very good reasons.

    Toshiro has very little ability to trust people anymore. He's been betrayed too many times and it has left his mind paranoid and his heart unstable. He does not let anyone in. It doesn't matter where you're from or whether you're a man or woman, he does not trust you. Toshiro usually assumes that someone is just going to lie to him. He wants proof and has learned to ask many questions in order to get a feel for someone. If someone refuses to answer his questions, he avoids them and would even try to kill them if they decide to bother. Toshiro's sense of honor and decency has faded a bit. He has come to care only for a few things and all of them are small: children, food, animals, and simple things.

    Toshiro is easily angered, but he doesn't show it as clearly as most. He is able to keep a straight face when someone is pissing him off. He often seems content or mildly annoyed, but can be fuming inside. Toshiro often feels unpredictable because of his ability to hide his anger. He'll be in a normal conversation and someone is telling him things he does not want to hear, so he'll go straight faced. The moment that person says something wrong, their head might hit the floor or their throat might start gushing blood. It depends on how tall they are. His katana is his first choice of weaponry, but if he doesn't have them on him, he has no problem bashing a face in. Blood isn't a bother either.

    Toshiro can be a nice guy too. He's easily angered, but also easily calmed. He is unpredictable, but there are different signs once you get to know him. His lack of trust in people is a huge problem, but once you gain his trust, it's something you don't ever want to lose. He's fiercely loyal to people that he feels deserves it and earning that loyalty is difficult. He isn't a man that will sit back and watch something bad happen. He has no problem stepping forward to help someone out, especially if they're a woman. Though he has abandoned most of his Ezonian teachings, there is still a mothers-son in there. He doesn't like seeing a woman ever be needlessly hurt, especially when he can stop it.

    Toshiro has a few triggers that cause him to fall into a blinding rage and fury. Because of these fits, he's actually a little known in some areas. They've given him many titles, but most of them fall around the fact that he rescues children and woman, kills men, destroys anyone who owns a woman as a slave, and almost seems to enjoy blood splatter. He doesn't enjoy blood splatter because blood is one of his triggers. He can see blood, but if it gets on him, the person who gets the blood on him needs to run or fight better than he does. Other triggers include hearing a woman scream, seeing a woman being hit, seeing a woman with a bruised body, being lied to about something important, or betrayal.

    Character Background: The circumstances of Toshiro's birth were kept hidden from him for years and for good reason. Toshiro's mother was a beautiful woman with silky black hair, beautiful purple eyes, and the perfect Ezonian figure. She was a sweet and gentle woman who was coveted by many Ezonian men. None of these men were someone Yasuna wanted to spend her life with. That included Toshiro's Father, Heisuke Hattori. Heisuke was a strong willed man that felt entitled. If he wanted something, he got it. He was used to being handed everything in life. If it wasn't because of his status or wealth, it was because he was a large man who enjoyed intimidating others into submission.

    Heisuke wanted Yasuna from the first day he laid eyes on her. He knew nothing about her beyond her appearance and he did not care. He attempted to woo her by buying her clothing, jewelry, and other lavish gifts. She returned all of them, explaining that is not what she wanted in a man. A month later, Yasuna began seeing a man by the name of Masamune Ihara. Yasuna was quickly falling for the man and Heisuke could see the perfect woman being stolen away from him. Heisuke could not stand for this, so he took action. Using his connections and money, he had Masamune framed as a thief and had him thrown in jail. Since then, Masamune escaped prison and fled the country, however...

    Things for Yasuna did not go well. With the man she loved in prison, she fell into a deep depression. Heisuke continued his advances only to be turned down. Frustrated and angered by Yasuna's refusal to be with him, he drugged her and carried her away in the night. For six months, Yasuna was Heisuke's prisoner. He lived in a mansion on top of a hill. His home was surrounded by gardens and very private. He stopped allowing visitors into certain areas of the house and when certain people came over, he tied Yasuna up and sat her in the basement with a gag. Over this time, he also took advantage of the woman, forcing her to perform sexually for him or be beaten. To survive, Yasuna did obeyed.

    After six months as his captive, Yasuna became pregnant. When Heisuke realized this, he said that it would be best to marry. If the story were to get out that Yasuna was pregnant by a man without being married, even her beauty could not save her from the humiliation and shame. She would be shunned and their child would be looked down upon. Yasuna knew this was true, so for the sake of their child, she gave in and the two secretly married. Though they were married in August, they signed documentation that stated they had been married in February, which is why Yasuna has kept to herself in his home. When asked why they wanted secrecy, Yasuna had a clever lie for them to live by.

    "With the reveal and disappearance of Masamune Ihara, I felt ashamed. I had fallen for a criminal and feared I would be shunned. However, Heisuke did not see me as shameful. He comforted me in my time of need and let me stay with him while I recovered from the shock. Until he let me stay with him, I did not understand what a wonderful man he really was. I soon learned otherwise and was able to fall in love with him. Since it was not long after Masamune's disappearance, I felt the reveal was too soon for the both of us, especially since my love life is more public than I prefer. Now that I am pregnant and we will be having a child, we feel it's a good time to reveal our love."

