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    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] Empty Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3]

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    Human Template


    Name: Serenity Verdant
    ALIAS: Serenity actually goes by many names; Curse Killer, Darkness Destroyer, Priestess, The Doctor, and The Purifier are the five she is known by the most.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28, appears 18-21
    Height: 5'0
    Weight: 120
    Current Wealth: 3,240,000 gold


    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] 5_zps3pkjhblv

    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] 4_zpsmyq41dx4
    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] 1_zpszmuk8skn
    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] 3_zpsf44cnlx1Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 0-3] 2_zpspfmhj2nj

    Serenity is a pretty attractive young woman. She's got a cute and pretty petite figure that is very well-formed. She doesn't know whether it's in her genes, because she only eats organic foods, or because of her magic, but she looks about ten years younger than she actually is. She has vibrant green colored hair that almost seems to change it's shade depending on her overall mood over a time. In other words, if she's been depressed, sad, worried, or upset about something, her hair often pales and becomes a little faded. When she has been happy, cheerful, and content with everything for an amount of time, then her hair is much more colorful, full, and vibrant. It's aliiive.

    Personality: "There's something about that girl..." Serenity has the ability to draw people in. She has a very easy going personality that allows people to feel much more comfortable and laid back around her, even if it's just with a smile. Being around her for any amount of time can make anyone feel like they can trust her. Since people feel like they can trust her so easily, they often feel like it is okay to open up to her about themselves. Even though her powers allow her to merely seem like a trustable person, Serenity actually is a trustable person. She's not a liar, keeps her word no matter what, and has no problem keeping peoples secrets, as long as they don't harm.

    Serenity is naturally quite the selfless person. She thinks to do for others more than she does for herself, at least when they're around. Serenity prefers not to be surrounded by crowds. For a while there, she went down that route of being 'famous' and couldn't handle people fawning over her like they were. She had a few people getting a little to obsessed (Carl being a perfect example) and was not very fond of having stalkers. She knows part of it is her fault because of how nice she was to them before they got so possessive, but if she assumed everyone was going to be mean, she wouldn't be the happy person she is. And she prefers to be happy over anything else.

    A lot of Serenity's happiness and sadness is coming from one source and it's confusing her like crazy! Alain Irving Maldoc-Ryence is currently the most important person in her life and the only person she's made a strong commitment to. This commitment isn't anything that most people would consider "official", but because she refused to break her promises, it is to her. "For as long as you want me, I will never leave you." was the promise she made to Alain. Even after a bit of an argument and his stubbornness causing her enough anger to walk out and get harmed in the process, she still wants to be with him. She doesn't understand her feelings, but ths knows they're there.

    Serenity currently is sort of a maid in her friends house. She cooks, she cleans, she does laundry, and not much else. Because she doesn't live in a home she can call her own anymore, she doesn't go anywhere. She does what she considers her duties and that's about it. She's used to being able to do what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants to do it, but that is becoming more and more of a dream at this point. Usually, she'd get up and go walk around in her own little world, maybe even travel, but the first time she did that, she realized that she had left someone back 'home', alone, and worried about her. It was completely unintentional, but what matters is that it happened.

    Serenity is naturally a curious person. Usually, it was just her drive to get to know people, but with the feeling of being trapped in her own home, Serenity has actually wanted to go out, travel, and learn new things. Her usual way of expressing her curiosity was just asking people questions, but lately she just wants to go discover new things. If something catches her attention, she'll learn about it or get to know it better. One of the examples comes with a dragon that she discovered injured outside of the community she was living in. It was attacked and harmed by hunters and she was able to help ease it's pain using a technique she had been working on for quite some time.

    Serenity is also pretty clumsy. She has been known to trip over her own feet, which causes quite a few issues, but she's getting better. She hasn't been anywhere near as clumsy lately, and she's happy about that. She didn't like tripping over nothing and breaking half of her dishes. She thinks that now that she's not in the comfort of her own isolated home that she's much more alert. She worries that the moment she feels perfectly comfortable, she'll start breaking things again. She thanks every day that she has a massive bank account to make sure that she can replace all of Alain's things, just in case. Until then, Serenity is quite content to just continue on living happily with Alain.

