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    God Save The Queen [Closed]

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    Re: God Save The Queen [Closed]

    Post by Serenity on Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:56 am

    After Lillianna had finished speaking, she took in a deep breath and looked around the beauty of the cave. She did not notice Pariah's recent actions until he finally spoke out. "Pariah? Are you all right?" she asked him, blinking a few times as she knelt down near him. He began speaking again and she could tell that he was crying. A surprised and concerned look took Lillianna over when she heard his question. "What?" Lillianna stood up and actually took a step back. His words shook her core and she didn't like it. She had lived her life with a certain belief and he was throwing a few wrenches into it. Once he finally looked up to her, as she saw those tears flooding down his face as if a damn had just been released, Lillianna let out a sigh of relief. He was kind, but because of their situation, the two of them were miles apart. She watched him quietly, listening to his every word as he wiped the tears from his face. She continued to listen and watch him. Finally, he asked why she cared for others so much and a bigger smile came to her face. "Come on... Stand up." she said, placing her hands on his shoulders and helping bring him to his feet. She too pulled out a handkerchief and gently wiped his face off a bit more.

    "Pariah, I understand and appreciate where you're coming from, but you need to remember something... I am the Queen." Lillianna said and spoke to him in a much more serious tone, "I am the one that every single citizen will look to if something goes wrong. If we are in war, I am the one who has to protect my people. If tragedy strikes, I must do what I can to help those in need. If a Mother abandons her cub, what happens to the cub? It dies. If a human Mother treats herself better than she treats her children, what happens to the children? They grow up scarred, hurt, frightened, unsure, helpless... or many, many other things that no person would have to go through. Though I have the title of Queen, I am the Mother of Arcadia. I have millions of children that I need to watch over and guide towards a better future. Truthfully, that is all I want in life. I don't need or even want very much. I just want Arcadia and those within in it to be safe... and to be happy." From off in the distance, even through the thick rock and the spell cast on this entrance, Lillianna could hear the light sounds of bells ringing in the distance.

    "It is late in the evening. We should return before the Knights send out a search party for me. I did not realize that we had stayed down here for so long." Lillianna turned back towards the entrance and began walking back. As they would come to the entrance, she would dispel and quickly reapply the spell and hurry down the hall with Pariah following. Once they enter the main area, she would slow down and act like normal. "I will be busy the next few days, but tomorrow those who I have requested to meet you to start the building of your branch will meet you in Outer Aria. There you will instruct the workers to build what you need built. For now, we will part ways. I wish you luck Pariah and thank you for everything you've shown me today." Lillianna handed him the documentation that would show him where everything was and nodded her head in respect towards him. Lillianna then turned away with a smile, walking off up a large flight of stairs before leaving everyone's sight...

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    Re: God Save The Queen [Closed]

    Post by JJ on Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:17 pm

    After a few moments, he followed her directions, and shakily got to his feet. His eyes were still slightly swollen and not quite meeting her gaze as she wiped aside his face for him as well, and he began to feel slightly ashamed. I am a queen. Pariah nodded; he knew that. He knew that very, very well. "...You know... it's ironic." He said softly as she finished speaking, hearing the bells ring. "...I hope that the Noir will be able to help you in your goal, sincerely." He told her softly, as he began to follow after her.

    They walked up to the top floor once more and dispelled the barrier, having them calm down. "Thank you so much, my Queen." He told her in reply to her parting words, placing a hand over his chest and bowing to her, his face clear once more, though it suddenly became surprised when she bowed to him, before leaving at last. Very slowly, he began to walk again. The hustle and bustle of the palace around him meant nothing to the golden hared male; his mind was completely consumed with the ability of simply holding himself together, of staying with it. Very slowly he approached his room, and at last opened the door, walked inside, and closed it. His back fell against it, and he slowly slid to the ground, his entire body completely exhausted as he held up the documentation, looking at it for a moment before throwing it onto the bed.

    As he did so, he began to close his eyes... before he suddenly felt something on his leg. He opened them, and he saw none other than... Flare. A very, very, very, VERY pissed off Flare, who proceeded to tackle and mangle him, biting at his flesh and leaving marks all over his face. "D'arvit, Flare! ... Oh no, did you never get fed?" Without warning, Flare's expression changed from one of anger to one of need, as it realized that its master was not the one at fault for its hunger. He held the creature, and then left on a journey to the kitchens.

    He returned shortly thereafter with a plate of the trimmings, and allowed for Flare to chowdown at long last. He laid down on the bed, and when Flare finally jumped on top of him to sleep, his mind began to reflect. ... A single hand reached up to his face, covering it as he rubbed the tension out of his facial features. ...I hope whoever I end up taking as my partner is half as amazing as the Queen... Though I wonder if there's anyone... who can live up to that standard... With these thoughts swimming about his skull, the man finally got to sleep, relieving his pent-up exhaustion and keeping of formalities at last, the only thing on his face an expression that could only be called... serene.


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