    Even Heisuke was impressed with what Yasuna had created. Her false explanation actually convinced everyone and no questions were asked. Over the years, Heisuke acted as a loving husband and Father to Yasuna. Though their marriage did not start out like a Fairy Tail, even Yasuna admitted to herself that Heisuke treated her well. He was understanding, loving, passionate, and put her and their child first. If Yasuna was sick, he took care of her. If she wanted to go some place, he would plan a vacation. Nothing he ever did from the moment they were married and on felt false or forced. Their sketchy past was never brought up and things were going well enough that Yasuna almost forgot.

    When Toshiro was born, Heisuke shined like a star in the sky. His lover for his son was obvious and abundant. There was no prouder Father. This is one thing that helped Yasuna forget about Heisuke's previous cruelty. Seeing her son with a Father that truly did love him and cared for him in a way that she really wasn't sure her first love would have, made Yasuna more accepting of her entrapment. Toshiro grew up a happy child. He thought his Father was the most amazing man and wanted to be just like him, but he was always closer to his Mother. Toshiro followed his Mother everywhere. He helped her with the laundry, dishes, cooking, and anything else he could. His Father noticed this.

    Heisuke wanted Toshiro to grow up a strong man, so when Toshiro was eight, he began training for the military. Heisuke expected his son to grow up to be Shogun like he was. The training was hard, but Heisuke found ways of making it fun and give Toshiro a competitive spirit. Yasuna loved seeing her son grow stronger, but a loneliness she hadn't felt for a long time began to sink in. Heisuke was so concentrated on Toshiro's growth over the years that he began forgetting he had a wife. Yasuna began pulling Toshiro away from training to educate him in a more academic way. Toshiro enjoyed spending time with both of his parents, but they began arguing over what he should really be doing.

    The arguing got so bad one day, that Toshiro witnessed his Father strike his Mother by slapping her across the face. Heisuke immediately apologized, shocked at his own behavior since he hadn't hurt her since before Toshiro was born. Yasuna forgave him, but used that as leverage to get Toshiro to study books more than the sword. Heisuke agreed and his training would only be done twice a week. Over time, this angered Heisuke since he noticed Toshiro becoming more and more like his Mother. Toshiro began enjoying calligraphy, history, art, reading, and writing. Heisuke decided that it was time Toshiro get back into his training and leave the academics behind. He had learned enough.

    When Yasuna protested this, Heisuke became violent again. He punished her by locking her away in their bedroom, chaining her to the bed so she could not leave or interfere with his son. Toshiro was appalled by this behavior and snuck in to speak with his Mother about it. Yasuna stuck up for Heisuke and said that she was being unreasonable, but Toshiro could tell that she was lying. During this conversation, Heisuke arrived and assumed Yasuna was trying to turn Toshiro against him. Toshiro ran and hid in a closet, covering his ears, trying to avoid hearing his Mother being beaten. He couldn't drown out his Mother's cries, so he ran away from home and went into town to clear his head.

    His time in town allowed him to meet someone that kept staring at him. At first, he was ignoring the man, but finally decided to confront him when he realized the man was following him. This man was Masamune Ihara. He had returned after he found out what Heisuke had done and came to clear his name. Masamune had no problem with revealing who he was to Toshiro and explaining what Heisuke actually was as well. Toshiro did not want to believe this, but when he returned home, he confronted his mother about the man he met. Yasuna was in shock and speechless that Masamune had returned after fourteen years. With the chance to free herself, she was ready to reveal everything.

    Heisuke stopped her before she got the chance and sent fourteen year old Toshiro to his room. Honoring his Father's wishes, Toshiro went to his room and the house fell silent. For three weeks, Toshiro did not see his Mother. Heisuke said that she was on vacation in Varedia for a while, but Toshiro didn't believe it. He met with Masamune again and Toshiro quickly became worried about his Mother's safety. Unfortunately, Heisuke found out about Masamune's return and followed Toshiro, killing Masamune right on the spot as a traitor to Ezon. Masamune never got the chance to clear his name. Toshiro ran home and was horrified by what he had witnessed, but it was technically legal.

    Things got very tense around the house. Toshiro heard crying one night and swore it was his Mother. When he went to look, the crying stopped and Heisuke found him in the hallway. He was told to go to bed, so he did. The next day, Heisuke went off for a meeting, leaving Toshiro home alone. Heisuke told him to train, but the moment his Father was gone, Toshiro went into the house and began yelling for his Mom. He knew she was there and that she could hear him. However, she stayed silent. Toshiro found her anyway. He had known about a secret entrance to a room he hadn't entered before. He found his Mother tied to a table, nude, broken, bloodied, and bruised. Toshiro passed out.