    Serenity enjoys the outdoors and being outside, which is why the forest used to be the perfect place for her. There was always something new to look at and to satisfy her curiosity. Being in a community is not that bad, but she wouldn't mind being able to go out and travel every now and then. She used to be this hero that showed up when ever someone was called on, but now she feels like that is all in the past. She didn't like being famous, but being needed was something she did enjoy. One thing she has discovered though, being wanted is much better. There is a huge difference. Someone who needs you can drop you once they don't, but someone who wants you won't let you go.

    Serenity cannot stand having things messy. She needs things to be organized. She used to be okay with things being a little messy and just kept things nicely clean, but now she lives in someone else's house, not her own. She feels that she needs to be as clean as possible and make sure nothing is out of place. It's gotten to the point where cleaning isn't really as fun as it used to be. It's definitely a chore that she has to keep up otherwise things will start being noticed. She keeps the floors spotless, clothes clean, dishes done, windows washed, ceilings dusted, walls washed, and even the damn chimney swept. There is nothing that Serenity doesn't do to keep this house clean.

    Serenity is a very sensitive person. She's a very hard worker because she doesn't want to be looked at like a slacker. She is as nice as she possibly can be, even when it screws her over, because she doesn't want people to think she's mean. She hates being yelled at because it frightens her, so she does her best to not make anyone mad at her. Out of everything, yelling is one of the worst things that people can do to Serenity. Sure, violence is worse than that, but speaking more on a friend basis, yelling at her bothers her more. She was never yelled at by her parents, so she's not used to it. The more she's yelled at the worse it gets, but she'll start at getting choked up to full blown crying.

    Serenity really is not a fighter. She's not even the type of person to really think badly of someone or want to harm them. The worst insult you can get from Serenity, and if she say this you actually are on her sh*t list, is anything having to do with a 'nut'. She doesn't like nuts because it's one of the things she is allergic to. If she's calling you something that would actually kill her if she interacted too much with it, then she's very, very angry. And don't even get me started on what she means if she calls you anything that has to do with a d*mn egg, such as hatchling. If she calls you something like that, she's saying that you're acting like a baby or being way too immature for her.

    Another talk on Serenity's sensitivity level, though many people can probably agree with the girl, you come to the topic of violence, blood, and war and she gets very uncomfortable. These subjects aren't entirely taboo with her, but she would seriously prefer them not to be a big topic. You see, Serenity has an Arcana that has actually dictated her life a lot more than most peoples. It's completely pure nature has forced her to be as close to pure and innocent as she can. When she thinks of anything violent, wants to hurt someone, or anything along those lines, her powers actually harm her. She always thinks of it as her powers punishing her, since her power doesn't/can't harm.

    Because of where she grew up, Serenity has always had a very healthy diet. Everything she ate was home-grown and made. Because of this Serenity has a few allergies to speak of. Up until recently, all of Serenity's foods have been home grown. This caused her immune system to be very, very different than most peoples. Her body can't take everything that other people can, so her allergies appeared. She has only eaten things she could grow or harvest herself, including the meats of animals she raised and hunted. She doesn't trust anything from a can. She bakes her own bread, grows her own fruits/vegetables, and raises/hunts her meat. If she buys, it's from a particular person.

    Side Notes: Serenity sleeps in frilly pajamas that come to her mid thigh, most of the time. At other times, she will be in an older or more used bra and panties, usually matching. She often clings tightly to something, whether another human or a pillow. If she's having a good sleep, she'll be smiling the entire time, sometimes even giggling. If she's having a nightmare, she'll groan a little, make upset noises. If she's laying in the bed with another human, whether male or female, she has the habit of running her fingers through their hair. If she's not used to sleeping in the same bed as someone, for the first couple of nights, Serenity will kind of be a little bit of a bed hog.

