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    Human Template


    Name: Theodore Vaughn McLelland
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 170 lbs

    Vaughn has a habit of being a bit of an ass when dealing with people in an official capacity. He is the head of the House of Hillfort—not them. He has to uphold a reason for the Kingdom of Arcadia to trust his family. His family committed a wrong many centuries ago, and he (as well as many of his past generations) has been working on righting that wrong.

    There's something about Vaughn that makes him stand out. The way he carries himself is like a fire. Fierce and magnificent to look at, but he also seems so close and soft to the touch. He is a shining beacon, and attempts to extinguish this beacon will only cause the flames to spread. He draws people to him, and his expressions extend past language barriers.

    If one were to describe the "texture of fire," it would be "smooth, like silk." That is how fire looks—to be the softest fabric. Yet it has no texture. If one tried to touch it, it would sting. If they didn't pull away, it would burn. Vaughn seems to be someone who keeps their composure no matter what. He never 'loses his cool' when being questioned because he stood out. No matter what techniques they use or threaten to use, Vaughn always maintains the same story, which is his truth.

    To some, fire is seen as a savior. It is something that can warm on its own choice. To others, it is nothing but a monster. Fire can choose whether or not it wants to be a savior or a monster. Vaughn also chooses. Whether he saves or ignites, it is up to him. He has strong morals that guide him. He may not be a hero, but he is not a villain. He is the grey area between good and evil. Though that's not exactly true. That would say that he's neutral. But he isn't.

    Depending on his feelings on the matter, Vaughn is the lighter-grey area between neutral and good or the darker grey area between neutral and evil. Although he never reaches true white, true grey, or true black, Vaughn is everywhere in between. He is caring towards most, giving his coat to anyone who looks like they need one. Yet he is dangerous to those same people. If they change their tune and become hostile, Vaughn no longer is a savior. He is no longer controlled like a campfire. An ember escaped and will start a wildfire if not stopped.

    And yet, Vaughn may be a fire that destroys either way. Destruction may not necessarily be a bad thing. Like a forest fire, he clears away the underbrush to allow more growth. Like those fires which mankind tries to prevent, he doesn't stop until either he dies or he runs out of things to burn, or if the stream of nature determines his fire is no longer needed.


    Vaughn McLelland [Approved; 1-1] Appearance

    Type: Scholar
    Description: Vaughn's magic takes the form of sigils he can carve into armors. This only works with full suits of armor—thus it couldn't work on just a breastplate or gauntlets.

    Animate: The basic form of Vaughn's enchanting. Vaughn has to carve 'beacon' sigils into different parts of the armor. Gauntlets would have one for hands, helmets would have one for heads, etc. These sigils determine how that part is supposed to work. Upon finishing, Vaughn carves the actual animation sigil either in the helmet or in the chest armor. Upon having Arcana placed into the sigil, all pieces with beacons within 30 feet are drawn into the armor and it forms a spectral 'body' within. The armor listens to Vaughn's commands and has the mental and physical build of an average soldier. It takes destroying the animation sigil to fully stop the armor, although destroying the beacon sigils can affect how it acts (e.g. if the head beacon is damaged, it wouldn't be able to see and would just swing wildly). If one were to put on the armor, it could either be a curse or a blessing. If they get in and are doing things against what the armor would do, it will resist. If they are wanting to do the same thing, then they also have the armor's abilities adding to their own.

    Enhanced Animation: Vaughn can further enhance his animated armor by carving enhancement sigils in certain areas. He could make a scout armor by using an eye-enhancing sigil in the helmet and a speed-enhancing sigil in the boots, for example. These take much longer than a normal animation ritual, so he does not use them often. The full list of his enhancements is below.
    Enhancement List:

    Durability: Durability is doubled. Does stack when on different parts.
    Speed: Speed is increased by 50%. Thigh and feet & forearm and shoulder do not stack (legs add movement speed whereas arms add attack speed), but arm and leg do stack as they provide different bonuses. Arm and leg slots only.
    Sight: Sight range is increased 75%; obstructions that would normally be caused by armor design are ignored. Head-slot only.
    Darkvision: Gains the ability to see in darkness; although it is in black and white. Head-slot only.
    Strength: Strength is increased by 50%. Does stack. Arm and leg slots only.
    Weight Reduction: Weight of the overall suit is halved. Torso slots only. Does not stack.
    Accuracy: Increases the accuracy of the part. For legs, this means balance. For arms and head, this affects attack accuracy. Does stack.

    Recharge: Vaughn can use his own Arcana to recharge Arcane enchantments on armor. This takes one of two effects, depending on how much he writes: he can either just recharge it, or he can recharge it and be able to use it like he had made the enchantment himself. It, like the rest of his magic, only affects armor.


    Savarati & Kuntala: These are the names of Vaughn's twin longswords. No enchantment, although they are incredibly durable.
    Argafleur: Probably Vaughn's best weapon. It is not an actual weapon, but a suit of armor specifically created for him. It is twice his height and has his best enchantments on it. It has four arms and a back which is covered with sword-like protrusions. It has three swords—two human-sized (as in, they are as tall as Vaughn is) longswords and a single greatsword. Its animation sigil is layered inside the thick breastplate. Argafleur is the guardian of his manor and his bodyguard if he goes out into battle.
    Argafleur's Enhancements:

    Helmet: Sight
    Chest: Durability
    Shoulders: Accuracy
    Forearms: Strength
    Waist: Weight Reduction
    Thigh: Accuracy
    Feet: Speed

    Swordplay: He's pretty damn good. Vaughn uses a two-sword style that gives him a slight edge in combat. Although Vaughn is great with a sword, he could not fight off ten people even with two swords. That's what his armors are for.

    History and Roleplay Sample

    History: Vaughn's history is rather boring. His family has served the town of Hillfort for as long as the actual town can remember. Vaughn can trace his family's history back to one of Lohegant Tyrann's knights—specifically that of Richard the Tenacious. Richard the Tenacious's last known location was in the Serpent Hills, and Vaughn has spent many years searching for his ancestor's tomb. He rather likes the design of Richard's armor and covets it.

    But besides that, Vaughn has only been the head of his family for a few years now. His father passed away in 495AE, leaving Vaughn as the only heir to the family name. Vaughn's father was a rather harsh man who ruled Hillfort with an iron fist of the law. It was so strict that when Vaughn's own uncle was arrested for tax problems, there was no special treatment. There was even a time where his father spent two nights in a cell after breaking a law on drinking. It was almost ridiculous, but thankfully things have since calmed down.

    Vaughn's upbringing was rather uneventful besides his father's strictness. He was the only child in a noble house and so he was treated rather specially. When it was discovered he had some talent for the arcane, a private tutor was brought in for him. This allowed him to train his abilities whilst still being at home where he learned the ins and outs of the inner circles of nobility within Arcadia. Vaughn frequently travels to and from Aria, although this is mainly for business. He quite likes the city, and owns a summer house there.
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    Agility: 20
    Durability: 32
    Endurance: 32
    Speed: 20
    Strength: 36

    Energy Control: 28

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