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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Lisa Drake
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Location: Brauk, where ever she is needed
    Occupation: Specialist, Mechanic


    Lisa Drake B9575788-d1a9-4242-94e3-dde885c7523b_zps1a79693e

    Personality: Lisa is, needless to say, a little rough around the edges. She's got a natural beauty with her dark curly hair and blue eyes, along with a wonderful figure, but that doesn't matter to her. Lisa cares for one thing: machines. She is an expert mechanic and can fix anything created from fifty years back to the present. She knows most machines from the inside out and can tell what's wrong with it just by the description. Now, Lisa doesn't know shit about software or anything like that, just the physical shit. Please excuse the language, something you will never hear this woman say. She is loud and foul-mouthed. She will use foul language as much as the prom queen brushes her hair and practices her walk in heels. Tell her to calm her language and you'll get an ear full of shit you don't wanna hear. Why is she like this? Because she knows her shit. She has yet to meet anyone better than her in her field, so she doesn't like being talked down to like she's stupid. Sure, she can show a bit of respect to someone who deserves or has earned it, but she ain't gonna treat you like you're something special. Some people wonder if she'd talk back to the Head-man of Brauk himself, which she more than likely would. Lisa drinks, smokes, and loves eating steak. Take her out for any of those and she likes ya.

    Character Background: Lisa learned everything from one person: her father. Her mother died when she was very young, so she doesn't remember very much about her. Her Father raised her by himself and he was one of the top mechanics in Brauk. Of course, she took an interest in his work and he taught her everything she needed to know about the trade. By the time she was sixteen, her Father told her with pride that she had surpassed his skill level. Proud of her accomplishment, she keeps the family business going by keeping up with new and old tech. When she turned twenty, her Father was killed in a mining accident because one of the morons running one of the vehicles didn't know what the hell he was doing and caused a cave in. Of course, her Father was caught in the incident and she kicked the ass of the man who stupidly took her Father's life. After two years in jail, she returned to her home and was forced to build from the bottom up. It wasn't long before she was back in business and bringing in enough money to hire people to work along with her. To this day, she refuses to work permanently with anyone, only allowing people to work along side her during requested jobs and demanding she work as their boss.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: N/A
    Magic Description: N/A
    Equipment: Besides every tool known to Brauk and a few imported one's? Nothing.

    Skills: Master Mechanic


    Allowed to Play: Everyone
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