    History: Found in a meadow of green after being abandoned by a terrible woman who only wanted a son, Serenity Verdant was adopted and named to compliment the occasion and her beautiful green hair. Here she lived happily, though showed strange talents. For one, her friendly nature seemed to draw in animals and enjoyed attempting to rescue two snakes (age 4), a rabid wolf (age 4), a bear (age 5), a mountain lion (age 5), and a dragon (age 6) that has shown up over the years like a guardian watching his ward, though Serenity doesn't recognize this. She also had a habit of making bad people act right, like when she invited bandits into her home and made friends with them.

    Serenity's habit of turning the bad good ran out when a horrid man attacked her and her parents on a trip to Aria. Out of fear, her powers reacted for the first time and somehow defeated the man, but caused Serenity to fall into a two year coma. When she woke, she found her family had moved into Aria to be closer to the hospital because they couldn't keep up the farm they had raised her on. Apparently a woman named Lillianna had been helping them take care of her throughout the years as well. Serenity went to meet this woman and ended up training under her for some time. From the age 20 to 24, Serenity trained with Lillianna. During this time, her Mother and Fathe died.

    Now without her parents, Serenity kept to her studies. She learned about her powers backfiring if her own mental state went bad. She was literally not allowed to think, act, or feel badly without her powers going haywire and harming her. At the age of 25, a disease swept through Aria and all of her training came into play. She healed just about the entire city, removing the disease from anyone with Arcana and became quite famous. Serenity did not like the attention she was getting, so she left Aria and found a home near the Glitterhold Forest. She was living peacefully here until one day she got a rather welcomed guest named Alain, who rescued her from Carl and her loneliness.


    Type: Sorcerer
    Description: Purity and Purification

    *Arcane Nature: To understand her powers, you must first know exactly how her Arcana works. Her Arcana has traits that no one else does; it is one-of-a-kind. It is a bloodline Arcana. Serenity's Arcana is absolutely pure. Her Arcana can't accept anything of darkness, of corruption, of death, or of evil. It rejects it, repels it, and destroys it. Serenity is able to use this pure form of Arcana in spells to help people, some she can control, some she can't, and some she isn't fully aware of. Her Arcana has two states: invisible and visible. Visible states are a brilliant light that is difficult to look directly at for anyone that is not Serenity or not wearing dark sunglasses.

    *Arcane Backfire: Serenity has learned to be very pure of mind because of how her Arcana works. Since her Arcana is very pure, she kind of has to be as well. If someone angers or upsets her, it is possible for her powers to actually hurt her. This happens if her mindset becomes negative enough to actually have her thinking to harm another person, whether physically or emotionally. The backfire always starts at her hands and eats away up her arms until it continues through out her entire body. The injuries are like being burnt by fire and do cause pain. This is what Serenity often thinks of as punishment. If she's thinking bad enough to have this happen, she deserved it.

    *Immunity: Because her power is pure, it immediatley eats away certain foreign substances that naturally cause more harm than good to all people, not just her, which is why her allergies don't count under this. Serenity is immune to disease, poisons, and even being drunk.

    Dark Sensory: Being a lady of light herself, Serenity's natural enemy is darkness. Darkness comes in many forms: cruelty, revenge, hatred, manipulation, betrayal, and many other acts of evilness or negativity. All of these things, Serenity is able to sense, especially in powerful waves. When she first received this ability, it was hard to control and distinguish between minor anger and a true intent to harm someone. Now, after getting used to a lot of it, she is able to realize what is what and doesn't notice a lot of it. It's like being out in a large crowd of people, Serenity can hear them all, but it doesn't bother her because it is all meshed together and not something she cares to notice. She can sense these things as long as the people are in a 300 yard distance. This is how, when she gets pulled into a trap or something she doesn't want to be a part of, she is able to realize it before hand and get away.