    Toshiro did not wake for an hour and when he did, his mother was just staring at him. "I never wanted you to find out this way. Your Father is a cruel man, Toshiro. If you can get away, run and never return. Now that you know what he can do, I don't think it's safe for you to stay here any longer. Please, my dear boy, leave this place." Toshiro demanded answers. He didn't understand. He asked his Mother question after question and she reluctantly answered. She explained how she was in love with Masamune, how his Father raped her, forced her into marriage, and then tried to prevent them from getting too close. Toshiro realized that his Father was insane and that he was a result of rape.

    With his mind snapping, Toshiro left his Mother on the table and walked out. He waited in his Father's office for hours. When Heisuke returned and went down stairs to Yasuna, everything seemed okay. However, once he was down stairs, he did not expect his son to follow. "He knows everything now." Yasuna said with a weak smile. Heisuke was about to yell at her and probably worse when a sword appeared through his chest. Toshiro stabbed him in the back and ripped the sword roughly out. Heisuke fell to one knee only to be struck again and again and again. The barrage of attacks at Heisuke's body continued on for five minutes after the man finally died. Toshiro stopped, covered in blood.

    For the first time, Yasuna was scared of her own child. He approached her and she froze, wondering if she was next. He did not harm her. Instead, he untied her and covered her up. Without another word, Toshiro went up to get the cleaning equipment. He and his mother spent hours cleaning up all the blood. When it was finally done, the two hired a mercenary to drop Heisuke's body in the ocean. However, things weren't the same. Yasuna tried comforting her son, but the reason for his birth haunted him. He wouldn't let anyone near his mother and at times became unexpectedly violent toward any man who got close. Certain situations sparked a rage within him and he became feared.

    When Toshiro turned twenty-one, he found out his Mother was seeing a man in secret. When they were both confronted about it, Yasuna tried to calm Toshiro down, but his trust in anyone had faded. He was trying to protect his mother from people like his father and she lied to him. Toshiro attacked the man she was seeing and he defended himself, but Yasuna got in the way and prevented an all out battle between them. Toshiro spoke out against his Mother, calling her a liar. It seemed like he was only talking about her secretly seeing a man, but Yasuna knew he was speaking of the years she hid the truth from him. Toshiro could trust no one anymore, not after such an utter betrayal.

    Soon after the fight, Yasuna announced that she would be allowing her new love interest to move in with them. Toshiro became enraged and tried to forbid it, but could not. Angry at yet another betrayal, Toshiro told his Mother he was leaving and he never wanted to see her again. She was a disgrace and her Ezonian beauty could not make up for the disgusting acts of betrayal she had repeated toward her only son. He wished her nothing but misery through the rest of her life and left his home and his mother forever. Toshiro did not wish to stay in Ezon. He wanted nothing to do with them or their customs. He had one choice to go and since he could not afford to sail to Zakat, he chose Arcadia.


    Type: Arcanist

    Fury: Toshiro's fury alters all five of his senses. His fury can only be activated through one of the triggers in his personality.

    • Sight: When Toshiro enters his fury mode, his vision goes black and white, but his eyes change to blue and red. He does not see color and does not discriminate by anything but age and gender. He won't attack a child or someone he deems to young and he won't harm a woman as long as they're not attacking him. A woman attacks him and they've opened that gate, so good fucking luck.
    • Hearing: Toshiro's fury blocks out most of his ability to hear. Everything becomes muffled and only his goal becomes apparent. Calling out to him won't help unless you're right in his ear. If someone is close enough to speak into his ear, then he'll finally hear you. This is one of the few ways you can pull him out of his fury early.
    • Taste: You'd think this wouldn't matter, right? It does. He loses his taste completely. This is why if he loses his weapon, he won't have a problem biting into someone's throat. He knows not to swallow the nasty stuff, but since he doesn't taste it, having it in his mouth doesn't bother him.
    • Touch: Toshiro's durability is increased when in his fury (enhancements below). But this increase in durability also effects how he feels pain. The fact is, he doesn't. When his body is hurt, the pain is so numbed that it would take a lot to hurt him. He's been stabbed, crushed, thrown, and many other things while in his fury and he feels none of the pain. His other nerves are fine, but pain is gone.
    • Smell: Toshiro's ability to smell shoots through the roof. Since his fury sometimes becomes very bestial, he often acts like an animal. If is target runs, he can easily track them down, following whatever scene of them he can find. It could be sweat, blood, perfume, or whatever. If he knows it's 'their scene he can follow it. Sometimes he does get scents confused and if he accidentally follows the wrong one, it can snap him out of his fury.

    Fury Enhancements: +100 to everything.


    Equipment: He carries a katana. If one breaks, he buys a new one. They're not special to him.
    Skills: Toshiro is a highly trained swordsman and martial artists. Though battles with him can be brutal, he's definitely an expert in combat. It just gets worse when he's enraged.
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    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 32528
    Durability: 32528
    Endurance: 34043
    Speed: 34043
    Strength: 33538
    Energy Control: 31518


    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 325100128
    Durability: 325100128
    Endurance: 340100143
    Speed: 340100143
    Strength: 335100138
    Energy Control: 315100118

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