#006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun

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    #006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun Empty #006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun

    Post by Tsubine on Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:48 pm

    Name: Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun
    Type: Arcana Beacon and Launcher
    Description: The Model 2 Arcana Flare is what that DAA use to bypass the Arcana level restrictions on the Dominator. Well, somewhat. It is against regulations to tag a human, elf, or vehicle (except in extreme circumstances) with the Model 2. The Model 2 looks like a red shotgun shell. The Model 2 Arcana Flare Gun is used to fire it, and it is a single-shot break-action pistol.
    #006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun GktCRD
    Rarity: Very rare. Only members of the DAA are allowed to have it.
    Owned: N/A
    Creator: The Empire of Zakat
    Location(s) Found: Can't buy it, but you can steal it. Not sure why you'd want to though.
    Abilities: These are abilities that are handled by the technology side of the gun.
    Arcana Beacon: Although it can function as a normal flare, the Model 2 is normally fired from its companion pistol. For a single post after firing, the flare "tricks" sensors and whatnot into thinking there is enough Arcana in that spot for a 0-5-tiered character. The thing isn't at 0-5, but it also uses Arcana in the area to make it seem like it is a 0-5. It uses a glue-like substance to attach itself to targets.

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    #006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun Empty Re: #006 Model 2 Arcana Flare+Gun

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