    If a person in this “crowd” starts “yelling”, meaning their intentions of evil or negativity start to raise, she can sense it and point them out. If Serenity becomes surrounded by a “crowd” of “yelling” people, meaning that everyone around her has a lot of negative or ill intent, it can become overwhelming and bother her enough to get a headache or feel ill. Now, the same way you can tell who someone is yelling at, Serenity can sense who someone is feeling that negative intention toward, as long as they are within a one hundred yard area. She can't tell who the person who is if it's just a conversation she is hearing over the phone, they have to be close. Now, if the person doesn't seem to have any light or darkness inside of them, Serenity can sense that as well. It is the most awkward feeling in the world, to the point where she fears the feeling. So far, it hasn't happened, but it is possible. Imagine talking to someone and when they talk back you hear nothing. You can hear everything around them, but nothing comes out of their mouth. That's how it feels when she can't sense something within someone.

    Aura: (Invisible) This is one that she's not fully aware of. It isn't anything big, but at times it has proven to be important. One of the reasons that Serenity can get people to talk to her so easily is because when they look into her eyes, touch her, or are within two feet of her, this aura pushes through a feeling of goodness. They feel like they can trust her, like she's a good person, and understand that she's genuinely interested in them. This doesn't effect their mindset to a big degree, but more or less alters how the perceive her and who she is. If all goes well and they become friends, that feeling may actually stay, but that's out of their own volition.

    *Warmth: This ability is a very basic ability that allows Serenity to ease the pain of someone who has been injured. This ability is no longer new. After finding a dragon that had been injured (yes, that same fucking dragon), Serenity used her abilities to ease it's pain for dive days straight, allowing her to advance this ability at an alarming rate. She can now radiate this ability over her entire body, being able to ease the pain someone feels just by hugging them. She is now able to keep it going up to six hours without fail, but still has to continuously be touching them to impliment the effect.

    *Pulse: (Visible) This is one of the techniques that Serenity is fully aware of and has the ability to control. She created this technique for just in case situations and it's completely defensive. This technique is an extremely rapid release of Serenity's Arcana. This release of Arcana covers her entire body like a cloak just half an inch above her skin. It shoots out in the form of pulses, activating upon sense of danger. This means, it can activate but not go off. It then pulses to create a deflection up to three times per post. This happens automatically and can only deflect up to 3 attacks, whether material or energy based. If the attack is continuous, such as a flame thrower, it will break down and absorb. This works because the persons intent towards her is to harm her. If the person is, for some reason, scared of her and is trying to defend themselves over intentionally harming her, this ability will not work and will be treated like it's not there. This ability is usually only used on Serenity only, but she was recently able to put it on another person, Alain, when she was worried about him being hurt. Now that she has discovered this ability, she will advance it over time.

    Cloak: (Invisible) This ability is very similar to Serenity's aura ability, excluding the fact that she can turn it on and off. With this, Serenity covers herself in a cloak of her Arcana that lasts up to five rounds of posts. This cloak has two effects. It's first effect is similar to the effect of pulse in that it repels or deflects attacks, but they are only energy based attacks. The second effect is exactly like her aura, except the range is increased to six feet. If Serenity is hit with over fifteen attacks within the five post limit, whether they're physical or energy based, it will turn off.

    Extraction: (Visible) This is the ability that Serenity is most famous for because it is the one that she used during the time that a plague swept through Aria. This ability is not too hard to use, but it is possible for it to cause her difficulty. The time it takes differs from person to person and from substance to substance, but it can take anywhere from thirty minutes to three days to complete a process. It is the ability that allows Serenity to use her Arcana to remove dangerous substances, energy and naturally based, from a person's body and/or Arcana. For example, if someone has been bitten by a poisonous snake, Serenity can remove the poison from their bodies. If someone's Arcana has been infected by some sort of disease or negatively affecting substance, Serenity has the ability to remove it from that person. If someone is sick with something, she has the ability to remove what is making them sick. She does this by concentrating her Arcana in the infected or harmed area and begins allows it to do it's job.

