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    #023 Poroastorite Empty #023 Poroastorite

    Post by Dai on Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:48 am

    Species Name: Poroastorites - Colloqually known as Fluffballs or Poros

    #023 Poroastorite I_luv_u_poro_by_rayamira-d64jzdh

    Diet: Omnivore. The Poroastorite can digest pretty much anything.
    Rarity: Stupidly common.
    Location(s) Found: Anywhere where there's food to be had, honestly.
    Abilities: Poroastorites are capable of reproducing only one way. If they eat enough food, they eventually grown to about five times their size (6 inches tall, usually) and explode into ten more. This is why they thrive near cities.

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