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    Victoria Grand Empty Victoria Grand

    Post by Serenity on Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:29 pm

    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Victoria Grand
    Gender: Female
    Age: 49
    Race: Human
    Location: Open Lands, near Solai Veldt, travels only on mission
    Occupation: Mercenary. Only takes jobs that pay very well and that are for people who really need her help. She does not do assassination jobs unless the person to be killed is a criminal themselves.

    Appearance: Victoria is beyond intimidating. Many who see her coming stand in shock and awe over the way she looks. At the same time scary, she has an almost mystical demeanor about her. Victoria is someone you wish you had the guts to walk up and talk to, but fear the possible backlash. The large sword she carries with her at all times only strengthens the scary factor.

    She has coarse, black, shoulder length hair and unnaturally bright yellow eyes that many people compare to the dragons. She has a strong physique and stands as tall as many men: six foot one. Her voice is on the deeper side of the feminine scale, but she is never mistaken for male. She always wears the suit in her picture, including the piece over her face. If some one gets a closer look, they will realize that she wears this because of the massive amount of burn marks and scars that cover most of her body.

    Victoria Grand 220_zpsdfd0669e

    Personality: Grand Victory. That is pretty much what this woman is. Victoria is a strong willed woman with the intent to do good. She does not like harming anyone and works to protect the innocent. Even though she scares people that she comes across, she still acts gentle and kind towards others. She is very understanding of peoples fear of her and brushes it off like nothing. When someone fears her more than usual, she will reassure them that she will not harm them. She is open and explains her appearance to people, though most do not believe the story that she tells. It does not bother he when someone calls her a liar, she knows the truth.

    Victoria values human life, but not so much that she won't cut the head off of a man who has harmed another. She will easily take down a high-end criminal to protect people. She takes jobs of these nature to prevent the loss of further life. If she is lied to or mislead when it comes to taking a job, she will keep the money and go to kill the person who attempted to trick her. Victoria is surprisingly a pretty good person, but she is merciless and scary to most.

    Character Background: The only thing people know of Victoria Grand is her legend. She does not speak of her past very often, but she will tell you that her parents are dead, her two children are dead, and her husband is dead. They were living happily together in a village out side of Cieria when Endellion chose to make his appearance again. Their village was attacked and everyone but her was killed. During the attack, unlike everyone else, Victoria chose to fight back and used the skills she had developed even before she met her husband to do just that. She succeeded, but not without injury. Most of Victoria's body was badly burned and everyone she knew and loved was dead. A group of people from Cieria, coming to see the wreckage, found her and nursed her back to health. After that, she trained her body to fight harder than before. While she was doing this, her story moved through out Aurora and she became the first human to have been recorded to fight Endellion and survive against him. Since then, people have come to her with job after job, assuming that she was the only person that could help them. It's very reassuring to have the “woman who fought the legendary Black Dragon and survive” to help you out. That is what she's been doing to live since then. She keeps her purpose in life to help people who desperately need her.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Evoker
    Magic Description: N/A
    Equipment: Victoria has three pieces of equipment. The first is the full-body leather suit she always wears. It has three enchantments of fire resistance on it, making it where only one creatures fire has the ability to even warm it up enough to harm her: Endellion.

    The second item she has is the mask that she wears. The mask has two enchantments that prevent anything that is not air from passing through. In other words, poisons, smoke, and even someone's blade cannot pierce that mask. The third and final enchantment on the mask is a reinforcement that keeps the mask flexible, but does not rip or break easily.

    The final item is the katana that she has. First off the katana is much larger than most katana. It was made like this on purpose. It is heavier than most, but Victoria is strong enough to swing it around like normal. The katana has a reinforcement enchantment on it to prevent the sword from cracking or breaking under the pressures that normally would break any steel. The second enchantment  allows the blade to absorb one Arcana based attack. The attack is stored and then the final enchantment comes into place. The exertion enchantment takes the stored attack and then shoots it out in the form the wielder wants, but with the same amount of power and effect that the original attack was. So, if she were to absorb a flamethrower-like attack from a legendary dragon, she could exert that power after condensing it down into a smaller attack, such as a crescent blade-shaped attack that is meant for slicing through something, not just enveloping them in flames.

    Note: Only she knows who made her equipment.

    Skills: Victoria is a master swordswoman without a doubt. She is not someone that very many people want to go up against in battle, especially close combat. She will easily strike down most people who choose to fight her. She is also an expert martial artist. If her blade is taken, she can defend herself very well through hand-to-hand combat.


    Allowed to Play: Tsubine, Dai, Snopy, and anyone who is granted permission after asking. This is because the three mentioned I trust to automatically talk to me about it. Anyone else, I want to know where this woman has been and who she's been dealing with.
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    Intimidating, but nice...
    I like.

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