    Creation: (Visible) Serenity uses this ability to condense her Arcana down into different shapes, often a bow and arrow. She manifests her Arcana to create a weapon that she can use to fight, if the time ever comes that she is in desperate need of one. The only problem is the longer she keeps it up, the more Arcana she is spending. By the time she is at ten rounds of posts, she has spent half of her Arcana keeping the bow and a maximum of fifty arrows being shot. And of course, because it is made completely out of her Arcana, it has the effects of her Arcana implemented on who ever it's shot. There is one extra effect this ability has and it only happens when it pierces their heart. It is called the “sealing” effect. This effect releases a pulse through out the pierced persons body, freezing the muscles in their body and binding their Arcana. Serenity is the only one able to remove the object. When the object is removed, they have no wound.

    Shine: (Visible) This is the technique she accidentally used against the man who was attacking her and her family. It is her strongest technique. It is a blast of an extremely large amount of Arcana outwards from her body in the manner of an explosion that pretty much harms nothing that's not evil or of ill intent. In other words, if she sees your intentions are to harm her or someone she cares for, it will effect you. When this is done, the blast of Serenity's Arcana reaches up to half a mile away from her current position. If she is unaware of your presence, you are not a target and will not be harmed. This ability has the starting post, where she activates the ability. Then there are two charging posts, where she builds up the energy for the ability. Thirdly, there is the release post, where the ability is released. And finally the fourth step is the expansion post, where over a course of five seconds her energy reaches the full half mile and destroys anything within that area that meet the criteria for it. Serenity can shorten to a two post charge by taking away the separate charge and expansion posts, making it only fifty feet from her body if she needs it to be and the effects reduced.

    Serenity has to be above half of her energy when she chooses to use this. If she's not, there is a high chance of her falling into a coma. Because Serenity's energy doesn't kill anyone, since that would be a dark act, it merely effects the persons Arcana. If the person's Arcana is corrupted or poisoned in any way, all of that will be removed. If the person's Arcana has always been used for dark, evil acts, and through the willingness of the person, then the Arcana will be diminished permanently to half it's current power (75% if shortened). Note: The Arcana diminishing is more of a plot point. It will not be used in a non-serious fight threads, against someone's character without the character owners permission. If it is a fight thread, meaning both characters can die, then this can be used. As a secondary note: the word "permanent" does not mean they can't build it back up. It means that after the thread, they will find that they're still not back to full and it's not going back. They can train their Arcana back up.



    Bow And Arrows: Since she lives far away from most things, she had to learn some way to hunt for food when she needed to. Through training at the nearby village, Serenity was able to learn how to hunt with a bow and arrow. She keeps a total of three at home, though they're nothing special. They're just the traditional bow and arrow with a one hundred and fifty pound draw-weight.


    • Surprisingly Strong: That draw-weight on her bow is a big deal for someone her size.
    • Nimble and Quick: She's able to chase quick animals through the forest, she has to be.
    • Stealthy: She's a hunter.
    • Master Archer: Self-explanatory.
    • Marvelous Aim: Self-Explanatory.
    • Pharmacist: She's able to mix different herbs and ingredients to make quick medicines.

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    Agility: 3 + 10 = 13
    Durability: 3 + 7 = 10
    Endurance: 3 + 5 = 8
    Speed: 3 + 16 = 19
    Strength: 3 + 15 = 18

    Energy Control: 3 + 37 = 40

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    Application Checklist

    • Name [×]
    • Appropriate Age [×]
    • Gender [×]
    • Appearance Present [×]
    • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
    • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
    • 15 sentences for personality [×]
    • History is 10 sentences [×]
    • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
    • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
    • Application is not in First Person [×]

    Comments/Notes: I cheated. Again.
    Tier: 0-3
    Level/Points: Adept (90)

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