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    Special Playable Character Template


    Name: Pedro Lovins
    Gender: Male
    Age: Somewhere in his 30s. He doesn't remember last week, let alone his birthday.
    Race: Sorcerer
    Location: Anywhere where drugs are found.
    Occupation: Drug addict supreme

    DRUGS! That is Pedro's life. He doesn't remember his mom or dad, but what does he remember? How fucking awesome he feels when he is on one (or more) of the many, many, many drugs he is addicted to. He'll do anything under the sun to get his next fix. Morals are out of the window, and he doesn't care who or what he has to hurt to get it. Thankfully, his own Arcana provides a bit of a hit so he is never in withdrawals. Pedro has no care for anything other than his next high. Laws? Pshaw. Society? Pshaw. None of that matters when you're riding the rainbow train to thirty-five o'clock like he is allllll the time.


    Pedro Lovins MS7EDS

    Abilities and Skills

    Magic Type: Sorcerer
    Magic Description: Pedro's Arcana allows him to do two things. One: He can not die from any side effects caused by his drugs. Two: he can "powderize" his Arcana and summon it in limited amounts. It is NOT recommended to snort it. If you snort it, you are under the effects of whatever drugs Pedro was on at the time. He does so anyways.
    Equipment: Pedro always carries the equipment needed to use any of the drugs he is addicted to. You don't want to know where some of it is kept.
    Addiction: Pedro is addicted to twenty-eight types of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, super cocaine, heroin, opium, crystal meth, speed, LSD, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, sharpie markers, paint thinner, whippets, oregano, toads, bath salts, aerosol cans, crack, roofies, Ariac Marble, morphine, PCP, acid, human growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, pure Arcana, high-octane fuel, adrenaline, caffeine). It is unknown how he is alive.
    History and Permissions

    Character Background: No one knows where Pedro came from. Some researchers have put forth that Pedro may very likely have been from Cieria based on documents found there. Those documents are an extensive arrest record of a man named "Pedro." It is highly likely that "Pedro Lovins" isn't even his real name. Pedro first made a name for himself as a semi-hitman for hire. He wasn't that good, but he'd make sure the job was done... even if it ended up being messier than originally planned. He soon started thieving as well as sexual assaults—although the latter has subsided thanks to the major shrinkage of his genitals thanks to overuse of testosterone. You can find him just about anywhere. However, the question is if anyone wants to find him.
    Allowed to Play: Anyone.
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