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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Carl Jim Davids
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Race: Human
    Location: Open Lands
    Occupation: Farmer/Stalker (Civilian)

    Personality: Carl... where to begin. Carl first of all is a rather hard worker. He's generally seen day-in and day-out working in his fields. Although he owns a tractor, he does all work he can by hand. Carl also lives alone, although he doesn't want to always live alone. And he even has someone in mind for that. That's right, Carl has a crush. ...Okay, there is no way anyone could keep a straight face while reading that. Carl is bloody obsessed with this lady. It's actually to the point to where the normally mild-mannered Carl will go into a rage if she is seen simply eating with another man. With his massive body and farming tools as well as his exceptionally creepy face, Carl is the epitome of stalker.


    Appearance: Carl stands at 6'5 and 230 lbs.
    Carl Hmpn

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: None
    Magic Description: None
    Equipment: Carl owns various farming equipment—dangerous and not-so-dangerous.
    Skills: Carl is rather strong, as he is a farmer.

    History and Permissions

    Character Background:
    Born to a regretful night between a brother and sister, Carl was sheltered by his mother, Belinda Ann Davids. Partially because she would be her only son, but also because she didn't want anyone to see how hideous he was. So she obsessed over Carl, telling him that "Momma's gonna protect you." And then later, Carl's sister was born. Carl nor his mother speak of who the father was, as she was born with her mother saying "This child has no father." She was named Patricia Lynn. Carl and Patricia were close, as even she was sheltered by Belinda Ann. And then Belinda died in a house fire while the two children were still young. No one knows what caused that fire, but the over-stuffed fireplace was a good guess. Carl and Patricia moved away from that village, moving to where Carl lives now. I say where Carl lives now as Patricia died a year ago. Soon after, Carl met a certain lady friend who reminds him of his beloved sister...
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