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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Cammon Zare
    Nickname: Blue Nova
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Human, Normal
    Location: Zakat/following the Emperor
    Occupation: Military (Lieutenant in the Imperial Royal Guards of Zakat)

    Personality: Cammon is seen as a gentleman. For someone in the Imperial Royal Guards, the guy stands out more than a little bit. Cammon is just... nice. He never orders first. He rarely, if ever, sits while on public transportation. He volunteers at soup kitchens. He donates part of his yearly bonus to charities. He was once in the Iserlohn Times for saving a suicidal woman by sitting and talking to her for three hours in the rain. He's seen as being more lenient than other members of the Guard. And really, he is nice and lenient. He has a soft spot for second chances and gives them out like candy. It's after that second chance that he gets angry. If someone pisses it away, people understand why he's part of the Guard. People who know that side of Cammon laugh when people say "There's no way that nice guy is part of the military, let alone those thugs." Cammon isn't a jerk to others when like that, but holy shitballs is he scary to the person that pissed away that second chance. Other Guards have actually had to restrain him so that he couldn't rip off that person's lower jaw. Not wouldn't, but couldn't. And that has happened before, so it's not an urban legend. But that's just to random people. To people he knows, it's a bit different. He just gets disappointed. And when he gets disappointed, the look he gives off is enough to make the person wish he ripped their jaw off instead. He's willing to go farther than a third chance for those closest to him, but most people don't go bad after that.


    Cammon Zare Moe
    Cammon Zare Mainesu

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: None
    Magic Description: None
    Equipment: N/A (though he is a pilot of a TYPE-18F)
    Expert Marksman: As a member of the Imperial Royal Guard, Cammon is capable of pulling out just about any kind of firearm and shooting up to 300 yards accurately. With a proper set-up, Cammon can fire on moving targets accurately up to 700 yards and stationary targets up to 1,100 yards.
    History and Permissions

    Character Background: Cammon Zare was born in the outskirts of Westerland. It wasn't a very bright life. His father was a miner and his mother a housewife. They didn't necessarily have a lot, but they had enough. Cammon had brothers and sisters, but they had all moved out by the time he was born. As Cammon grew up, reality set in. There were only two options for a job there: join the military or go mining. And frankly, Cammon never liked the idea of going that deep underground. Not at all. Cammon did odd jobs around the small town in the outskirts. He'd shovel sand, help build, watch the elderly, etc. And all of this was to help build up his body for him to go on to greater things. And he had his eyes set on something magnificent. On his 19th birthday, he left home to go to Iserlohn. He had studied long and hard and was near the top of his class. He had a stout body. He had even trained on the farm rifles they had. He knew what he was going to do. He was going to join the military. And once Cammon arrived in Iserlohn, the military sure did want him, even with his accent. His loyalty to leave home on his 19th birthday (the legal age to join the Zakatian military without parental consent) struck the recruiter he talked to. He put in more than a good word and got Cammon into a high-class training program. The program was essentially a officer's training program, but it was also a test for the Imperial Royal Guard. Not knowing the latter, Cammon did his damndest to succeed. However, he'd also help out fallen brothers and sisters who had lagged behind while he'd help himself. And that was what the commandant was looking for. After completing the course, Cammon was inducted into the Imperial Royal Guard. That was on his twentieth birthday, making him the third person to do so.

    Allowed to Play: Anyone, bar they talk to me first
    [b]Note: I have dropped him as a normal character, so that's why he is now an SPC.
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