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    Ujiyasu Taketoshi [Approved; 3-5]


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    Ujiyasu Taketoshi [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Snops on Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:10 pm

    Human Template

    Basic Information

    Name: Ujiyasu Taketoshi
    Nicknames: (Optional)
    Appearance Age: Mid to late 20's
    True Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: Some fitting weight for a not underweight somewhat muscled up man.
    Character Information

    Personality: Outside Ujiyasu is a bit lazy and leisurely.  He might be punctual, but his assistance in matters is usually half-hearted.  The closest thing he does to 100% is working at the shop, but that is merely due to his long relationship with the shopkeeper.  He just only had one thing that drove him, and she's gone.  He is always up for sightseeing or other leisure though, and in that respect can definitely make for an entertaining evening.  Most of the time though he's just relaxing and enjoying the view of the women who pass by.  When interacted with, he is quite kind and willing to lend advice, and even further help if he realizes someone really needs it.  Easy to talk to, and if someone seems stressed he often invites them out for a day or evening of fun.  When interacting with an attractive woman, he makes it clear with some (mostly tasteful) compliments, but even if they show interest he seems to never commit further.  He does love his family, and always tries to shape up to some degree when they're around.  He helps his mother around the house and makes sure his father is okay when he seems overworked.  Interestingly, he can usually spot a person's weak spot mentally, and use it to manipulate them be prodding at it just right.  It could be something like getting a good deal at a market, tricking someone into making a bad decision, he could do it.  He could even probably use it to subconsciously nudge a girl into liking him.  Thing is, he never uses it.  Partially because many of it's uses would be wrong, but often because even if it was getting 1 up on a shady merchant, he just doesn't have any drive to use it.

    His serious side, if he ever shows it, is a lot different.  He can analyze a situation and all the small details.  He pinpoints all of the small details with his senses, and uses his intuition to fill in the rest.  Even though he seems incapable of helping himself, he can be an incredibly valuable friend and ally when someone seems to truly need it.  He can really fight if he needs to, and he would never give up on someone once he's close.  Even if he squanders much of his own potential, he can see the potential in others.  That's not to say he can't get mad.  He can get aggravated, and even yell, when things just aren't working.  He will never get physically violent, but there is potential from verbal lashing.  He's just pent up from the lack of forward motion.  When Sarah disappeared, he did cry.  But after awhile the tears dry up.  He isn't destroyed.  He isn't in pain.  He just had a muse, and when it disappeared he was left directionless.  He is a man who needs a reason to take action, but his reason to push himself to greater heights disappeared.  He knows he is talented, he knows he could accomplish a lot if he tried, but he just doesn't quite know how to do it himself, or even fully realize the problem, and sadly the people around him don't know how to help.  He also still loves Sarah, but while talking about it still makes him a little sad, the mourning period passed.

    He loves seafood.  He also secretly enjoys competition/non-fatal fights with his halberd, swimming in whatever pools of water are available, and seeing professional dancers.  While he can be wordy with explanations and advice, his speech can be very brief otherwise.

    Note:  Since this isn't written out quite how I want it, and I can't seem to get it right.  Lazy, needs something to drive him, can't find it, but as far as he knows and realizes he is content with his life.

    Character Background: Ujiyasu was taught that there are two things you can rely on.  Intuition and weakness.  Growing up in Aria is very simple compared to the surrounding wilderness.  However, young Ujiyasu's father was a business man.  A bit cold and focused on his work, he brought up Ujiyasu with lessons that pertained to savvy business.  They were a tad traditional in some respects though, as his father used to work trade routes directly and had to deal with bandits, pirates, and whatever else was thrown at him.  To train the senses as they are an asset, but to never fully trust them as they can fail.  A trained intuition however is never wrong.  Even more, there will always be weakness, and exploiting weakness to get what you desire was key.  His father was not a bad person, but to survive the harsh world, both physical and business, they were lessons he had to value.  From his mother, a traditional housewife, whose parents originally hailed from Ezon, he also learned temperance.  The ability to restrain himself from stepping on others when it isn't necessary would be key.  Unfortunately as he grew up, there was one thing he lacked.  Drive.  He had talent, and he made sure to pick up on things he was taught by his mother and father, but he had no desire to follow in his father's footsteps in business.  His father, though furious at first, then did the only thing he could think of.  At least teach his boy how to fight.  As long as Ujiyasu could fight, he'd be able to provide for himself.  He was taught well enough to not randomly mug people, so simply being able to survive was the best he could do.  The boy, strangely enough, took to pole arms.  Once his sword arms strengthened, he moved to a halberd.

