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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Madeline Grace (Mattie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Location: Varedia, Arcadia (Beach Area, including restaurants and shops)
    Occupation: Student/Civilian


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    Personality: Mattie is an image conscious teenage girl who takes pride in her figure. She loves walking around in semi-revealing clothes to show it off, especially in a bikini on the beach. She quite often has a smile on her face, but has a tendency to get jealous when another girl is being given attention. She'll often get very flirtatious with men if she thinks it'll help her win their attention. If it doesn't work, she will try again and if it still doesn't work, she'll shrug it off and stop. She's not a bad person, but likes it when people look at her. She has a glow about her that makes people want to take that second look. She refuses to date because she'll be stuck to one guy and have to stop her attention seeking ways. If another girl sticks around for longer than she likes, such as a new “hot girl” moving in down the block, she gets defensive and tries to reclaim her “territory”. She's not above sabotaging someone or talking shit. She'll spread a couple harmless rumors here or there, but nothing major. She's really the epitome of the popular girl who wants to keep her rank among the other students, but luckily isn't so manipulative that she'd hurt someone to do it.

    Character Background: Mattie's parents are both alive and healthy, but her Father cheated on her mother about two years ago and things haven't been the same every since. Mattie thought that her parents would have gotten a divorce, but realized that her baby sister kept them together. Her baby sisters name is Danny, short for Danielle, and is six years younger than Mattie. When Danny was seven, she got sick and Mattie stuck by her side to take care of her while her parents worked. Since then, she's been very protective over Danny and they've been pretty close. Beyond that, Mattie is a decent student, her grades averaging B's and C's, excluding the A's she gets in her art class. During her first year in High School, Mattie joined the soccer team and became team Captain. During a practice, she hurt her ankle and hasn't been able to play since, even though she loves the sport. Because of the injury, every now and then it catches up with her and she ends up twisting it and can't walk right. Beyond that, Mattie is a pretty normal teenage girl with not much else to explain.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: N/A
    Magic Description: N/A
    Equipment: N/A

    Skills: N/A


    Allowed to Play: Everyone. This girl is meant to allow little interactions between characters in Varedia. Since Varedia is a very popular vacation spot, it's often that couples go there. Someone can use Mattie to cause someone to get jealous or even make a friend.
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