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    Xander de Angelus [Approved; 1-1] Fna1kh
    "I get it, you're mad. But what do you expect of me? To turn it off?"


    Name: Xander de Angelus
    ALIAS: "X", Scarecrow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 163lb

    Personality: When one first meets Xander, they are met with a severely disquieting calm. Unlike a lot of calmness, where one may find solace within it's confines, if you are unknown to Xander, and you do not know him, then the calmness that he holds can be rather scary, to a point. The man will be standing there, quiet and calm, staring carefully into a space in front of him, or around you, and you begin to wonder: 'what is he thinking?' Sadly, even Xander rarely knows exactly what's on his mind. Even if he's appearing to have his mind completely under control, Xander is usually thinking about several different factors of his life at once; and trying to bring them all together in his mind. However, this calmness of his is his way of staying strong for those around him, and he wouldn't get rid of it for the world. Even under this calmness, he will always have a smile on his face; be it kind, calm, or confident, and his eyes will always have that glitter of benevolence to them: could this man ever hurt a fly?

    Unfortunately, not all calmness is forever, and once proper emotion hits him, Xander is lost to the winds. He wears his emotions COMPLETELY on his sleeves, and finds it difficult to hide them from others, or at least others that know him well enough (Faceless mooks are easy to hide things from). A simple twitch of the face, and the shocking realization of something, and Xander's original calmness is now gone, replaced by the sudden influx of emotion that he's now feeling. It takes him a minute or two to readjust, making sure that he isn't feeling something out of place, or something that would hurt those around him. However, once he is in an understanding of his emotion, he will resume his original, calm, demeanour.

    He seems to trust easily, and lose trust in others with difficulty. It is probably because of his own universal wants, but because of this Xander can seem to be a bit foolish and naive at times, breaking his own moral code for trusts in others that few would normally trust. Not only that, but the very factor of war holds no interest to him; he only fights in order to protect and unify, very "selfless" reasons, yet tinged with a selfishness that he is yet to, and does not wish to, explore. In fact, Xander de Angelus, in his own mind, has no enemies. Even if someone has killed those he cares about, they are not his "enemy", simply a "target", for he feels that if he were to give the person the satisfaction of having affected him before they die, then he has lost to them in the psychology of wartime.

    Ah, yes. His stance on killing. It's unknown, really. Xander seems to be a person who takes whatever means possible in order to reach the ends that he's looking for. If one were to look at his alignment, they would call him 'Chaotic Good', in the sense that although he has the best intentions at heart, his methods generally leave something to be desired in the world of military protocol. He is rarely a practitioner of cruel, or needlessly selfish methods, just more likely to break the rules for a cause that he believes is just.

    He takes a very personal stance on issues within society like rape. The defiling of another human being's privacy for the sake of one's own enjoyment sickens him to the point of annoyance, and he will tend to take matters like this into his own hands, despite any warnings that he may receive. Unfortunately, he is a very selfish man; not in terms of taking for himself, but giving everything from himself. He only wants to help others, as the feeling of making someone else happy is what makes him happy, therefore his selflessness is his selfishness. He is learning to work on this, however, and trying to do more for himself, however the only time he chose to be selfish, he ended up hurting more than helping... one shall come to see what Xander makes of this.

    Xander is not a religious man. He shuns religion for the purposes of understanding himself more. However, he takes a lot of rituals that can seem religious in nature, and therefore seem to contradict his very reasoning. However, he chooses to use these to understand himself; shunning the devotion of religion and just accepting the methodology and function that religion holds. Xander also refuses to speak ill of anybody behind his back, and rarely chooses to hate somebody. Although he is not superstitious, he has found that those who he has come to hate end up dying for some reason, and he cannot stand this fact.

    All-in-all, Xander is an extremely calm, kind and fair individual who does what he can with what he has in order to make his life and the lives of others better. Even if that involves being a part of Night Nine. He also likes to rip his shirt off without any warning.



