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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Alexander Wilkerson (Called: Al or Alex)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Location: Arcadia
    Occupation: Rich Through Parents, Heir To Wilkerson Fortune


    Alexander Wilkerson 4216fd8a-23d4-4fb8-a170-804144b8be87_zps441824c7

    Personality: Alexander is a nice guy, intelligent, handsome, and not too bad of a person, but then you meet him. You meet him and realize he's cocky, selfish, egotistical, smug, uncaring, cold, arrogant, and immature as hell. He thinks everything he wants is his. He has this 'mine' policy as if he is still in his 'terrible two' stage as a child. Because his parents are rich, he thinks he is rich, as if their money is his money. And he's right. They treat him like he's this godly prince who deserves anything and everything he wants. He knows this and takes advantage of it. Alex looks down on everyone, assuming anyone who is not in his family is merely a servant of his family if he doesn't recognize them. Alex is the neediest adult in existence. He has a hard time dressing himself because his servants have done it for him since he was a kid. And now that he's of age, Alex has his eyes on one thing, a woman. Not just any woman, Vivianna Celeste Drakeford, of the Drakeford family. Once he found out is was possible to fully own a person in the way the Drakeford allow, that has been his goal and he often says he will have her soon.

    Character Background: Alexander was born into a pretty wealthy family in Arcadia. He was born in a smaller town, but not too small. It was just small in comparison to a place like Aria or Varedia. His family owned all of the land this town was built on, so anyone who wanted to build had to pay them rent for it. The people of his town literally rented the land they lived on. Of course, the rent was only one hundred gold a month, but when you have 25,000 families paying you one hundred gold each month, the amount sort of adds up and it keeps adding up. Luckily for the town, the Wilkerson Family is no way near as greedy as their son is. They're just misguided and stupid when it comes to raising them. He was beyond spoiled. When Alexander turned sixteen, he became angry because no girls were attracted to him. They treated him like the jerk he was and he didn't like that. He tried forcing girls to like him, but that only made things worse. Trying to find a solution for their son's problem, they found the Drakeford Family and their daughter, Vivianna. They told their son that they could go on and try her out and if he liked her, once she turned eighteen, she would belong to him. Of course, he did as his parents said, absolutely loved using Vivianna, and decided he wanted her because of how obedient and complimentary she was. The years passed and many people secretly made offers on Vivianna, but over the passed year, the parents have been deciding which offer to take. It's literally become a bidding war, though Vivianna is unaware of that.

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Money
    Magic Description: Money
    Equipment: Money

    Skills: Money


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