    As he grew up the problems with his drive never ceased.  The minor conflicts between the traditional lessons of his mother and the business lessons of his father oddly were the smallest issue.  They managed to always come to agreement before hand and never override each other.  The problem was, he had no passion.  He had nothing he seemed to truly want.  It was worse than being undecided, it's like he didn't have a concrete identity besides...existing.  Nothing worked.  Punishments didn't work, and his parents tended to prefer saving that for really misbehaving.  Being kind and working with him just turned up a blank.  They ran out of options.  Though one day, he met someone.  Sarah was her name.  Gorgeous girl, with long flowing pink hair.  Eyes like emeralds, a beautiful girlish form, and a very smart head on her shoulders.  As his mother would say, an incredibly valuable woman.  He took his chance and talked to her, and it turned out there was mutual interest.  At this time the boy was closer to a man, 17 years old.  The girl was a little older than him, 18, but it was less than a 12 month difference.  However, she managed to do something his parents failed to do, give him drive.  Her kindness and soft demeanor actually managed to convince the boy to get a job at a local shop.  It wasn't quite what his father had in mind, but to him, she was an angel there to save his son.  The two were a couple, fairly inseparable, for a long time.  She might not have driven him to the greatest of heights.  But at the rate it was going, he would live a long happy life.  He even considered traveling Arcadia to see the world with her.  At least until 5 years later.  When Ujiyasu turned 22, when he finally worked up enough to make try and ask for a greater commitment, marriage, Sarah disappeared.  With her, what he had in him to make more of himself.  Everyone, himself included, was crushed.  Sarah's parents didn't know what happened, and he was heartbroken.  No one found her, and eventually he settled.  He continued to work his job at the shop, and while he became a bit lazier, his boss let him off easy.  He knew the boy could very well be destroyed inside.  He pursued mostly a life of leisure with his excess money.  Just relaxing, enjoying himself, and enjoying the view of the ladies.  Still, no matter how much his parents, and even Sarah's, tried to help, he never made a real move on any of them.  He learned to accept the disappearance, but to him, maybe, it'd be better to just stay single.


    Type: Arcanist

    Latent, unknown



    He wields a rather large halberd when he decides he needs it.  


    Halberd Adept - Early on in his life his father taught him how to use pole arms, and later he took to the halberd.  He has used it on mildly dangerous wildlife once or twice, but he has no practical life or death experience otherwise.  Still, while he can't read an opponents fighting style too well yet (due to lack of experience) he has good intuition and knows his own fighting ability well enough that if he has that halberd, attacking him is still a risk.

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~

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    Re: Ujiyasu Taketoshi [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Snops on Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:57 am

    Skill And Racial NumberSkill ModifiersArcana ModifiersTotal
    Agility: 31417
    Durability: 33033
    Endurance: 32831
    Speed: 31518
    Strength: 33336
    Energy Control: 303

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    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked you'll cease to be~

    Hey you're banjacked, hey you're screwed~
    And death is coming for you~
    Trapped on an island, lost at sea~
    Shipwrecked your destiny~
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    Re: Ujiyasu Taketoshi [Approved; 3-5]

    Post by Serenity on Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:01 am

    Application Checklist

    • Name [-]
    • Appropriate Age [-]
    • Gender [-]
    • Appearance Present [-]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
    • 15 sentences for personality [-]
    • History is 10 sentences [-]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
    • Application is not in First Person [-]

    Tier: 3-5
    Skill Rank: Experienced (120)

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    Re: Ujiyasu Taketoshi [Approved; 3-5]

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