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    Nanase Ikaruga Empty Nanase Ikaruga

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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Nanase Ikaruga
    Gender: Female
    Age: 33
    Race: Human
    Location: Zhilihan/Following Shizuka Ikaruga
    Occupation: Specialist—Bodyguard for Shizuka Ikaruga

    Personality: Nanase is the personal bodyguard for the leader of House Ikaruga, currently Shizuka Ikagura. She is fiercely loyal, although she doesn't show it until she gets "excited." She's somewhat lazy, but don't let that fool anyone. Nanase's nickname is "Black Widow," referencing both her penchant of sleeping with men and then killing them and her way of trapping people in her web. She draws them in close, them thinking she's inept. But she isn't. Oh how she isn't. That is when Nanase gets "excited." She gets a "raging ladyboner" (for lack of a better word) for killing people who threaten the head. She is a sadist to the nth degree, where she will—if it is safe to—remove that person's ability to be a threat first. And then she takes pleasure (literally at times) slowly watching them die.


    Appearance: Nanase stands at about 5'4. She, like her female relatives, has a larger bust as well.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: N/A
    Magic Description:
    Jian: Nanase carries a jian, a traditional Zhili straightsword.
    Nanase Ikaruga 0xl8
    Swordsman: Although she isn't too skilled when it comes to extended battles, Nanase's skill comes from being an exceptionally quick draw. She tries to end a battle in five strikes or less. Otherwise, she retreats to set up for another five.
    Hand-to-Hand: In case her sword is no longer in her hands or usable in combat, Nanase is capable of defending herself even against armed opponents. She always seems like she's toying with the opponent when using her hands, which is true. She taunts them, they lose focus, she can end it quicker.

    History and Permissions

    Character Background: Nanase was born to a branch family of House Ikaruga. She is currently 28th in line to be successor to the head of the house just to show how far away from the main family she is. But she has a duty that puts her right next to the throne. In fact, it's been the branch family's duty ever since they were put into House Ikaruga. She was trained from a young age to serve the head of the house until death. Her father did it, his mother did it, her mother did it, and so on. She was not the first daughter of this branch, but she was the first daughter of her father. She was a personal favorite servant of the former head of House Ikaruga even at a young age. He found her cute and would treat her like his own daughter at times. It was unheard of, but that man was an odd one. But that stopped as soon as he had his first child, a daughter named Kagura. He tasked Nanase to watch after his daughter, which she gladly accepted—and still does. Not that she could decline.

    Allowed to Play: Anyone, bar they talk to me first.

    In case people would like to, here is a 600×400 header image for posting as her.
    Header Image:
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    Nanase Ikaruga Empty Re: Nanase Ikaruga

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