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    A Long Day's Recovery [CLOSED]

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    Re: A Long Day's Recovery [CLOSED]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:44 am

    That was a long, tiring, pleasurable, and down right dirty night for the two of them. It took four times for them to both be tired enough to actually stop their sex-battles. Jaden proved himself the more powerful one the first two times. After that, he had been weakened and couldn't last like she did. She was damn good at riding his dick and he would love for this to happen again. Once that fourth time came around, they were done. They fell asleep soon, still sweaty and covered in each other. Jaden slept well that night. He had a small smile on his face the entire time. He may have been drunk, but he wasn't wasted. He would remember every moment of what occurred between the two of them.

    Jaden was shaken from pleasant dreams rather violently. "Wh-What? WHAT?!" he shouted as he sat up and looked at her like she had gone crazy. Her questions made him realize that she didn't remember a damn thing. "Oh, fucking great..." his expression dulled and he stared at her slightly annoyed, "Yeah, we did, actually. About five fucking times. You don't remember shit do you? Were you that wasted?"

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    Re: A Long Day's Recovery [CLOSED]

    Post by Tsubine on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:51 am

    Victoria's eyes narrowed. It was worry and surprise. It was more than enough to get her agitated. She felt like drinking again, but the headache made her think better of it. "No, I don't remember a fucking thing. Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Victoria tried to stand, but she felt her legs nearly give out on her. She winced in pain and sat back down. "You nearly broke me. Fucking hell." Victoria couldn't look at him. She was blushing now, embarrassed and ashamed. What would Vivianna think? "You need to leave. Now." Victoria spoke firmly. "Pack your things and get out of here. Your friend too. This was a mistake, and I can not look at you the same anymore. So, you have to leave. I'll pay for your ride back, just... Just go." There was pleading tone in her voice, and Victoria was nearing a breakdown.

    Jaden was, needless to say, surprised by her reaction. He had to go now? That wasn't right. He stood up and began getting dressed. "Victoria, you don't have to kick us out. If you wa-..." He was going to try to calm her down and talk it out, but she wanted none of it. She snapped at him and demanded his and Julius' departure. Jaden rolled his eyes and decided there was nothing more to say. "Fine." Once he was dressed, he hurried out of the room and went after Julius. He went into his room, woke Julius up from his sleep. "Get up. We're leaving."

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