    Xander de Angelus [Approved; 1-1] Mikisugi_Aikurou_full_1610762

    Xander de Angelus [Approved; 1-1] Mikisugi_Aikurou_600_1610546
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    Type: Sorcerer

    Null Zone: Xander has an ability that is, at first appearance, grossly similar to that of the power of his leader, Reaper. If any Arcana is about to take contact with his body, a small aura of his own energy will press outwards and nullify it equally, leaving an absolute balance between himself and the source. This applies to anything at any level of strength, and is unaffected by any differences in power between himself and that source. While this is an extremely strong power to have, there is also a counterbalance--he is unaffected by allied Arcana in exactly the same light, meaning that he cannot be healed through magical means. Injuries, to put it simply, have a way of taking him out of combat for a while, so he aims to take as few injuries as he can.

    However, there is something that differentiates his own Null Zone from that of Reaper's Arcana. He can, at will, create a 15-foot-radius zone in an area centred on his body. While in this zone, Arcana is nullified and cannot be created. This applies to buffs, but also to debuffs--it puts all within the zone on a level playing field. Elven folk are unaffected, because Elves are not Humans--this is untrue for any projectiles fired from an Elf, however. This zone can last for, at most, ten rounds before requiring five rounds to recharge. Obviously, all of this means that Xander is incapable of using Arcane Items as well, despite it seeming like he cannot use Arcana.



    Viper: This is Xander's bread-and-butter weapon, a long-barrelled .45 revolver. Deadly at close-to-mid ranges. Takes six shots before needing a reload.

    Scorpion: Some people are impervious to subsonic weapons fire. For those people, there is sword.

    Bull: 12-gauge. Simple. Effective. Deadly.

    Lion: AA-12. For when you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room.

    Dragon: To those who have said that you can't make fire without magic, eat your hearts out.


    Firearms Master: If it can be shot with, it's more than likely that Xander can shoot with it. Pity that he can't do much else.

    Smooth Talker: Xander is pretty damn good with his words, no doubt. If he can't fight his way out of a situation, he'll try and talk his way out of it.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: War. War never changes. The world may have been out of war for five hundred years, but there were always going to be chances that things would slip up and take away the order and balance. This was the purpose of Night Nine--to keep that balance stable--or so he had been told. He stood there, recalling his lifetime before being recruited into this group of individuals.

    He was born in a small town without a memorable name. He didn't care much for it; it was full of cowards and people who refused to rise above their station. Even his parents, who so happily raised him, would not try and protect him when the time came. The town owed lots of money to a nearby Cartel--and this Cartel decided to come in and collect. Many were killed; some sold to slavery--Xander was one of the unlucky ones. He was taken into custody and shipped off to Brauk--at the age of nine, he was to start mining in an illegal mine. He hoped that someone would find him, but they simply couldn't do. By the age of thirteen he had become one of the better miners within the place, and was allowed to leave for fresh air twice a day. They attempted to shackle him with Arcane Wristcuffs, but for some reason they never quite worked on him. As a result, they had one of the lower members accompany him outside. During one of these breaks, his captor looked away and was knocked out. Xander escaped under cover of night, unable to save those who were imprisoned with him, but happy to be safe and alive. He managed to, by some strange stroke of luck, escape through Brauk into Oload, where he was taken in by authorities. He explained to them the situation and lead them back to where the mine was--but when they finally reached it, every child was dead, and the Cartel had moved on.

    He had been powerless. From that day forth he resolved to train his body and his mind, and eventually discovered the power of Arcana. Yet, when he tried to do anything with it, it simply fizzled. Assuming that this was due to him not having the power, he picked up an Arcane Item--yet nothing occurred. When asking around about it, he came across a man who explained to him that he had the power to nullify Arcana that touched him, and that it would be both a blessing and a curse. Not explaining any more, the man simply sent Xander on his way. During this time, Xander not only learned to fight with both fist and weapon, he also learned how to control his emotions a bit more--he didn't want to lose himself over another situation where children were killed. By the age of twenty, he had not only learned a variety of weapons, he had also been recruited into a small mercenary organization.

    He had a large number of jobs--some good, some bad, some dangerous, some easy--but there would always be one job that he remembered, since it was the first time that he'd met her. Assigned to steal something--something that he had no idea about--he would spend a night lurking outside with about four other men and women. Only he survived the assault of the mysterious woman guarding the prize, and he left in order to preserve his own life, because no money is worth dying for. Two weeks later, he was approached by a group calling itself 'Night Nine', with a job offer. He accepted without question.

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