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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Kyoji Tomika
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Location: Travels in Lotheria, Arcadia, and Cieria
    Occupation: Member of Black Cross. He does escort, delivery, and bodyguard missions that are all considered 'light'. In other words, if it's likely that the customer is going to be attacked by extremely skilled people and not just creatures and animals on the way to their location, it's not a job he'll take.


    Kyoji Tomika 27db3b93-303a-4b57-82cf-ba06cd95150e_zps8cb5343c

    Personality: Kyoji is a good person, but has a tendency to talk too much. He's very blunt and will speak his mind, often coming off as a jerk and an idiot at the same time. He's not a risk taker, so if something is too dangerous and he doesn't get much out of it, he will likely run away or quit. Kyoji is a little on the lazy side as well. If he's not on the job, he doesn't want to do much. He prefers sitting down, relaxing, and listening to some music. Music is his thing; he loves it and even plays a pretty good flute, which shocks people. Kyoji is a surprisingly gentle person and this is shown with small animals: cats, puppies, bunnies, things along those lines. Kyoji refuses to make his way to Brauk, Zakat, and Zhilihan because he feels those countries have “problems”. Brauk is just to hard to get into, Zakat seems like an arrogant country who thinks less of everyone, and Zhilihan's Civil War is just stupid to him, so he stays out.

    Character Background: Kyoji only knows he was born somewhere in Cieria. His parents gave him up when he was born and he never saw them again. He is not interested in finding them and has accepted his past as that, the past. He was adopted into a nice family, but when he was twelve, they were killed. They were trampled by the very animals they guarded and raised. Since then, Kyoji has been alone and hasn't really found anyone that he wants to continue being beside. He joined up with the Black Cross when he was desperate for a job and wasn't able to find one. He learned a few tricks while taking jobs, including how to fight and survive while out on your own. He's still got a long way to go, but he's slowly getting there.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Evoker
    Magic Description: N/A

    Lightning Sword: His sword is enchanted three times. The first is to prevent it from breaking easily, so it's a strengthen enchantment. The second allows it to turn from a six inch blade, which Kyoji considers it's 'sealed' form, into a full katana, which Kyoji considers it's 'released' form. The final enchantment combines the weapon with lightning Arcana, allowing him to shoot out normal bolts of lightning or do shock damage when he cuts something. Once this enchantment is activated, which is upon the sword being 'released', the lightning gives the blades edge a much more sharpened feeling, allowing it to cut straight through thick trees.

    Skills: Advanced Swordsman, he's able to hold his own against many people. He does need some more practice, but is too lazy to do it, so he'll likely stay at this level for some time.


    Allowed to Play: Everyone.

    He does not travel anywhere to the West, so Brauk, Zhilihan, and Zakat are all off limits.
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